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Best Waterproof Drone in 2023 for Flying in Wet Conditions

A list of the best waterproof flying drones on the market today, as well as DIY tips for making your drone more water resistant and splash proof.

The best waterproof drones will let you fly on rainy days or when you’re near the ocean’s spray.

Some of them even survive a short dip in the water, like when you miscalculate a landing or run out of batteries.

PowerVision PowerEgg X
PowerVision PowerEgg X

Impressive 4k all-weather drone with waterproof housing, water-landing floats and AI face recognition for improved autofocus.

This article will take you through some of the best waterproof drones currently available.

Bear in mind, though, that these aren’t underwater drones – they’re just good in the rain or out in the spray of the ocean.

What is the Best Waterproof Flying Drone in 2023?

Image Product Features
shk2-table__imagePowerVision PowerEgg XBEST OVERALL
  • 30 Minutes of Flight Time
  • 3-Axis 4K60 Stabilizing Gimbal Camera
  • Automatic AI Tracking
  • SyncVoice Real-Time Audio Recording
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shk2-table__imageSwellpro SplashDrone 4GREAT VALUE
  • Withstands Beaufort Force 7 Winds
  • GPS Remote Tracking
  • Smooth+ Adjustable Roll & Yaw
  • 30 Minutes of Flight Time
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shk2-table__imageSwellpro Spry+BEST FOR WATERSPORTS
  • Take Off & Land In The Water
  • Corrosion-Resistant Motor Coating
  • Up to 4K Video & 12MP Images
  • Buoyant
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shk2-table__imageSwellPro Fisherman FD1 Fishing DroneBEST BUDGET
  • Resists Seawater & Winds up to 38 mph
  • Return to Home & Failsafe Return
  • Industrial-Grade ABS Construction
  • Remote with 3" Display Included
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PowerVision PowerEgg X (Best Value Overall)

a small white drone on a green background

  • Sturdy, futuristic design
  • Multiple sensors
  • Extremely stable
  • Splash proof
  • 4k camera
  • Waterproof housing reduces image quality
  • No RAW video options
  • AI tracking relies on visual recognition, no beacon or GPS

The PowerVision PowerEgg X is one of the best waterproof drones for drone lovers who want to fly in the rain or land on water.

It’s a modular device, which means it’s comprised of the egg itself (which is a standalone AI tracking camera), and propeller arms which can be attached to the egg to make it into a drone.

PowerVision has also covered the Egg with sensors, which has great benefits for navigation. One of the perils of flying drones is crashing them into things, and that happens regularly with other drones that don’t have a good range of sensor coverage.

The drone shoots 4K at 60fps, can fly for 30 minutes, and can be operated up to 3.7 miles (6km) away.

But how does it fly? And what of those watery capabilities?

Its heft and aerodynamic qualities give it a solid feel that translates into great stability in the air, even in wind speeds up to 20 knots.

And that stability itself translates into high-quality, stable footage, which certainly can’t be said for all waterproof drones.

Clip-on waterproof housing protects the PowerEgg’s body from rain or splashes, and pontoons can be attached to its legs, enabling it to land on flat water.

It has an IPX rating of IP67, which means it can withstand saltwater splashes.

The PowerVision PowerEgg X is a waterproof drone (or splash drone) for any videographer or cinematographer who feels limited having a drone that can only be operated in calm, dry weather.

Swellpro SplashDrone 4 (Best Fishing Drone)

a SwellPro SplashDrone on a green background

  • Drone waterproof to IP67, controller to IP66
  • Night vision and thermal cameras
  • Can withstand Force 7 winds
  • Powerflip corrects itself in water
  • Payload system (carries up to 2kg!)
  • 4k camera
  • Pretty expensive

The Swellpro SplashDrone 4 is a remarkably strong and rugged piece of equipment. It’s professional-grade and can be used in a variety of commercial, industrial, and personal uses, from coastal surveys and factory inspections to sea fishing.

It has a large, strong airframe, so can be used in windy conditions, while still giving you high-quality, shake-free 4K video.

Its body and remote controller are both waterproof to IP67 and IP66 respectively.

The SwellPro can both land and take off from water, and it also offers something unique, Powerflip: if the drone gets flipped over, by a wave, for example, it can right itself.

It has a 5km flight range, 30 mins flight time, and can whizz along at speeds of up to 60mph.

And despite its high-level features, it’s easy to use. It has Auto Takeoff and can be flown from an app, the same app that can be used to program the drone and fly it on autopilot.

Set a mission for it to fly, log and record the mission, and set the SwellPro up to fly back to you automatically.

The SwellPro SplashDrone 4 also has a waterproof payload release and a one-click payload drop. But what does that mean?

It means it’s a great fishing drone. It can lift up to 2kg and carry up to 25 baits. Not only that, you can use its payload capabilities for a host of other uses, for example, collecting water samples, or acting as a first responder, dropping flotation devices to people in an emergency.

Swellpro Spry+ (Best for Water Sports)

a Swellpro Spry Drone plus accessories on a green background.

