Sam Horine

Editorial | Last Updated: April 24, 2023

Hi, I’m Sam Horine, and I’m a photographer based in beautiful Seattle, WA.

I got my start shooting editorial in New York City, mostly music, food, and events, about fifteen years ago and have since branched out into more fine art and commercial work specializing in editorial-influenced travel, lifestyle, and street photography.

When I first discovered photography, it was through an old family film camera, and over the years has evolved from that into digital as it became the standard, and I started to take it more seriously.

My first digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix, and I currently shoot on the Canon EOS R5 system; in my opinion, this is the best camera setup out there right now for anyone looking to do stills and video in one body.

Canon EOS R5 – this is really my favorite camera. I love it for both stills as well as video with its IBIS system.

Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 – the 5D line is truly a special line of cameras. I have had the 5D models one to four, and they were all best in class for stills. I would say no one can deny the impact that the 5D2 had on revolutionizing video and pushing an entire industry forward.

Leica Q – this one is a classic with both a beautiful design and high functionality. I’ve thought about upgrading to the Q2, but it has been hard to justify, given how well the original still performs.

Contax T3 – I love this little point-and-shoot film camera. It’s a great walk-around pocket camera that is beautifully sharp and fast with a Canon EF 35mm f/2.8 lens plus a nice little flash.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro – I love this drone; it’s just about perfect in every way. I’ll probably upgrade to either the three or the four and maybe the Air Pro. For now, this one does everything I need to do reliably and easily.

Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8 – this is a must-have lens! There are times when I wish I had the 28-70 f/2, but it’s such a tank when you compare the two. The 24-70mm is the flagship lens out there for any working photographer on the Canon mirrorless system.

Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8 – this is another must-have lens for the Canon mirrorless line. I had sold my EF 70-200 with a Canon 1DX Mark III a couple of years ago, figuring I would be fine with the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 with the extra reach that lens had, but in the end, I missed the 2.8 aperture.

The redesign of this lens really does make it the best travel telephoto and portrait lens!

Canon EF primes – 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.450mm f/1.2 and 100mm f/2.8 Macro – I love all these lenses and plan to replace them with their RF counterparts, but for now, they all work fantastically on both the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 and with the adaptor the Canon EOS R5.

I shoot natural light almost all of the time as this is what I prefer; however, I have a couple of Canon speed lights as well as the Profoto A10 and would only need to upgrade to do more studio work. 

I have the Ona Brixton Shoulder Bag that I’ve had for years that gets used a lot for very local stuff as well as a Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II that hauls it all around on longer trips.

I like the Gitzo Mountaineer series in tripods as I like to travel light. This one is carbon fiber, but it still takes up a lot of room. I have been known just to use a rock for stability in my travels.

I’m an Adobe guy; Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Premier Pro get it all done for me.

Thanks for taking a look at my gear. I’m always happy to talk cameras/gear/life/travel/pizza over on Instagram, so definitely check me out there! 

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