Peak Design Tech Pouch Review

Peak Design Tech Pouch Review

Forever rummaging through a mass of cables, cards and batteries? The Peak Design Tech Pouch may be the solution. Read our honest review to find out more.

Are you the type of person who regularly misplaces their handy little cables and silly little accessories? Are you also the type of person who just throws their loose items in to their suitcase, never to find them again? I used to be.

That was until I discovered the Peak Design Tech Pouch…. *queue theme music*

In a world where there is a solution for all of life’s most trivial problems, Peak Design has swooped in yet again and proved that you don’t have to just come up with a simple solution… but you can over-engineer it too!

Peak Design Tech Pouch Review
Peak Design Tech Pouch

No more rummaging! Small pouch with a big capacity that keeps your small items safe and organised.

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Sure, cable organisers for camera bags have been around for a while, but this one takes that formula, mixes in a few other ideas, and spits it out as a one-stop-shop for your mini-item-sorting needs.

Finally, another solution to one of my many problems!

Let’s dive into the Peak Design Tech Pouch review.

Peak Design Tech Pouch Specs

subtle peak design branding on the tech pouch

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  • Technical organisational options
  • Sturdy non-tumble design
  • Refined and well made product
  • Smart planning with the preset pouches and pockets
  • Can be bulky even when empty
  • Interior layout is fixed and not customisable

15 x 24 x 10cm (6″ x 9.5″ x 4″)

288g (10.2oz)

Materials (Sage):
Exterior Fabric is weatherproof 200D Nylon. Nylon and polyester PU and TPU coated fabrics, Woven nylon webbing, EVA foam, Hypalon. LEATHER logo badge.

Materials (Black):
Exterior fabric is weatherproof 200D Nylon. Nylon and polyster PC and TPU coated fabrics, Woven nylon webbing, EVA foam, Hypalon.

210D Melange nylon, polyester and a PU face coating in fabric. Embossed WPS, YKK Zippers, Elastic band (pen holder), and polyester twill binding.

Build, Appearance, and Exterior Features

The Peak Design Tech Pouch can be combined with any number of products using the Anchor Mounts.

Combine the Peak Design Tech Pouch with an Anchor Mount and pair it with the Slide Lite to make a small carry bag.

In short, the Tech Pouch is a sweet little black rectangular pouch. It’s simplistic and purposeful, but with a touch of Peak Design-esque style.

It’s small, and I assure you it is not an unruly little package to handle. Not like your cousin’s Chihuahua – that thing might be small but it is a feisty beast that nobody likes.

The shape and size of the bag is thoughtfully designed to keep it standing upright, both empty and full. You wouldn’t want your tiny bag of technological treasures spilling out all over the desk or cafe that you’re perched in, right?

Mind you, it may sound like I’m making fun, but I’m being serious. It’s actually a rather fantastic and helpful consideration.

I’ve been using this Tech Pouch for a few months now, and I won’t be traveling without it! Even now as I write this, it sits under my table, chewing on a few cables and USB accessories.

As standard with all of Peak Design’s products, the stitching, zippers, and seals on the are top quality and high end.

The peak design Tech Pouch also contains a discrete and nice little outer pocket for your convenience.

The Tech Pouch also contains a discrete and nice little outer pocket for your convenience.

The zipper has never snagged on me, and is always easy and smooth one to use. Placed conveniently on the outside of the bag is also a more discrete and tighter pocket ready for you to slide your phone, passport, or other items you may need easier access to.

It comes fitted with 2 Anchor attachment loops as well, so you can hook it up to other Peak Design products using Anchor Mounts, or by any other means at your disposal.

By attaching it to a Peak Design Slide or any other strap, you can also turn the Tech Pouch in to a neat little carry bag.

(See my Peak Design Slide review for more info on this awesome strap.)

peak design tech pouch feels so good to grab

To grab and to hold.

You’ll find two thin grab handles on both thin sides of the pouch and a larger handle placed on the lower long side of the bag.

It’s certainly one handy stitched on contraption to allow a firm and solid grip on the pouch containing some of your most treasured belongings.

Interior Features

peak design tech pouch features attachment points too

Plenty of storage and sorting options contained within the origami-style pockets of the Tech Pouch.

This is where the magic happens – the amount of separate storage slots available to you on the Tech Pouch is wonderful!

