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Wedding | Last Updated: February 11, 2021

Hi, I’m Oscar Castro. I’m a traveler, coffee lover and destination wedding photographer.

I like to think weddings are like movies, and this is my job – telling stories of incredible couples in amazing places all over the world.

Less is more! That’s my philosophy, so I only work with one camera and one lens, all the time, and I don’t use flash (except sometimes at parties).


Canon 5D Mark IV– I’ve always used Canon and in six years I’ve never had any problem with my cameras. Before this camera, I had a Mark III and I think that was the best wedding photography camera ever. Now, this Mark IV is like a TANK – it’s perfect for different wedding day situations.

Canon EOS M50I only use this little camera for vlogging and to make videos on my PATREON.


Sigma ART 35mm f/1.4 – It’s the perfect focal, not too open nor too closed. I only starting using this lens six years ago. All the pictures that you can see in my entire portfolio are with 35mm.

Yongnuo 35mm f/2.5 – I never use this, it’s only my backup.


Yongnuo – Cheaper and good quality; it’s enough for me.


Incase DSLR – I love my Bag!!  It’s comfortable and I prefer carrying a backpack. I can put all my gear and more inside.


Joby – This is only for my M50, for vlogging.

Hardware & Software

I shoot in JPG so I don’t need to develop, I only use Alien Skin Exposure to put a little filter on all my pictures. The color and tones are made on camera. Shooting JPG also makes me faster and makes me think more about each picture.

iPad Pro 2019 – I use this to backup my wedding photos and edit some previews in Afterlight app.

WD My Passport wireless – The best wireless hard drive. I can back up my weddings easily – I just put my SD card into the WD Passport and the backup starts automatically, then later I can see my pictures on the iPad Pro.

GoPro HERO 7 – I use this for my behind the scenes videos on PATREON.

Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch – It’s perfect for travels.


I’m a Diabetic, so I always have saccharin (less sugar) in my bag.

As I said above, less is more: to always stick to one camera and one lens is the best way for me.

www.oscarcastrophoto.com | @oscarcastrophoto

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