Sony, Panasonic & Apple to All Make Major Announcements on Sept 12

Sony CineAlta camera

Both Sony and Panasonic will be unveiling new cameras next week, and both companies are teasing about them early. Apple is doing the same on the same date, but we all know what that’s for.

In the case of Sony’s camera, it’s expected to be a new CineAlta model supposedly called the “Burano”. As for Panasonic, its model will probably be a new G series edition.

For both of these fairly major product releases, the information available so far is fairly light, mostly consisting of teaser tidbits, but we’ll know plenty soon enough.

For the moment, here’s what you might be able to expect and when.

Sony’s CineAlta Burano

Sony’s Burano camera is going to be a new member of the brand’s CineAlta family of cameras, which are widely known as high-end full-frame cinematic shooters with premium prices.

For example, the Venice 2 belongs to the CineAlta line and is an 8.6 cinematic camera with a retail price of over $50,000. The Burano might end up being a lower-priced option, but it certainly won’t be in any sort of consumer price range.

The CineAlta family of cameras from Sony has been available for over two decades and includes many high-end, pro video cameras with different kinds of sensors.

Sony’s Venice 2 6K and 8.6K versions are the latest models in this lineup (at least until the Burano gets announced next week) and they come packed with very impressive recording specs.

These include a full-frame sensor, and the ability to shoot 8.6K video at 30 fps and 5.8K at 90 fps. The Venice 2 also has a 6K variant that can shoot 4K at 110 frames per second along with its max resolution of 6K at 90fps.

Sony CineAlta Venice 2  8K camera

The Sony CineAlta Venice 2 8K camera

In other words, the Burano will freshen up the lineup and might even arrive with a unique mix of specs and price options.

Sony is expected to announce the details of the Burano on September 12 as of 7 a.m. Pacific North American Time.

Panasonic’s New G Camera

As for Panasonic’s upcoming G camera, we know even less about it than we do about the Burano.

The company recently made a post on X/Twitter in which it shared a brief clip with a few photos reportedly captured by the upcoming device along with a diagram of its lens mount and announcement date.

These visuals are accompanied by nothing more than the words “Lumix”, “a new phase” and the letter G.

This teaser was posted by Both Lumix Japan and Lumix USA’s Twitter pages.

Panasonic Lumix will be introducing this mysterious new camera on September 12th too, but at 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

This is the same as 7 a.m. Pacific Time, meaning that both companies will be making their announcements at the same time.

We’ll find out more about both cameras as of next Tuesday, and it’s also worth noting that Apple will be making its own major product announcement on that same date, for its iPhone 15. At least the Apple event won’t be until 10 a.m. Pacific time, 3 hours after the other two.

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