Peak Design Cuff Review (Camera Wrist Strap)

Check out this Peak Design Cuff review to discover why it may be the perfect camera wrist strap for most photographers. In-depth, raal-world analysis.

By Andy Day | Last Updated: February 28, 2023

The Peak Design Cuff is a wrist strap that, through Peak Design’s unique anchor system, offers a degree of flexibility that few other products offer.

As a camera strap, it’s simple and effective, but what really makes it stand out is how well it integrates with the rest of Peak Design’s range of products.

As a wrist strap, it’s hard to ask for more from such a simple piece of kit, and Peak Design has really crammed in as much as possible, giving solid performance and good value for money.

Peak Design Cuff
Peak Design Cuff

Far better than your average wrist strap, this cuff is stylish, versatile and quick to attach.

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Let’s take a closer look at the this unusual piece of gear to see if it’s the best camera wrist strap in 2023.

Peak Design Cuff V2 Specs

  • You can use it on multiple camera bodies
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Refined details
  • Great camera harness for hiking
  • Available in Black, Ash, Sage, Midnight
  • Though hard-wearing, the anchors need to be checked frequently for potential breakage
  • The thread on the anchors could be slightly longer

Diameter when open: 9.7 cm (3.82 in), but easily fits hands 5+ inches wide

Diameter when cinched: 4.5 cm (1.75 in)

Width: 19 mm (0.75 in)

Strap materials:  Seatbelt-style nylon webbing, anodized aluminum adjuster hardware, Hypalon® and leather accents (leather on Ash only)

Connector materials: Glass-reinforced nylon Links with stainless steel springs, 2-layer anti-abrasion woven thermoplastic Anchor cord, thermoplastic Anchor overmolding. Anchors can withstand more than 90 kg (200 lb).

  • Peak Design Cuff v2 vs v3

Note that as of 2023, there is a newer Peak Design Cuff V3, although functionally, there are no changes – it’s just a slightly different appearance, without the PD logo on the strap. There’s no Cuff V4 yet.

Build & Appearance

similar to the leash peak design - wearing the cuff around your wrist. Note the anodized aluminum on original version and new version

As you’d expect, the Peak Design Cuff is both smart and hard-wearing. The webbing is similar to that of a car seat belt and the cincher to adjust the fit is smooth aluminium, both of which are pleasant to the touch and reassuringly solid.

The connectors seem tough despite their plastic feel (described by Peak Design as “glass reinforced nylon”), and the anchors themselves have earned a good reputation amongst users after some earlier versions of their design turned out to be problematic.

What Peak Design describes as a detail — leather on the ash version, synthetic Hypalon (i.e. fake leather) on the black version — is more than decorative. It gives the strap just enough rigidity to make slipping your hand into more easily than if it simply flopped around.

On the black version this detail is not very visible while the ash version offers brown leather. My guess is that the black version will be a little more hard-wearing and easier to keep clean.

There’s also the Peak Design Cuff in Sage and Midnight colors too.

Ease of Use

anchor links seen hanging below, for attachment of camera neck straps.

One of the main reasons for buying Peak Design products is the opportunity to invest in a complete system, embracing the attachments and having flexibility that is not offered by any other manufacturer.

The Peak Design anchor system is ingenious, allowing you to switch between straps quickly and easily.

The anchors are simple to snap into place, though I wonder if having a slightly longer thread would make it a slightly smoother process, giving you a bit more space to line up the anchor with the connector.

This is probably something that can be addressed with a little more practice, however.

As I travel light and tend not to spend long sessions with my camera around my neck, I use my Sony a7 III in conjunction with the Peak Design Leash.

The Cuff allows me to keep a small, lightweight option in my bag on those occasions when a shoulder strap is overkill. (See here for a full review of the Leash.)

In addition, for those odd occasions that I use a tripod, the Peak Design Cuff is a good choice. A strap risks getting snagged but I hate handling a camera without some sort of attachment, so the Peak Design Cuff is a suitable compromise.

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Each photographer will have a preference, and despite how much I tend to use my Peak Design Leash, I definitely enjoy having the option to switch to something less cumbersome, however light that strap may be.

Given its size, the Peak Design Cuff is an obvious addition to any photographer’s gear if they already own a strap from the same company.

The versatility offered by Peak Design’s system is unparalleled, but even setting that aside for a moment, the Cuff performs well for such a simple piece of gear. The detail that helps it to retain a little shape is effective, and the aluminium slider that cinches it tight is effective and satisfying to use.

Sliding the Peak Design Cuff tight is reassuring and snug, and removing it is straightforward. What’s more, it is designed in such a way that it will pull tight on your wrist in the event that you drop your camera, giving an extra level of security.

new anchor point on peak design cuff, attached to camera body. Wear the wrist strap camera around your wrist

As one final touch, the strap contains a magnet that holds the connector in place so that when the camera is not attached, you can keep it on your wrist without it flapping around.

The Peak Design Cuff ships with two anchors which means that you can set it up for use with two cameras. If that’s not enough, you can always purchase more anchor points separately.

Value for Money + Discount Code

At first, it may seem that around $30 is a lot to spend on something so small and simple, but the refinement, versatility and build quality is definitely worthwhile.

Being able to use one strap across multiple camera bodies is refreshing, and the Peak Design system as a whole offers great flexibility.

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Peak Design Cuff Review | Conclusion

The small details make this more than just a wrist strap, and the anchors have definitely made my life easier.

I used to hate camera straps, but Peak Design has produced a range of products that are desirable in terms of their appearance but also incredibly functional in terms of their performance.

Peak Design Cuff
Peak Design Cuff

Far better than your average wrist strap, this cuff is stylish, versatile and quick to attach.

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Andy Day is a British photographer and writing, living and working in France, specialising in adventure, travel, architectural and landscape photography.

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