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Hello, my name is Nik Mock. I’ve been a photographer since 1988.

My dad was the local high school photographer and he showed me how to roll my own film, develop film (tutorial), and print images with an enlarger. I even minored in photography in college.

I also earned the role of Photo Editor for the university’s yearbook, two years in a row!

After graduation, I did one wedding and didn’t pick up the camera again until 2010. Instagram came on the scene and sparked my passion back up!

I’ve used all types of different brands, from Canon to Pentax.

My first camera was a point and shoot Fuji camera. Then I graduated to Canon and Minolta in high school by borrowing my dad’s gear. He was a weekend wedding photographer in town.

My first SLR camera to call my own was a Pentax. I still have it!

I’ve always been drawn to Nikon since I entered in their college photo competition in 1996. I received an honorable mention and got published!!


Nikon D5200 – My husband bought my first DSLR camera for me for Christmas in 2016 to help me build my photo business. I typically use it in manual (except for the lens) and adjust the aperture to get the right exposure (if I have enough natural light). I do like to use the Exposure Compensation from time to time.

Apple iPhone 8 – Ever since the first gen came out, the camera and the apps have gotten better over time. I’m always a couple of generations behind when it comes to the iPhone. It’s the most convenient equipment on the market. Can’t leave home without it!


Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

Nikon 35mm f/1.8

(Both of which are Nikon DX lenses.)


Nikon strap – Strap came with the camera; it does the job.

Mosiso – I’m a tiny person so I like small bags and this bag is great! It has enough pockets and storage. Carries all my gear.


AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand With Bag – I went with this choice because I lost the screw to my old tripod. I needed something quick and cheap. I haven’t had to use it, yet. I just bought it.

Hardware & Software

Lightroom CC – I have downloaded some VSCO presets 0, 1 and 7, but I also purchased some LooksLikeFilm presets as well. VSCO got out of the desktop preset game.

VSCOcam – app on iPhone. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Legacy 04 preset. My go-to for the bulk of my images.

Google’s Snapseed – I love the different ways to adjust your images. The selective feature is my favorite when I need to adjust certain sections of my images.


Extra batteries and SD disks.

Final Words

I truly believe it’s not the equipment that makes great photographs, it’s the photographer. If you know the fundamentals of photography, you can use any camera, even a pinhole, and create an amazing image! | @nikmock

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