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We are Of Two Lands, a couple of content creators living in Sydney, Australia.

I, Florent, was born and grew up in the French alps and Amberly was born in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

We both always had an interest in visual arts, and photography is something that we both did before meeting each other and now continue to improve at together.

Of Two Lands started after a trip to New Zealand where we came back with thousands of photos that we wanted to share with people, so we made a website, a Tumblr and shortly after an Instagram account.

After a few weeks it kinda took off and we started getting opportunities to collaborate with cool brands and people so we focused more and more time on our brand.

We mainly shoot adventure and travel photography, as well as commercial, documentary work and have a preference for remote and cold places such as Iceland, New Zealand or Greenland, where the landscape is the primary focus. We tend to shoot the way we see things without altering it too much.

Photography is something that we do together as a couple.

I, Florent, have also had an interest in filmmaking since a very young age and it is now my main job which often allows me to work with cool clients and travel to beautiful locations.

Amberly is also an illustrator and has a Graphic Design background.

Since we do both photography and film, we use a large variety of equipment and have different setups that we bring for different jobs, but there are a few items that we bring with us all the time.

Photo camera:

Canon 5D Mark III

This camera has been our workhorse for more than 6 years. The quality is amazing and we haven’t felt the need to upgrade it so far. We have put it through the harshest conditions – subzero temperatures, snow, rain, dust, sand, humidity and have never had any problems.

Over the years we tried different cameras but this one is the only one that we never parted with.


Canon 24-105mm F/4 IS

If we had to pick only one lens for our travel and landscape photography, this would be it. Sturdy, great range and built like a tank.

Canon 70-200 F/4 IS

Probably our favourite lens. Super sharp, light and has such a distinct look and quality to it. We use it anytime we have the chance.

Canon 35mm F/2 IS

This little guy is our city/low light lens and we usually use it at night and when we want to carry a light set up.


DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Hands down the best drone out there. Amazing images, reliable and so portable. We use it mostly for photos as well as for videos.

Sandmarc Pro Filters

Everyone knows that it is almost impossible to get great drone footage without using ND filters, especially during the day.

Film Camera:

Canon AE 1 Program

We are constantly surrounded by screens and digital items so shooting on 35mm film feels really nice, like going back to the basics.

We have been shooting film again for about a year now and absolutely love it so we try to take it with us as much as possible when travelling. We love the Portra 160 and Portra 400.


Fuji Neo 90

Sometimes all we want is a quick tangible memory of a nice moment, so our Fuji Instax is perfect.


Since we shoot quite a bit and also capture a lot of video content, we need to be able to transfer files as quickly as possible. We use the Samsung SSD, the T5 to store footage and the X5 to edit. We can transfer more than 100GB in a few minutes. They are also super light are sturdy.


We use a Langly strap for our 5D and it has been on the camera for more than 5 years. Very comfortable and strong.


We only use the tripod if we need to shoot a timelapse or when filming. When we travel we bring our Mefoto Roadtrip. It is sturdy and folds down quite small which is essential.


Over the past few years we have been through a large variety of backpacks. Some of them were just travel backpacks, some photography ones or just daypacks.

Over the last few months we have been using the Wandrd PRVKE 21L and I think it is safe to say that this our new favourite backpack.

Originally, we got this bag because we wanted something for shorter trips and also that we could use in the city as most of our other bags were hiking orientated but it turned out to be our favourite one especially when travelling. So comfortable and simple, but a clever design.

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F-Stop Tilopa 50L

For when we travel to harsher places or for video jobs. Comfortable, water-resistant with plenty of pockets and straps. The best feature is the ability to choose from different ICU (internal compartment unit) to put inside depending on the trip.

Video Camera:

We own a Canon C200 for our video work, but it can be hard to travel with. Our favourite and main travel video camera is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. This camera is impossible to beat when it comes to image quality, codecs and specs. Especially for the price. We shot most of our travels with the original one and bought this one as soon as it was announced last year.

The lens we use with it is the Lumix 12-35 F2.8 OIS. Perfect for travel.


iPad Pro

Sometimes Amberly likes to draw whilst on a trip and we also use it to watch videos or plan our trip.


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