Ramkumar Ramachandran

Wedding | Last Updated: August 25, 2023

Hi, I am Ramkumar and it’s been seven years now since my career as a wedding photographer began and over these seven years, I have had the opportunity to shoot about 250 Weddings all across India.

I have been a Canon user all along, starting with the 60D and currently on a Canon 5D Mark IV. I shoot weddings with only one thing on my mind, to show the emotions of the people in my photographs as honestly as possible and the challenge I give myself at every wedding is to do that in an aesthetically pleasing way.

I believe I have the responsibility of telling a story that is to be seen and felt by the generations to come and with each wedding having a story of its own.


Canon 5D Mark IV: I have been a Canon user throughout the last 10 years. Modern cameras all offer pretty much the same level & quality of images so I would rather have gear that feels right in my hands than something that is just expensive and the latest greatest.

Canon EOS 6D: My second camera. Love the SOOC images out of this and it does its job well as a secondary camera, even after all these years.


Sigma 35mm f/1.4: Pretty much my go-to lens. Ideal for wide shots as well as getting up close and personal. I can shoot a whole wedding on the 35mm art. Sharp images at f/1.4, nothing more I can ask for.

Canon 50mm f/1.4: Lightweight and sharp images. Really good to use when I free-lense portraits.

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8: Cannot do without it at Indian weddings. There is so much struggle for space and the wide-angle really helps me out there.

Sigma 85mm f/1.4: For portraits of the bride and groom and my outdoor engagement sessions. The sharpest lens in my kit.


2x Godox V860II: Incredible battery life and versatile for all situations.


Blackcanvas Dual Strap: Good enough for short events but I am currently looking for a new dual strap.

Hardware & Software

Lightroom: Staple photo editing software. Never tried anything else.

Custom presets


Sometimes I carry my Fractal Filter Prisms for cool photo effects.

The world needs more photographers and less photography workshops.

www.frontalknots.com | @ramkumar.ramachandran

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