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Wedding | Last Updated: October 8, 2021

Hello friends! I am Rodrigo Ramo, I am 39 years old and from Santa Fe, Argentina. Ninety percent of my work is about wedding photography, but I’m passionate about all kinds of photography, from the dynamics of social or street photography, to landscape photography.

I was an Architect until 2014. The studies of this profession formed the basis for what I am today as a photographer. I was always attracted to the design and the image composition.

My passion for wide angle was born by the execution of 3D renders model for my projects, in which wide shots were indispensable to show the architectural space.

In 2013, after several years of amateur photography, I accepted my first proposal to cover a wedding. Some years ago, I started to publish my photographs on Facebook which gave me the possibility to receive several work proposals.

My work at weddings is divided into two parts. Documentary wedding photography and fast wedding sessions. In the first I try to make the essence of the protagonists through their gestures or actions more important than the aesthetic (it does not work a nice photo that does not transmit any feeling).

In the sessions everything is different. I use creative techniques to make high-impact visual photos.

Nikon D800
It was my first full frame camera. The large image size makes it perfect for use with wide-angle lenses (gives possibility to cut) or for print jobs in large sizes. Usually I have it as a third camera with 14-24mm.

Nikon DF
Very light, ideal for quiet moments like preparations or churches. Its images have beautiful colours but the slow focus and lack of second memory slot make me think of replacing it. I use it in combination with the 35mm.

Nikon D4
I bought it for having the same sensor as the Nikon DF. Fast and precise focus for the action. I use it with 58mm or 85mm because of the shallow depth of field that these lenses have, using them with large openings.

Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 G
It allows me to show the space and the context in which the events unfold. Excellent to work on dance floors with many people.

Sigma ART 24mm F1.4
I use it in combination with the 58mm in the second body. It’s my alternative to 35mm. Great option for the dance floor.

Sigma ART 35mm F1.4
If I had to do a complete job with a single lens this would be the one I chose, you can do anything with it. Next to the 14-24mm it’s the most used in sessions. I combine it with the 85mm in the second body.

Nikon 58mm F1.4 G
It was my last purchase. It is a very versatile lens with an amazing bokeh. Special for group portraits.

Nikon 85mm F1.4 G
It has an incredible bokeh. I use it at maximum aperture almost all the time.

Nikon 105mm macro F2.8 G
I don’t usually use it too much. Sometimes to take pictures of rings or Baby sessions.

Flash Nikon SB-700(x3)
Lightweight, unbreakable and with the necessary power for night work.

Godox Flash AD200
Its power helps in situations with a lot of ambient light.

Godox Pro x2 | Godox x1t x2 | Godox X1 x3 for Nikon (Sometimes the transmitters do not turn off the help light in time and the red light appears in the photo).

Flash modifiers
Magmod (sphere, grid and gel) Octabox 80cm.

Double leather strap
Without it it would be impossible to work.

Plastic tubes, pieces of glass, Fractals, prism, pieces of cloth and of course, my iPhone.

With all this equipment I work in weddings but in my daily life and trips I use Fuji XT2 + Fujinon 23mm f1.4. I must confess that I have done several sessions with the Nikon Z6 and I am seriously thinking about buying one. | @rodrigoramo.fotografia

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