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What Drones are Made in the USA? (2023 Guide)

With the surge in popularity of drones for personal and commercial use in the USA, the desire to purchase American-made drones has also increased.

As drones continue to revolutionize various industries and hobbies, a new wave of American-made drones is capturing the attention of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In this article, we’ll explore the diverse range of American drone manufacturers and their cutting-edge products that are taking the market by storm.

Get ready to discover the versatility and capabilities of these innovative drones, and learn why they are becoming increasingly popular for drone photography, filmmaking, entertainment and commercial use.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore American drone manufacturers and find the best option for US pilots.
  • American drones offer advanced features, exceptional camera quality & obstacle avoidance capabilities.
  • Regulations have increased demand for American made drones with use cases in cinematography, surveillance & commercial applications.

Exploring American Drone Manufacturers


As the demand for high-quality drones grows, American drone manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with a diverse range of unmanned aerial systems.

One such drone manufacturer offers consumer-oriented drones like the Skydio 2 and GoPro Karma Quadcopter, while others focus on commercial and enterprise solutions such as the Vantage Robotics Vesper and Altavian Nova Series.

These American-made drones cater to various needs, including cinematography, mapping, surveillance, and more.

The surge in interest in American-made drones can be attributed to factors such as the US-China trade war and potential national security concerns with foreign-made drones, especially for government agencies.

As a result, the market for American-made drones is expanding, offering an array of options for drone pilots and enthusiasts alike.

Why would you want American Made Drones?

  1. Quality Assurance: some drone pilots believe American-made products offer better quality or durability.
  2. Support Local Economy: Support American businesses and contribute to the local economy.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Certain industries or government contracts may require the use of American-made technology for security or regulatory reasons.
  4. Shipping and Support: Some drone pilots prefer local customer service and faster shipping times.
  5. Patriotism: Drone pilots may want sense of patriotism and prefer to buy products made in their home country.
  6. Concerns about Foreign Tech: Concerns about the use of foreign technology, especially in sensitive applications like drones.

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Consumer-Oriented American Drones

For those who seek recreational drones and cutting-edge technology, American drone companies have developed an impressive lineup of consumer drone options.

With models like the Skydio 2, GoPro Karma Quadcopter, and Parrot Anafi USA, these American-made drones boast exceptional camera quality, ease of use, and advanced features that cater to both novice and experienced drone enthusiasts.

From obstacle avoidance to automated flight paths, these drones offer a range of features that make them unique.

Skydio 2

a blue and white drone with lights on it.

Credit: Dronetto, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Skydio 2 is an American-made drone that stands out for its advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities, 4K camera, and focus on cinematography.

With six 200-degree color cameras working together, the Skydio 2 can theoretically avoid crashes and navigate safely through complex environments.

However, these impressive features come at a cost, as the Skydio 2 is comparatively more expensive than some of its competitors.

Additionally, its range is limited, which may be a consideration for potential buyers.

Despite these drawbacks, the Skydio 2 remains a popular choice for those seeking a feature-rich, American-made drone.

GoPro Karma Quadcopter

a small drone with two propellers on top of it.

Credit: dronepicr, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The GoPro Karma Quadcopter is an American-made drone known for its portability and user-friendly design.

Featuring a removable stabilizer, 12MP camera, and in-built tutorial for beginners, the Karma Quadcopter is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced pilots.

In addition to its ease of use, the GoPro Karma Quadcopter offers four automatic shooting modes that make capturing aerial footage a breeze.

The travel backpack that accompanies the drone ensures easy transportation of the drone, controller, charger, and handheld gimbal grip, emphasizing its portability and convenience.

Unfortunately, the Karma is no longer available at most online retailers, but you can still find older models on eBay and in second hand stores.

Commercial and Enterprise American Drones

For professional applications and industries, American drone companies also offer a variety of commercial and enterprise drones.

The Vantage Robotics Vesper and Altavian Nova Series are examples of drones designed for commercial use, catering to mapping, surveillance, and other professional applications.

These made-in-the-USA drones, including a few drones, showcase the capabilities and versatility of the drones manufactured within the American drone industry.

Vantage Robotics Vesper – Made in the USA


The Vantage Robotics Vesper is a lightweight, American-made drone that boasts a 4K camera with 48x zoom and three-axis stabilization, making it an ideal choice for commercial use.

With impressive low-light capabilities for night operations and a 50-minute flight time, the Vesper drone is well-suited for various professional applications.

At $7,700 for the basic bundle, the Vantage Robotics Vesper is a significant investment.

However, its advanced features and capabilities make it a strong contender in the commercial drone market, especially for businesses seeking reliable and high-quality American-made drones.

Altavian Nova Series – Made in the USA

  The Altavian Nova Series of drones is designed for mapping and data acquisition, offering a 90-minute flight time and the ability to cover large areas in high resolution.

These drones are perfect for professional applications, such as large-scale mapping, surveying, and geomatic data acquisition projects.

One example in the series is the Altavian F7200, a fixed-wing drone that is specifically tailored for large-scale mapping and surveying.

With its impressive capabilities and American-made quality, the Altavian Nova Series is a popular choice for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient drone solution.

Military and Defense American Drones

In the realm of military and defence, American drone manufacturers also offer cutting-edge solutions, such as the Teal Golden Eagle and Lockheed Martin Indago 3.

These drones are designed for surveillance, reconnaissance, and situational awareness, showcasing the capabilities of American-made drones in critical applications.

