Think Tank Retrospective 30 Review

Video review of the awesome Think Tank Retrospective 30 camera shoulder bag by Mark from Shotkit.

Choosing a camera bag for me took a long time, as well as several purchases that were made only to be sold soon after. However, it’s been over 3 years using this Think Tank Retrospective 30, and I just can’t fault it.

For me, the Think Tank Retrospective 30 is the perfect camera bag, and I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who needs to carry a couple of bodies and a few lenses.

I also think it’s the perfect camera bag for wedding photographers who need to carry a backup of every item of gear.


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There’s not a great deal that can be said about a bag besides its looks, functionality and strength, so I’ve chosen to review the Think Tank Retrospective 30 by showing you what I carry in it everyday to shoots. This should give you a good idea about how much it can hold. There’s also a video at the end of this post.

Aside from the fact that this bag is like the tardis, I love how its design means that it slips completely under the radar.

It’s one of the few camera bags on the market that doesn’t scream I’M A CAMERA BAG FULL OF EXPENSIVE TOYS!!, and I’m grateful for the understated styling and lack of prominent logos.


The only branding on the whole bag. (On the reverse side)

I’ve taken the Think Tank Retrospective 30 with me on hundreds of shoots in all kinds of conditions, and after 3 years it still looks brand new. This is testament to the high quality of Think Tank gear in general.


The grippy shoulder strap is well padded and built to last.

Details such as well placed heavy-duty loops for clipping extra gear, an outside and inside sleeve for documents or an iPad, an integrated light-weight waterproof cover and silencers for the velcro tabs all add up to a very well thought out bag.


Velcro tabs can be covered with ‘silencers’, allowing silent opening of the bag, ideal for wedding photographers and those needing to operate unnoticed.

Anyway, take a look at the video to get an idea of both how much the Think Tank Retrospective 30 can hold, and how you can organise your camera gear inside it in a logical way for easy access. I apologise for the poor focus in part of the video – whilst the Fujifilm X100 S is an awesome stills camera, its movie mode is a bit hard to use…

Design (form)10
Design (function)10


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