  • Powerflip corrects itself in water
  • Waterproof, even saltwater
  • Relatively affordable, given its capabilities
  • Can be paired with FPV goggles
  • Relatively short flight time

The introduction of the SwellPro Spry+ to the market has been a game-changer for drone operators who are into water sports. Surfing, jetfoil surfing, jetskiing; all these can now be filmed up close and personal thanks to this small, orange beauty.

Both the drone and the controller are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. The drone’s motors are anodised and coated to protect against salt water, and the camera has a hydrophobic coating, so your footage will always be clear.

Like the SwellPro SplashDrone 4, it also has Powerflip, so if your drone gets dumped by a wave, it can turn itself over, and take off again from the water.

With its 5.8G video signal, the Spry + can also be paired with any FPV (first-person view) goggles. For a water sports videographer, this opens up a whole new world of footage.

Using FPV, you can be quite aggressive with your shots and angles, and get much closer than you would normally.

And although that sounds like expert piloting (which it is), this drone is not only for the experts. It has four different flight modes ranging from rock-steady, automatic hovering, up to fully manual control.

Another feature that any drone operator will love is the controller’s built-in colour LED display. With this SwellPro there’s no need to attach your phone to the controller, the footage is already right there between your fingertips.

SwellPro Fisherman FD1 Fishing Drone (Best Budget Splash Drone)

a SwellPro Fisherman FD1 Fishing Drone plus remote on a green background

  • Basic and FPV version
  • Lifts up to 2kg
  • Simple to use
  • Return to home feature
  • Pretty limited use case
  • No 4k camera

This drone is basically the SwellPro SplashDrone 4 with all of the features that aren’t necessary for drone fishing taken out.

That means there’s no space here for 4K video, but that’s ok because a drone fisherman or woman doesn’t need this quality, they only need to be able to see what they’re doing.

Like the SplashDrone 4, this device’s waterproof payload system can carry up to 2kg, and it is corrosion-resistant and waterproof up to IP67.

It doesn’t have Powerflip, but that should be fine as it’s meant for dropping bait, not getting close to or landing on water.

On a fully charged battery, it can drop up to 5 baits, and at a range of 600 metres each. Although that’s not its full range, it can be operated up to 1600 metres away.

It’s designed to be extremely stable in windy conditions and also to be very easy to fly. SwellPro knows that users of this drone, need it just to do a couple of things well, and help them enjoy the main thing they’re on the beach for, fishing.

Other Waterproof Drones We Considered

While researching this guide to the best waterproof drones, I came across a few other models which no longer seem to be available.

Although a waterproof fishing drone, a floating drone or a completely waterproof drone for surf photography may seem like good ideas, they’re still niche products, and perhaps the demand wasn’t there.

However, just in case you can still find them available, here are some more waterproof drones to consider:

Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone

These waterproof drones are pretty hard to come by, as it looks like production has been discontinued. You might be able to pick one up second-hand online though.

It looks like a cross between a boat and an aquaplane (which makes sense as it has both aquatic and flight modes) and can be controlled from your phone. I guess I’d classify it as a toy drone.

The mini VGA camera will give you some footage at least, but the main thing you’re going to enjoy about it is using it to zoom around still water, or taking off the mini drone to fly it alone in the dry air.

HexH2O Pro V2

This drone was manufactured by Quad H20, a company that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. So this could be difficult to get your hands on.

But if you do, this is what you’ll get:

A drone that looks like it was ahead of its time, containing many of the features (4K video, a payload system, GPS, and more), we take for granted in today’s drones.

It uses high-quality DJI cameras, is fully waterproof and can land and take off from water.

Just know though, it retailed at around $6000, so if you do find one, even second hand it’s not going to be cheap!

Swellpro SplashDrone 3

Another discontinued drone, that you’ll need to find second-hand, the SwellPro SplashDrone 3 was replaced by the SplashDrone 4 reviewed earlier in the article.

As an earlier model, it’s not as advanced. It’s less waterproof, has slightly less flight time, and significantly less range.

It still shoots 4K video though, so if you can find one, and are happy with the specs, it could be a good, more affordable introduction to the SwellPro range.

JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone

Although JJRC looks like they’re very much still manufacturing a wide variety of drones, this waterproof one doesn’t seem to be in their range any more.

It’s a small, light, quadcopter splash drone, and weighs in at around 73g. You can fly it for around ten minutes, and up to a distance of 250 feet.

The JJRC H31 is a lot of fun to fly. You can make it do flips and sharp turns at high speeds. While it’s definitely not for the pros, it’d put a smile on anyone’s face.

Goolsky JJRC H31 Quadcopter

This quadcopter drone is very similar to the JJRC above in terms of specs. It’s extremely cheap, very robust, and has three speed modes, so it’s ideal for anyone learning to use a drone.

Although it doesn’t seem to be manufactured these days, I’ve seen a fair few of them lurking around eBay, so if you want to pick one up you should be able to quite easily.

