We are Oti and Ancu (OAPD) from Romania, husband and wife, artists and friends, parents and animal lovers. We believe that every time we push the button we make history, but if what we document won’t become a meaningful story then it won’t be a meaningful history and it will soon be forgotten. That’s why all our photography is under the umbrella of “photography with meaning” or in Romanian, as we originally started – “Fotografie cu tâlc”.

We started this family project as a natural response to causes in our life. That is because both of us, from a young age, started to show interest in an ingenious perspective upon life. Since then, though we wandered in the land of music – playing and composing – for a while, our passion for visual arts has just emphasized with time.

So here we are, trying to cultivate the world around us starting with the common and yet complex wedding and lifestyle photography. Traveling all around the world, we document people’s lives with good and bad using with great joy our Canon 5D Mark II’s and, with even more passion, the Canon EOS3.

When it comes to genuine film photography we use the old but steady Zenit-E or the lighter Yashika FX-3 Super and Canon Canonet 28. We use these last film cameras for travel documentation rather than wedding photography, where we mainly use digital but, even so, sometimes you can find a unique view through the Helios 58mm f/2.

The lens we use the most, even at its age, is Canon 24-70mm f/2.8. Other lenses that we use are Canon 50mm f/1.2 and Canon 24mm f/3.5 TS-E.

For non Canon cameras, we use the Helios 58mm f/2 and Yashika 50mm f/1.9. The film we use for film cameras is Kodak 160 Portra and Kodak 400 TMAX.

When it comes to accessories, out of all of them we mainly use Canon 580 EX II and Phottix Atlas and all this gear goes into a big Pelican Roller Case.

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