Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera in 2023 (Budget & Premium)

 A 3-point slinger is a specific type of camera strap that goes over one shoulder and rests across your body, connecting to the bottom of the camera.

 A 3-point slinger is a specific type of camera strap that goes over one shoulder and rests across your body, connecting to the camera, usually at the base where a tripod plate normally attaches.

A 3-point camera sling allows you to carry your camera hands-free, meaning you can do things like ride a bike or operate machinery while having your camera close at hand.

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You’ll see popular YouTubers like Francis Cade riding their bikes with a 3-point slinger for a camera worn tight to their backs – the padded shoulder strap makes it a comfortable way to carry heavier cameras too.

When there’s something worth photographing or videoing, the 3-point slinger can be pulled around to the front of your body and the camera lifted to your face.

A 3-point slinger is usually attached to the base of the camera, via a 3/4″ screw into the hole usually reserved for a tripod base plate.

Best 3-Point Slingers for Camera Users in 2023

1. BlackRapid Camera Slings | Best Quality for Most Photographers


Blackrapid makes a range of different 3-point slinger camera straps for action sports photographers and anyone who prefers them to a regular shoulder strap.

BlackRapid refers to them as ‘camera slings’, labelling them as one of the most comfortable camera straps on the market – the key benefit is that the pad stays on your shoulder and the camera slides along the sling, up to your face.

The 3 main models of BlackRapid 3-point slinger for camera are:

  • BlackRapid Breathe Sport (review)
  • BlackRapid Curve Breathe (review)
  • BlackRapid Double Breathe (review)

(You can check the prices of all the BlackRapid camera straps here on Amazon, or here at B&HPhoto. You’ll also find all the other 3-point slinger for camera straps here.)

The components for a 3-point slinger to attach to a camera.

2. Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap | Best Budget Slinger


If you can’t stretch to the price tag of the BlackRapid 3-point slinger for camera options, this Waka Rapid is the next best option. It’s also excellent value for money, at a fraction of the price of the aforementioned camera straps.

Unique features include a storage pouch on the pad, useful for keeping memory cards and a spare battery or two, and a front quick-adjustment pull clip which allows you to speedily shorten or lengthen the camera strap to your needs.

The pad also features anti-slip padding, similar to the BlackRapid straps.

Although the price seems too good to be true (check the latest price here), thousands of positive reviews indicate that this is a 3-point slinger for camera strap that’s worth your hard-earned cash!

3. Altura Photo Camera Strap | Alternate Budget 3-Point Slinger


Famous for making excellent and affordable camera slings, Altura also make a great 3-point slinger for camera fans – also surprisingly affordable – check the price on Amazon right here.

The Altura shoulder strap also features a handy hidden storage pouch with zippered pocket for storing away your spare memory cards, batteries and chewing gum! There’s also anti-slip padding under the main shoulder pad, meaning that the strap and your camera stays in place even if you’re moving around.

A 3-point slinger is perfect for carrying a camera during activities such as rock climbing, cycling and even brisk walking, and the Altura is a really affordable way to get involved.

5\6 Benefits of Using 3-Point Camera Slingers


I’ve been using a 3-point slinger for camera for years now – a BlackRapid Breathe – and couldn’t be happier with its performance.

I also own several other camera straps which I rotate depending on what camera I’m using and what I’m shooting. 

Here are the main benefits of using a 3-point camera slinger:

  1. Fast action – you just slide them around your body and lift up the camera
  2. Stays out your way – if you tighten the strap, you can have the camera on your back
  3. Your hands are free – makes the 3-point slinger perfect for sports requiring your hands to be in use
  4. Bottom attachment makes sense – when you grab your camera, you naturally rotate it up to your face
  5. Comfortable for heavier loads – great for cameras with large telephoto lenses attached
  6. Safety – you can wear it under a jacket, meaning your camera and lens are shielded from knocks and snatch-and-run thefts.

How to Use a 3-Point Slinger for a Camera


Credit: John Platt

Attaching and using a 3-point slinger with your camera is pretty straightforward. Whether you’re using a dual camera sling like professional movie photographer John above, or a one-shoulder slinger, the process is the same.

  1. Put the strap over your head with the pad resting on your non-dominant shoulder
  2. Screw the base attachment into the bottom of your camera
  3. Lock the buckle under your shoulder and adjust the strap to tighten it to a length that’s tight but comfortable
  4. Adjust the main strap length
  5. If there’s an additional safety strap, attach it to the carabiner or to another loop on your camera.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding the use or how to attach one of these unique types of camera straps, and have fun!

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