ProDrone PD4-AW Quadcopter

This is an interesting piece of equipment. On the ProDrone site, it’s categorised as a ‘Concept Model’. There doesn’t seem to be any way of buying it from the site, nor anywhere else, maybe there’s a guestlist?

Anyway, it looks like a pro-level drone, somewhat similar to the SwellPro SplashDrone 4. Except that this guy is twice as beefy and can carry a payload of around 4kg.

Like the SplashDrone 4, too, you can set waypoints to make the drone fly on autopilot, picking up footage on the way.

Apart from this though, spec details are thin on the ground. We don’t know the price, we don’t know the full range of its capabilities. Mysterious.

How to Choose a Waterproof Drone

The only way to choose is to figure out what you need it for. Do you need to get close to your subject with FPV goggles? Are you surveying a coastline? Or do you need it for fishing?

Here are the main factors to consider when looking for the best waterproof drone for your needs:

  1. Waterproof Rating: This is a measure of how well the drone can withstand water exposure and immersion. If you ned a drone that can actually be submerged in water for exampler, look for a waterproof drone with a high waterproof rating, such as IP67, which means the drone can withstand water immersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.
  2. Durability: Consider the overall durability of the drone. Look for drones with sturdy construction and reinforced frames that can withstand rough handling and crashes whether on land or in water. Parts that don’t corrode in sea water are also essential.
  3. Camera Quality: Although waterproof drones may sacrifice camera quality for protection in the wet, try and opt for a drone with a high-resolution 4k camera that can capture clear and detailed images and videos.
  4. Flight Performance: Look for waterprtoof drones with stable flight control, good maneuverability, and long battery life. Some pilots may prefer to use FPV goggles for an immersive flying experience.
  5. Size and Portability: If you intend to travel a lot without a vehicle, you’ll want a waterproof drone that’s lightweight and compact for easy transportation and storage.
  6. Price: Waterproof drones can be more expensive than regular drones, so make sure to choose one that fits your budget and provides good value for money. Read plenty of online reviews to ascertain the longevity of the drone, written by someone who has submerged the drone in water several times.

What Is an IP Rating?

IP Rating stands for ‘Ingress Protection’. This means it tells you how protected an enclosure is against any kind of intrusion.

An IP Rating has two digits, the first refers to solids, and the second to liquids. Zero is the lowest amount of protection, six is the highest for solids and eight for liquids.

For example, an IP rating of 67, which is common for a top-level splash drone, means it’s 100% dust-proof and can be submerged in water of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

How Can I Make My Drone Waterproof?


The easiest way is to find out if your drone is compatible with a ‘drone wetsuit’. There is a range of these on the market for a variety of brands, and it could be enough for you.

The other way is to pretty much completely disassemble your drone and waterproof its interior and electric parts with a silicone coating. But you really need to know what you’re doing. It would be very easy to irreparably damage your drone.

The waterproof coating can protect the drone’s internal components from water damage and prevent water from seeping into the drone’s electronics.

You van also use silicone sealant to seal any gaps or openings in the drone’s body. This will prevent water from entering through any openings and damaging the drone’s electronics.

However, the best thing if you want a drone that can survive the odd dunk in water, is to buy a waterproof drone.


Are drones waterproof?

Generally, they’re not. If a drone doesn’t say it’s splashproof, waterproof, or that it’s an underwater drone, it’s not a waterproof drone, so don’t take it out in the rain, and don’t fly it along a river.

Are any DJI drones waterproof?

The only genuinely waterproof drone that DJI make is the Matrice 30, which is specifically designed for high winds, heavy rain, and high altitudes.

You’ll need to pay $10,000 to have one though!

How waterproof is my drone?

Your drone is not waterproof. Believe me, it’s not. There are very few waterproof drones, and they are only waterproof if they say they are.

The ones in this guide are, or they’re at least splashproof.

Look carefully at the IP Rating when shopping for waterproof drones.

Do I need to buy any additional accessories for my waterproof drone?

Not to make them waterproof. But there are other accessories if you need them.

Is there a drone you can fly in the rain?

All of the waterproof drones listed in this guide can be flown in the rain.

Is there a drone that floats?

All of the waterproof drones in this guide can float, and some of them can even flip themselves over in the water.

Is there a drone that can land on water?

The PowerEgg can land on calm water. If you want to land on rougher water, SwellPros are the drones to go for.

What happens if my drone gets wet?

If it’s a waterproof drone, nothing. If it’s any other drone, you’re setting it on the rocky path to ruin.

Final Words on the Best Waterproof Drones

So I hope now you have a good idea of some of the waterproof drones you could consider if you want to fly in inclement conditions.

There are some really rugged ones out there, so I think, if you’re serious about flying in the wet, nothing is stopping you.

So put on your rainjacket, make sure your batteries are charged and get out into the elements and hit record!

PowerVision PowerEgg X
PowerVision PowerEgg X

Impressive 4k all-weather drone with waterproof housing, water-landing floats and AI face recognition for improved autofocus.

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