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Me in my happy place- the city of Varanasi

I'm Yatharth Gupta, a photographer, writer, and blogger based in India.

My genre is portrait and travel photography and I love to visit places and walk for hours with my camera in hand. At times, I'm also drawn to the spontaneous authenticity of street photography.

Recently, in Jan 2023, I started a year-long daily self-portrait project to explore myself and also learn the intricacies of light and expression.

My journey started with a digital point-and-shoot in college. I then moved to a DSLR but recently switched to a lightweight mirrorless system.

You'll always find my Fuji X-E4 by my side with the versatile XF27mm.

When not shooting or writing, I spend time reading, exploring art, watching movies, or learning something new.

I always look forward to conversations with fellow photographers and artists of all disciplines. So, don't hesitate to say Hi! You can connect with me on any of the links below.

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