9 Ways to Attach an Action Camera: Body Mount, Head Mount etc

Looking to mount an action camera like a GoPro to your body? Here are X tried and tested ways to get great angles on your next video.

Using an action camera body mount or head mount is the best way to keep your hands free while capturing fantastic video footage.

While a helmet mount and chest mount harness are some of the most popular, there are other creative body mounts for action cameras for you to choose from.

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Whicher option you choose, you can be sure of getting the most immersive and exciting POV video footage.

Let’s take a look at the most popular ways to use a chest harness, shoulder mount and various other means to mount your GoPro hero and all other action cameras to your body.

9 Action Camera Body Mount Ideas for Great POV Movies

1. Helmet Mount 

Credit: Brett Sayles

Helmets are required for many extreme sports – that makes them the perfect place to mount your action camera because you don’t need to add any extra gear to capture some amazing POV footage.

Another advantage of the helmet mount is that you can choose different positions to adjust the camera height. You can use a front-facing head mount, a chin mount, a strap mount to position the action camera on top, or a side mount.

A versatile option is an adhesive flat or curved mount. This way, you can easily change the camera’s position on the helmet or even change helmets according to the sport that you’re going to do. All you need is to heat the adhesive – with a hair drier, for example, to detach it and reposition it.

If you don’t feel confident in the adhesive holding up the camera, you can go for a strap helmet mount.

Whatever the case, an action camera head mount that attaches to your helmet gives you the most immersive POV footage which shows the viewer exactly what you are seeing.

Recommended Helmet Mount: SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Mount

2. Action Camera Head Mount (Head Strap)

If your activity doesn’t require the use of a helmet, you can still benefit from the same point of view by using a head strap.

You can get an action camera head mount with adjustable straps to make it comfortable and secure your action camera.

If you have a GoPro Hero, you can buy the GoPro Head Strap and get the Quick Clip, allowing you to easily mount your camera into baseball caps as well.

These head mounts might be compatible with other brands of action cameras too, but check this before you buy them.

Recommended Head Mount: Sametop Head Strap

3. Action Camera Body Mount (Chest Mount Harness)


The chest mount is another popular choice to capture hands-free pov footage with the best GoPro you currently own.

One of the advantages is that it provides more stability than having the action camera on the head (less camera shake leads to higher quality video footage). It’s also quite comfortable to wear with most sports clothing.

On the downside, it’s not suitable for all sports and activities because the view can be easily blocked with your hands or gear that you’re holding.

Also, if you’re doing water sports that require you to use a life jacket, it’s more difficult or even impossible to wear a chest mount harness.

So, while the chest is one of the most steady parts of your body which will help to reduce unwanted camera movement, a chest mount won’t provide you with the greatest angle of view.

Make sure whatever body mount you choose is made from breathable materials, especially if there’s warm weather  – otherwise, it will make your back and chest sweat.

Recommended Chest Mount: Suptig Ajustable Chest Strap

4. Action Camera Backpack Mount

Technically speaking, a backpack mount isn’t an action camera body mount – but it’s close enough so that you can consider it as an option.

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Mounting your action camera to your backpack’s shoulder straps can be pretty convenient because you don’t have to add extra mounts or straps to your body that might feel uncomfortable.

Depending on where you attach it, you can have the point of view of a shoulder mount or a chest mount harness.

Also, by attaching it to the backpack itself instead of the straps, you can film what’s behind you – or take a third-person perspective, for example, if you’re climbing with a partner.

One idea to get better audio quality out of your action camera when using a backpack mount is to clip a mic to the other backpack strap so you can record the audio separately – check out our guide to the best action camera microphone attachments.

Recommended Backpack Strap Mount: Peak Design P.O.V. Kit

5. Mask mount

Finding a body mount to take your action camera underwater isn’t always so easy – you’re already wearing special suits, carrying oxygen tanks on your back, etc.

That’s why a mask mount is ideal for bringing your action camera to your diving or snorkelling adventures. Octomask is one of the most popular dive masks with a built in GoPro mount and a unique a frameless design – it fits all GoPro cameras.

A mask mount is arguably even more immersive (pardon the pun!) than a head mount since it allows you to get the action camera even closer to your eyes, increasing the POV effect.

