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My name is Remy Brand and I am a photographer based in Sydney, Australia. To this day I still struggle to label what kind of photographer I am. I know what you’re thinking, another wannabe – Jack of all trades photographer!

The truth is, I am so passionate about the variety of content that I get to work on and I think that if I was limited to one genre of photography, I would get bored quite quickly.

In college I was trained commercially, I loved shooting in the studio and spending hours refining the lighting on a single image. Whilst having a background in this has proved very beneficial to some of the jobs I book these days, I have steered away from portraying myself as a commercial photographer and more towards a lifestyle/landscape photographer and even more recently – a videographer.

I was never trained in video, this is something that has taken my interest by storm recently and now I offer it to all my clients. I spend countless hours learning the craft and working to expand my gear. I would say that my skill set lies somewhere between the intermediate and professional range.

Give me the job as a Director of Photography on a film and I’ll probably Google how to turn on an Arri Alexa but if you let me create a video promoting a destination or showcasing a fashion label, I will go above and beyond to make it the most beautiful and unique piece of content the client has ever received.

Typically, the work that I do now is a healthy mix of tourism, lifestyle/fashion, and commercial photography.

The last few years I have had the pleasure of traveling around the world for a number of large scale brands and creating content that I can be genuinely proud of. Don’t get me wrong, it never started out this way. I’ve racked up more time doing low budget weddings and shitty product shoots than your local hero, flare-abusing, Shutterstock photographer.

The most motivating aspect of photography/videography for me is the fact that you can never really hit a peak. There is always so much to improve on and learn that you can never get bored. I have no shortage of passion for the craft which keeps me amped every single day.

My gear:

Canon 5D Mark IV
This is my workhorse stills camera that I will use for every job. I love the weather durability and efficiency this camera offers.

Canon 24-70mm Mark II f2.8
Super sharp lens that covers the perfect focal length for fashion and lifestyle photography.

Canon 17-40mm f4
A light lens that has me covered for all my landscape and architecture photography.

Sony A6500
This is my primary video camera. It’s so light and powerful that I don’t have sufficient reason to upgrade as of yet.

Sony 16-50mm f4
Perfect for use on my travel videos and everyday filming.

Sony 35mm f1.8
This lens combined with my 8 stop ND filter allows me to shoot with a wide aperture during the day. I use this lens to create beautiful bokeh and more artistic shots.

Sony Macro 30mm f3.5
This lens allows me to get really close to my subject and capture unusual and creative perspectives.

Mavic pro + ND filters
I have used this little beast on almost every video I have created. Aerial shots are such a value in today’s industry, it should be a crucial part of every videographers kit.

Dolica Tripod
Not the most reliable tripod, but it was super cheap and unbelievably light so I use this for all my hiking adventures.

Zhiyun Crane 2
Such an affordable piece of equipment that can take your video content to a professional level with minimal effort. I use this on every video I create.

Samsung S10 + S9
I work closely with Samsung and I find that the quality of the images can almost match DSLR quality.

MacBook Pro 15″ 2018
Editing high-quality video requires equally high computer specs – this MacBook has me covered. The lack of USB ports is still a pain in the ass though.

Lacie 4TB Hard drives (x2) Backing up work is essential, also these have great transfer speeds for video editing.

Rolleiflex 2.8 film camera
I’m obsessed with film at the moment and the look that the Portra 400 film produces with it. It’s a bit of a brick so I usually keep this camera close to home.

Not in my gear shot:

Canon 50mm f1.4
I love this lens for low light scenarios and product photography.

Canon 70-200mm f2.8
Another one of my favourite super sharp lenses for travel and street photography.

Rode VideoMicPro
I will use this mic for environmental sounds and recording interviews.

Samsung T5 1TB Portable Hard Drive
So small and powerful, this is my go-to HD for editing video and traveling.

Premium Vintage Backpack : Weather durable and easy to access, no brainer.

Canon Batteries (x3): Great for longer shoots and traveling.

Sony Batteries (x6): I have 6 because the battery life is not very impressive but they are very light.

120mb 64gb CF cards (x2): Durable and fast cards for every scenario.

Micro SD 32gb cards (x2): Primarily for drone usage.

300mb 64gb SD card (2): This allows me to shoot 4k video no problem. | @remybrand | Youtube

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