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Are travel tripods worth it?

Thanks to a travel tripod, you can avoid blurry photos if you're shooting at night or with low light, take better selfies and try long exposure techniques.

The simple answer is yes; travel tripods are worth it. 

Thanks to a travel tripod, you can avoid blurry photos even if you’re shooting at night or with low light. You can also take better pictures of yourself and experiment with different techniques such as motion blur, long exposure, time-lapse, and others. 

Travel tripods are typically more compact and lighter in weight than full-size DSLR tripods – this means that they aren’t as much hassle to pack, they strap easily to your camera bag, or you can simply carry them in your hand with you on holiday.

As for how big of a tripod you need, this depends on your height and how comfortable you are with stooping down to take a shot!

gorillapod tripods

Although not marketed as travel tripods, Gorillapods make great tripods for traveling.

It may be tempting to take a studio tripod or whatever other tripod you have tying around at home with you on your next travel adventure, but we’d recommend investing in the best travel tripod that you can afford– you’ll thank yourself for it when you’re lugging your bag on a hike, and when you come home to inspect all your glorious photos!

Adding a travel tripod to your baggage will definitely take your holiday photography to the next level – now you just have to learn how to travel with a tripod!

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