Version 2 vs Version 1

Peak Design Everyday Tote v2 Review

Comfortable, functional and ultra-stylish... The Peak Design Everyday Tote v2 is perfect for both camera gear and everyday carry. Read our full review.

In the past few years, Peak Design have remarkably reshaped how we see camera bags. They always seem to have this leading-edge way of incorporating real photography workflows into everyday life.

The Peak Design Everyday Tote is for anyone who wants to carry camera gear and everyday stuff all in one handy bag.

I’ve tried version 1 and it definitely was versatile enough for everyday carry or photo carry.

Now, after gathering feedback from over a thousand users, these innovative guys have come up with an even better version. (See v2 vs v1 in the above image.)

Version 2 vs Version 1
Peak Design Everyday Tote v2

Super-stylish tote that keeps your gear safe and organized – without looking like a camera bag!

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As a brand known to focus on customers, Peak Design have intelligently come up with better features in the new and improved version of the Everyday Tote.

The hardware, stitching, and padding have been rethought and redesigned to be better looking and more functional.

After a few weeks on the go with the V2 tote, I can say it has perfectly melded modern aesthetics with unrivaled convenience.

Here we review the Peak Design Everyday Tote v2 and experience more of the unmatched organization, access, and versatility that allow it to rival some of the best camera bags on the market.

The Peak Design Everyday Tote v2 Specs

  • Stylish and classic design that goes well with any outfit
  • Organization inside with Flexfold dividers to keep gear safe
  • Padded straps so it’s more comfortable and won’t cut into your skin
  • The bag’s bone color may get dirty easier than the midnight color option, though it can easily be cleaned with a damp washcloth
  • The external carry straps may take a bit of time to put on

15L min, 20L max

Max Laptop Carry:
22/9cm x 2.5cm x 33cm (9” x 1” x 13”)
Holds 13” Macbook Pro

External: 44cm x 37.5cm x 17cm (17.3” x 14.7” x 6.7”)
Internal: 38.1cm x 35.1cm x 14cm (15” x 13.8” x 5.5”)

Without dividers 0.82kg (1.81lb)
With dividers 1.02kg (2.25 lb)

400D double poly-coated DWR-impregnated nylon canvas shell
100% recycled post-consumer material
Bluesign approved (Charcoal, Ash, Midnight only)
Solution-dyed to save energy & water (Charcoal only)
900D waterproof bottom liner
High-visibility grey nylon interior, Bluesign approved
Hardware is anodized aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon
Super-durable UltraZips
Accents in leather (Bone) or Hypalon (Black)

What’s in the Box:
1. Two FlexFold dividers
2. One anchor link key tether
3. Two Cord Hook external carry straps
4. One removable shoulder strap

Build & Appearance

peak design everyday tote v2 review

You’d hardly guess the Everyday Tote is hiding a bunch of camera gear inside.

You can say that there’s almost a complete overhaul with the Peak Design Everyday Tote v2.

First, it’s smaller and aesthetically cleaner than ever before. This allows for lower profile carry.

This bag is now more sustainable with a weather-proof outer fabric that uses 100% post-consumer waste plastic.

It’s ‘Bluesign certified’ which means three things:

  • It offers the highest degree of safety for the consumer
  • It’s manufactured with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment
  • Peak Design responsibly used resources in making it

Given this, it seems it will not wear out quickly and will give the overall protection the contents of your bag need.

There are additional features on the bag like cord hooks and luggage strap that are subtly placed to maintain an overall sleek and classic appearance.

Interestingly enough, the bone color of this bag was inspired by the business card scene in American Psycho, a family classic…!

Exterior Features

The extra-wide top access point remains a convenient feature for the Everyday Tote.

It’s definitely easier to see what’s inside at a quick glance and get a laptop in and out easily.

Since I go for anything that makes my shooting workflow easy, I appreciate the magnetic clasp which allows for effortless access to my gear.

