posing cards for portrait photography

Posing cards for Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Do you find posing couples difficult and awkward? These posing cards help make the process easier, faster and more enjoyable for both you and your clients.

We all want our photography to look natural. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to pose our couples…

They’d interact naturally without our direction.

We could just concentrate on capturing the scene as it unfurls…

How often does effortless posing really happen with your clients?! How often do couples embrace in visually attractive poses… without you having to say a word?!

When I first started out with wedding photography, I knew I didn’t want to pose my clients.

I was convinced that all the photographers I admired didn’t need to pose…

I wanted my photos to look like theirs. Effortless and natural… UNPOSED.

posing cards for photography

The goal is to make a pose look un-staged and natural, like a fleeting moment you’ve just managed to capture.

Slowly I realised something I wish I knew from the start…

All great wedding photographers pose their clients.

(Even those that say they don’t… do!)

Whether it’s just passive guidance, or hands-on control, posing clients is a way to augment your portraits.

If you’ve found the perfect light and the perfect location, directing your couples into a natural-looking, visually pleasing pose is the icing on the cake.

Natural, effortless and fluid posing what sets good wedding photographers apart from GREAT ones.

Your role as a photographer of people is to give guidance on how to look great in a photo.

Directing couples into a pose is the catalyst from which a moment can occur…

…then your role is to capture it as creatively as possible.

Fortunately, there’s a product we created that will help you.

How to use Posing Cards for Couple Direction

set of posing cards - idea cards for photographers to use

Together Cards are 76 illustrated posing cards for effortless direction when photographing couples.\

Think of Together Cards as starting points to creating better photos of your couples.

You can print the posing cards to keep in your pocket, add them to your phone or tablet for quick reference, or do what I do…

Before your next shoot, load up your favourite Together Card poses and take a photo of them with the camera you intend to use that day.

use posing cards on your camera during photography session

Referencing Together Cards on your camera is convenient and simple.

Then, during the shoot, you’re able to quickly reference the posing cards on the back of your camera (in Playback mode, using the right arrow to quickly scroll to the first photo taken).

Your clients will think you’re just checking camera settings or reviewing an image…

(In reality, you’ll have sufficient time to check your chosen pose, and direct your couples while referencing it.)

Some photographers even load the posing cards on to a smart watch, to make referencing them as simple as looking at the ‘time’!

photography posing cards used by wedding photographer feedback

Posing cards on the screen of your Apple Watch – now there’s a smart idea!

Wherever you choose to store the posing cards, there’s definitely no more awkward ‘struggling to find something that works’ moments.

You can just enjoy confident, simple and natural direction.

Together Cards will help you direct your couples with newfound confidence, no matter your current abilities as a photographer.

I’ve shot almost 200 weddings over my years as a photographer, but will be the first to admit that I’m still learning.

Anything that makes my job on the wedding day easier if well worth the investment, be it camera gear, education, or tools such as these.

photography posing cards for session

All my favourite photos were made 10x easier by using posing cards.

If you’re still struggling to decide which set of posing cards to buy, just remember one thing…

You may find other products available featuring hundreds or even thousands of half-baked posing cards.

However, having too many options will hinder your creativity and end up confusing you even more.

Don’t waste your time sifting through lots of mediocre poses to find something that hasn’t been used hundreds of times online before.

We’ve distilled Together Cards down to 76 of the most stylish, effortless, tried and tested poses that you won’t already see all over Instagram!

Just match the pose with the energy of your client, and see how your couple photography improves.

Together Cards make posing couples faster and easier.

Posing Cards are the First Step to Great Portrait Photography

posing cards for ideas for photography

Simply reference the Card, direct your couples, then wait for the perfect moment.

Remember – posing cards can be a huge help when directing your photography subjects… but they’re not the final step in creating amazing images.

They’re also not a magic bullet either – they’re simply the first piece of the puzzle, which alleviates a lot of the awkwardness.

After directing your couple, you still need to get them comfortable enough to elicit a natural reaction.

Talk them through the pose, make them laugh, tell them they look great… then wait for the perfect moment to click the shutter button – easy!

set of photography posing cards feedback

set of photography posing cards for ideas during portrait session

Lots of photographers are already having success with the posing cards, as you can see in the email feedback we’ve received.

How to Get Together Cards on Sale

To celebrate the launch of Together Cards, we’re offering a one-time 50% discount to anyone who’s read this far!

If you’re a professional photographer, remember you can even claim the Together Cards as a business expense.

Shotkit Founder, Editor, Writer & Reviewer

Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer and editor of Shotkit. When he’s not taking photos or reviewing the latest camera gear and software, Mark can be found cycling around the northern rivers.