India Mantle

a woman and a little girl standing in a field of sunflowers.

Hi everyone, I'm the Content Manager at Shotkit. Typically, you'll find me working behind-the-scenes, collaborating with brands and our global crew.

I shoot with an iPhone 14 Pro these days, mostly for the convenience of being able to walk out the door with a phone and keys, the three-camera system covers everything I'm photographing. Gone are the days of lugging my Canon EOS around my neck!

I've had the privilege of growing up in Northern NSW, where weekends are filled with the beauty of beaches and countryside.

From a young age, my father would tell me, "One day, you'll realize how fortunate you are to call this place home." That realization has definitely sunk in now!

As a proud and loving mother, I treasure the precious moments I get to spend with my child (why do they grow up so quickly?).

When I'm not glued to my screen, you'll find me tending to my garden or savoring a glass of wine with my close friends.


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