You’ll find the cleverly designed origami style interior dividers and pockets to be of a curious design. Not the standard horizontal rows or removable dividers found in most pouches.

You obviously can’t just put anything you want in to any pocket you desire, though. Most of the pouches will gladly hold your items, but some are better suited to particular things than others.

If you’re planning on throwing a lot in to it, this is a storage solution that benefits from thinking of where you’re placing things.

Certain sized bulky items don’t fair well in the origami style pockets, even if they do fit initially. Once you close it up, that’s when you’ll see.

The peak design Tech Pouch contains a neat little discrete interior zipper pocket with SD card slots and other tech pouches for items like headphones

The Tech Pouch contains a neat little discrete interior zipper pocket with card slots.

But there is method to this madness. You’ll find 3 elastic pouches on either side of the interior, suited to shorter cables, USB sticks, small plug adaptors, camera batteries, and various other smaller items.

The mid-size origami style dividers are well suited to most things of larger size and bulk, such as longer cables, smaller battery packs, larger plug adaptors, lens filters, etc.

The middle and outer sections you’ll fit most other items you may want to store, such as battery chargers, portable hard drives, and anything else you’re willing to stack upon anything else.

Also found in the middle of the Tech Pouch is a more discrete zipper section, inside that is best suited for the extra small goodies like memory cards or love letters.

Storage Capacity

travel essentials can be fixed to attachment points on peak design tech pouch

The Peak Design Tech Pouch has lots of nicely considered storage pockets.

As I mentioned before, you cannot fill the Tech Pouch up with too many bulky items – it can get too full to close properly quite quickly.

I found at times after stacking it with everything I own that it took some rearranging to manage it – especially with thick cables with power plugs attached, such as a camera wall charger.

Offsetting and balancing the bulky items with the smaller items is the key to success. Thin items such as portable hard drives or phones are better suited in the middle, where as the bulky ones are best kept to the outer edges.

One of the major benefits to the design of the bag is also one of it’s flaws. It’s a rigid pouch which is what helps with the stability and usability, but it can be on the bulky side. This poses a potential packing problem.

Okay, yes it is great that it sorts out a lot of my items, but the pouch doesn’t compress particularly well.

tech pouch by peak design - accessory loops, sd cards pocket, exterior handles, cable pass, travel essentials

All the things I managed to fit in the Tech Pouch for my recent trip to Morocco. I still had space for more.

Empty space inside the pouch can take up vital packing room because you can’t compress it down too much. But you know what, Uncle Benny doesn’t need that silly wooden camel statue, so you can leave that in the hotel on your way home, because I like my Tech Pouch in all it’s bulky glory…

The way it is designed, if the item is too bulky at the top it will not close. It’s a very snug zip, and it doesn’t feel like it would tear or rip open if you forced it shut.

At times on my latest trip I did a lazy pack and I couldn’t close it properly. So be conscious that a quick rough pack may seem as though it’s too full – just take your time and re-sort it!

It may surprise you though (as it did me), just how much you can fit in to this pouch.

Value for Money + Discount Code

As with anything Peak Design, it’s on the higher end of the pricing spectrum compared to similar products of their individual types.

In comparison to other similar items you will obviously be able to find cheaper alternatives, but I doubt they’d be along the same lines of what is offered in the Tech Pouch.

It’s a culmination of numerous ideas and products merged in to one handy sized pouch. It’s definitely worth the coin they’re asking for it.

I’ve found it to be handy and useful at home and while traveling. The only downside is sometimes I have too much stuff I want to store in it!

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Peak Design Tech Pouch Review | Conclusion

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a well thought out and designed package, even though it can be bulky when packing it in a suitcase or bag.

It’s quite purpose driven and it does what it needs to very well.

I’ve found the Tech Pouch to be of use wherever and whenever I travel, be it long or short trips, it has a place in my luggage.

When at home I use it to sort out and store my smaller items which tend to just get thrown in to a larger box or drawer.

Peak Design Tech Pouch Review
Peak Design Tech Pouch

No more rummaging! Small pouch with a big capacity that keeps your small items safe and organised.

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Tommy Williams is a travel photographer from Sydney, Australia. He is pretty chill, and admits he really needs to get around to updating his website more often.

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