The Teal Golden Eagle is a multi-mission drone that can be used for a variety of missions.

Teal Golden Eagle – Made in the USA

  The Teal Golden Eagle is a military-grade drone designed for short-range reconnaissance and situational awareness, with a hefty price tag of $15,000.

As an American-made drone, the Teal Golden Eagle is mass-produced in Salt Lake City, Utah, ensuring quality and reliability for its users.

Available for purchase from B&H Photo, the Teal Golden Eagle offers a high-quality, American-made alternative to other military-grade drones on the market.

With its advanced capabilities and domestic production, the Teal Golden Eagle is a strong contender in the military and defense drone market.

Lockheed Martin Indago 3 – Made in the USA


The Lockheed Martin Indago 3 is a military-grade American-made drone designed for surveillance and reconnaissance.

With a price tag of $25,000, the Indago 3 offers advanced capabilities and features to meet the needs of military and defense applications.

Manufactured in Marietta, Georgia, and Palmdale, United States of America, the Indago 3 is a testament to the prowess of American drone manufacturing.

Its capabilities and performance make it a suitable option for various military and defense applications, showcasing the potential of American-made drones in critical situations.

American Drone Hardware Companies

In addition to complete drone solutions, several American drone hardware companies contribute to the industry by providing components and technologies for various drone applications.

Companies such as VantageRobotics, EasyAerial, Sentera, and WiBotic specialize in the development and production of drone hardware, showcasing the diverse landscape of the American drone industry.

These companies play a crucial role in supporting the growth and innovation of the American drone market, as they develop and supply components that make American-made drones even more versatile and capable.

From advanced camera systems to sophisticated charging solutions, these hardware companies help push the boundaries of drone technology and pave the way for future advancements.

The Impact of Regulations on American Drone Manufacturing

Regulations and standards in the US can significantly impact the drone manufacturing industry, with measures such as the Buy American program.

Act requiring federal agencies to prioritize the acquisition of domestic products and services whenever feasible.

This has led to increased demand for American-made drones, stimulating growth in the domestic market.

Recent bans on foreign-made drones, such as the ban on Chinese-made drones in Florida, have also contributed to the growing interest in American-made drones.

These banned drone regulations aim to ensure public safety and facilitate public works agencies, further solidifying the importance of American drone manufacturing in today’s competitive landscape.

Challenges and Opportunities for American Drone Companies

American drone companies face numerous challenges in the competitive landscape, including competition with Chinese manufacturers and market obstacles.

Despite these challenges, there is potential for growth in the American drone industry, with an increasing demand for domestically-produced drones and an emerging market for innovative drone applications.

As the industry continues to evolve, American drone companies have the opportunity to capitalize on their unique strengths and capabilities, such as advanced technology, high-quality manufacturing, and adherence to strict regulations.

By overcoming these challenges, American drone companies can position themselves as leaders in the global drone market and pave the way for a new era of innovation and growth.

Prominent Use Cases for American-Made Drones

American-made drones are versatile and can be employed in a variety of prominent use cases, such as cinematography, mapping, surveillance, and commercial applications.

These examples showcase the capabilities of American-made commercial drones and their potential to revolutionize various industries and hobbies.

From capturing breathtaking aerial footage to performing large-scale mapping and surveying projects, American-made drones offer a range of advantages and capabilities that cater to diverse needs and requirements.

As the market for American-made drones continues to expand, so too do the possibilities for their use in various industries and applications.


In conclusion, the American drone industry is diverse and innovative, offering a range of solutions for various applications and industries.

From consumer-oriented drones like the Skydio 2 and GoPro Karma Quadcopter to commercial and enterprise solutions such as the Vantage Robotics Vesper and Altavian Nova Series, American drone manufacturers are making their mark on the global drone market.

With the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, the potential for growth and innovation in the American drone industry is immense, paving the way for a new era of advanced, versatile, and high-quality drones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which drones are made in the USA?

We can conclude that several USA-based drone manufacturers, such as Aero Systems West, AuterionGS, Robotic Research, Sentera, Ascent Aerosystems, Parrot Anafi USA, and Skydio 2, produce drones for various applications.

These drones are used for a variety of purposes, including aerial photography, surveying, mapping, search and rescue, and more.

They are also used for commercial and recreational purposes.

The drones produced by these companies are designed to be easy to use and reliable.

They come with a variety of features, such as obstacle avoidance, automated flight.

Is there an American drone manufacturer?

Yes, there is an American drone manufacturer.

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight technology.

Skydio leverages breakthrough AI technology to create the world’s most intelligent flying machines.

Is DJI drones an American company?

DJI is not an American company; it is a Chinese Communist drone maker that had been capturing the majority of the U.S. domestic market until recently.

The Department of Defense and many U.S. lawmakers now consider DJI to be a national security threat.

Are exo drones made in America?

No, EXO drones are not made in America.

They are manufactured with partners in Hong Kong and the business is legally owned, operated, and warehoused in the United States.

What are some examples of consumer-oriented American drones?

American drone manufacturers offer a wide range of products designed for consumer use, such as the Skydio 2 and GoPro Karma Quadcopter.

Both drones have impressive features, such as obstacle avoidance and portability, that make them ideal for recreational use.

These drones are designed to be easy to use and provide a great user experience.

They come with intuitive controls and a range of features that make them perfect for capturing stunning aerial footage.

Additionally, they are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for travel.

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