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Wedding | Last Updated: December 8, 2020

Hey! I’m Phil Salisbury, a Manchester Wedding Photographer in the UK.

Forever a father first, I’m all about family and I’m driven by the little lady in my life Chloe my daughter. Little does she know she sparked the drive and passion for storytelling that I have. She made me realise the importance of every moment and encapsulating those moments to look back on and remember just how it felt and looked.

This led me to pick a camera up just a few years ago as a hobbyist and to say it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride since is an understatement! After becoming consumed by photography I soon realised it’s all I wanted to do for a living and so took a brave leap of faith in my late thirties and became a full time wedding photographer.

I believe with great risk comes great reward and I wouldn’t say I like doing things by halves. When I’m in I’m all in and strive to be the best version I can be of me doing what I love.

Combining my love for travel, exploring new places & meeting new people with my passion for storytelling and weddings, I’m truly one of the lucky ones in life to do something I love for a living.

I get a front row seat to one of the most exciting days of people’s lives. How fortunate can you get?!


I shoot with two Sony A7III. I love the sony system to shoot with, a fantastic focusing system, light and compact. Ideal for those who love to travel light.


Sony 35mm f/1.8 – This is my storytelling lens, it doesn’t come off the camera period. A fabulous lens that I believe sees the world as I do.

Sony 85mm f/1.8 – This is possibly my favourite lens, with fabulous rendering, exceptional bokeh and a smooth and fast focus. I love it for all kinds of work but wedding portraits are fabulous with this lens.

Samyang 18mm f/2.8 – This is my wedding dancefloor lens. It’s compact, allowing me to get all up in the action and wide enough to take it all in. There’s a little warping at the edges on some images, so use wisely. Fabulous value for money!


Godox TT685-S x3 – My workhorses, working in tandem so well with Godox Xpro-S trigger.


Black Widow Spider Clips x2 – Clipped to my waste on every wedding. I tried using shoulder holsters but for me, the freedom to walk around without my cameras getting in the way is an absolute godsend. These are one of my favourite bits of kit.

My backpack is a Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L. This thing can hold more than Mary Poppins bag if you need it to, it’s brilliant!


Manfrotto Compact Stands

Hardware & Software

I don’t go anywhere without my SanDisk 1TB SSD and my Macbook Pro 15″. I also use an iMac 27″ for editing. Software that works wonders for every culling session is Photomechanic before editing my work in Adobe Lightroom.

Hahnel ProCube 2 for charging those batteries.

Jpeg Mini – Keeping those file sizes to a minimum always great for keeping the storage low.

Studio Ninja – What an incredible CRM don’t even think about this, go and use it.


Essentials for the wedding day – a USB power bank to keep things charged, water and energy drinks/snacks to keep you charged. I can’t stress enough, the right footwear, this is something I’ve seen so many suffer with. I love the alternative look and I’m all about the leather converse.

Remember to fuel and service the car regularly, no one wants not to make it to bridal/groom prep! | @philsalisbury_

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  1. Phil Salisbury on November 26, 2020 at 12:35 am

    Thanks for sharing team Im super grateful thank you. I’d love the opportunity to feature with you again.

    • Chinedu ogbonna on December 28, 2020 at 6:31 pm

      Pls, train me on photography

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