Ana Mireles

Here I am at the Scheveningen ferris wheel taking some bird's-eye-view pictures of the beach.

Hi, my name Ana Mireles and I'm a Mexican photographer and researcher. I discovered my love for photography while studying a bachelor in Science of Communication and I decided to dive into it full time.

After a while I came back to the university. I learned about photography as an artistic and cultural expression. I became passionate about understanding why we photograph what we photograph. 

I love doing photography but I also enjoy seeing it. I often go to museums and exhibitions to get inspired. I'm also a book lover - so, libraries and bookstores are some of my favorite places. 

While I do have a big wish list of equipment, I’m actually the kind of photographer that likes to DIY and maximises their resources. That's also why on my free time you can find me crafting something for my home or my photos. 

Whenever I can, I'm also traveling to discover new locations or revisit some of my favorites ones. 

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