On days I’d like it to be more secure, there’s always the UltraZip, a technology that makes the zipper last much longer than traditional ones.

Pockets on each side of the bag are easily flipped open and also come with magnetic clasps for quick and safe accessibility.

The Everyday Tote v2 has a shallow pocket where you can put in different tech gear and small things.

I was able to put in it some camera batteries, SD cards, earphones, and some pens.

As you flip over one pocket, it will reveal a strap for easy slip-on for luggage carry.

I particularly like these clever feature placements, such is the expertise of the Peak Design design team!

A removable padded strap is included which you attach to the cord hooks on the exterior of the bag.

The four other hooks on the bag are used for the external carry straps, in case you need to carry more – for example, a jacket or yoga mat.

review of the peak design everyday tote v2

Interior Features

One look inside the bag and you’ll see the thoughtful organization. Let’s start with the two Flexfold dividers that can be configured to accommodate whatever you fancy.

Like origami, these dividers fold conveniently in such a way that I was able to stack lenses on top of each other when in the bag.

The Peak Design Everyday Tote v2 is good to carry one full frame camera and two lenses.

I went a little further and added a flash too, since there’s plenty of room for all your gear.

The pockets on the sides are meant to keep things in place, such as a 13-inch laptop, sunglasses and other documents.

Storage Capacity

storage capacity of the peak design everyday tote v2

For such a subtle and stylish bag, the Everyday Tote v2 can hold an impressive amount.

Above, you can see everything I was able to fit into the Everyday Tote v2, and still have it all concelaed neatly inside.

Instead of lugging around a regular tote which was made to just carry all my things in one compartment, I was able to carry the same amount of items with much more versatility thanks to the customizable layout.

Above all, it definitely doesn’t look like a camera bag. I feel safe carrying around my expensive camera gear inside it, without prying eyes trying to make out its contents. All I get are envious looks, due to its attractive design ;-)

Ease of Use/Comfort

It’s quite surprising that this sleek tote can actually carry camera gear, a laptop and a whole lot of other things.

It’s made for three carry styles: hand-carry, over the shoulder, or sling-style (with the removable adjustable shoulder strap).

I love how stylish and stealth this bag looks on me whenever I’m shooting. I don’t look like a photographer lugging around heavy, bulky gear.

I found it particularly useful for outdoor engagements and family shoots.

Whatever you choose, it puts a lot of class into how you carry your gear and other everyday stuff.

The Everyday Tote v2 is very light when empty, and even when it fills up, the padded straps are there to make the carry easy.

That means you can go on to minding other important matters while shooting or on the go.

Value for Money + Discount Code

The Peak Design Everyday Tote v2 comes with a price tag of around $150.

Given that you’ll be able to use it both for photography and for every day, it really is quite reasonable.

This classic tote with modern functionality definitely gives a lot of value for your money.

Obviously, you’ll be able to find cheaper tote bags, particularly since traditionally, the humble tote was among the cheapest ways to carry your shopping home…!

However, if you’re keen to carry your precious camera gear and everyday items in organised safety and style, this really is great value for money.

As with all Peak Design products, it’s also guaranteed for life :-)

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The Peak Design Everyday Tote v2 Review | Conclusion

The second-generation Everyday Tote is more versatile and durable than the first.

The simpler, more streamlined design is stylish and classic.

I’d say this bag works well even if you don’t own a camera, but if you do, then you’ll enjoy the smart organization inside, easy access and protection for your gear.

I’m definitely keeping this for my next outdoor shoot or client meeting!

Peak Design have done a wonderful job in reshaping our idea of what a tote bag can be.

The Everyday Line definitely still proves to be their most iconic product, with the Everyday Tote as the classic carry, re-imagined.

Version 2 vs Version 1
Peak Design Everyday Tote v2

Super-stylish tote that keeps your gear safe and organized – without looking like a camera bag!

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Build Quality10


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