Recommended Mask Mount: Oktomask Frameless Dive Mask Mount

6. Bite Mount 

A bite mount goes on your mouth – literally, you bite on it to carry your action camera. It’s often used while surfing – in fact, GoPro sells it together with Floaty, a case that keeps your action camera afloat.

It’s also used for parachuting or skydiving, and more recently, by cyclists on Youtube who need to keep both hands on their handlebars while still getting an exciting POV for their video footage.

If you follow any motorcross YouTubers, it’s likely you’ve seen them holding GoPro cameras in their mouths via one of these unusual camera mount systems.

Recommended Bite Mount: GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty

7. Magnetic Mount 

This is one of the most versatile action camera body mounts available. It consists of two magnetic parts that allow you to clamp your action camera to your clothes, baseball cap, gear bag, etc.

This way, you can easily change the angle of view of your footage, leaving you space for any flashlight you may have attached to your action camera.

A magnetic action camera body mount – also called snap mount – is comfortable to wear while riding, skiing, biking or climbing.

SNAP Mount is a great brand, but you can also find other cheaper magnetic body mounts on the market (the option below from Aoeyoo is a good one) – just make sure its lightweight and the magnets are strong enough to support your action camera.

Recommended Magnetic Mount: Aoeyoo Super Snap Magnetic

8. Hand and Wrist Mounts / Straps 

Hand and wrist mounts or straps are some of the most common action camera body mounts. There are floating ones, rotating ones, with adjustable bands and many other variables.

Hand and wrist straps are the perfect body mount to wear your action camera during most outdoor adventures – from hiking to biking, from skydiving to surfing.

They make it easier to adjust your action camera settings while shooting than the other body mounts, since everything is right there on your wrist – just make sure to wear it on your non-dominant hand so you can make adjustments easier.

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Recommended Wrist Mount: GoPro Hand & Wrist Strap Mount

9. Shoulder Mount


When you mount action cameras to your chest using the body mount described above, your hands and arms often get in the way of your video footage. By using your shoulder as a camera mount, this gets rid of this problem. 

You still get an immersive perspective from the shot, but with a shoulder mount, your GoPro Hero (or whatever other action cameras you use) will be away from anything that can block the view.

(You can also film behind you, by rotating the camera in its mount)

The Stuntman 360 shoulder mount uses a 360 degree ball joint design which allows you to point your camera in any direction, adustable with a single thumb screw. You can mount the action camera in four mounting points in front, on top and behind our shoulder.

The camera mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras (including Max and Fusion), as well as other action cameras from Akaso, Apeman, DJI Osmo Action, Garmin, Insta360, ISAW, Olfi, Rollei, Rylo, SJCAM, SpyPoint, Veho, Yi Technology and more.

Recommended Shoulder Mount: Stuntman 360

Action Camera Body Mount FAQs

Do all action cameras have the same mount?

Not necessarily, most action cameras have a 1/4″ mount, but it’s better if you double-check before you buy anything. Keep in mind that the mount size is not the only thing to consider when purchasing a body mount because different brands and models have different designs. Always check which action cameras are compatible with the mount you’re planning to buy.

How do you mount a GoPro without a case?

You can buy an adaptor for mounting your GoPro without the plastic case. There are also frame mounts available on the market to use instead of a case, or you can follow any of the multiple tutorials for DIY mounts published online.

Can I mount a GoPro to a tripod?

Yes – GoPro has a Tripod Mount and a Quick Release Tripod Mount. You can find adapters from other brands and various GoPro alternatives too.

How to hide a GoPro on your body?

You can wear a chest mount under a black jacket or button-down shirt with only the camera visible, but you’ll need to turn off the red recording LED light. It’s also possible to cut a lens hole in the fabric for more discretion.

Final Words

Choosing the right action camera body mount can be almost as difficult as deciding on a camera!

You’ll need to consider the type of sport or activities you want to capture, the angle of view that you’re after, your body type, and of course, make sure it’s compatible with your camera.

Fortunately, body mounts are pretty affordable in most cases, so you can buy a different one for each need.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, I recommend you buy only one that’s more versatile, and one that’s high quality instead of multiple cheap ones.

After all, it’s going to be protecting an expensive camera – you don’t want it to be flying off on the first jump or dive! You’ll probably also want to invest in an action camera protector or case to prevent lens and screen damage.

An action camera body mount is a key accessory to capture fantastic video footage. I hope you found something suitable for your next adventure on this list – please let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.

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