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15 Best Photography Magazines to Read in 2023

Print and digital photography magazines are great for inspiration and learning new skills. Here are the best ones to subscribe to this year.

We all need a spark of inspiration from time to time, especially now when trying times lie ahead for creatives.

To give this spark a little more brightness, I’ve put together a list of the best photography magazines out there for you to explore when you’re tired of watching photography movies on Netflix!

In the collection below you’ll be able to find a little something for everyone – from those of you who are into nature and outdoor photography to professional photographers in the wedding or portrait space.

They also cover different styles. There’s more than one magazine below whose focal point is the raw documentary style, or if you prefer the art of polished fashion photography, this list has also got you covered.

So let’s jump in and check out (in no particular order) the best photography magazines from around the world.

15 Best Photography Magazines in 2023

1. Capture Magazine

Capture is one of Australia's most popular photography magazines.

Capture is one of Australia’s most popular photography magazines for advanced learners and people who consider themselves serious hobbyists.

It’s packed with useful information on gear related topics, events, upcoming workshops and photo competitions.

One of the sections that I personally find quite beneficial is called “Advice “– here you can browse through a number of high-quality articles which will help you upgrade your knowledge base significantly.

The magazine offers both print and digital subscription plans, with prices depending on your location. Check their website for more details.

2. Outdoor Photographer Magazine

one of the best magazines for outdoor photography articles and images

Outdoor Photographer is a popular American nature photography magazine which gets published 11 times a year (they combine the January and February issue together).

This magazine is a top-notch option if you’re a nature’s child and you love taking your camera out for adventures.

It focuses on photography genres that are directly related to the great outdoors such as: Landscape, Wildlife, Sports and even Macro photography.

What I personally find very helpful with this particular magazine is that they have a section called “On Location”.

Here you’ll be able to find recommended places which have enchanting charisma and are perfect for capturing a breathtaking landscape photo.

Similar to Rotor Drone, Outdoor Photographer Magazine also offers to its readers both digital and print editions.

You have quite of few options when it comes to subscriptions depending on which part of the world you’re currently located at (check them out on their website).

Outdoor Photographer also accepts photo submissions.

3. British Journal of Photography

One of the best photography magazines for photo pro and serious shooters

British Journal of Photography has its roots deep in history: It was founded back in 1854 and it’s still functioning today.

In fact, the journal is known as “the world’s oldest and most influential photography title,” and it’s home to some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

If you’re keen on the documentary and the fine art genres, you’ll be intrigued to have a look at this hub for contemporary photography.

The printed journal itself is a beautiful, ad-free, bi-monthly publication, with each issue dedicated to a different theme. You can be assured that each theme is compelling, timely, and highly relevant to the world we live in.

These days, the journal falls under the umbrella of digital company 1854, so if you subscribe to the magazine you can also get access to all of 1854’s unique digital content as well. There’s a range of different plans available starting from a free plan up to full access at only £10.42 per month.

The full access plans also give you free entry to all of the journal’s awards and priority application to 1854 Commissions. It’s definitely worth checking out.

4. Better Photography Magazine

Better Photography Magazine is one of the best photography magazines for digital photography articles

This one is an Australian photography magazine which can be an interesting read for professional photographers and for beginners. Better Photography puts an emphasis on education, workshops, capture and post-production.

If you’d like to get access to the full online subscription which includes a quick entry ticket to all issues published since autumn 2009, the price is AU$49.80 per year and AU$79.80 if you’re located outside Australia.

You can also take advantage of a few courses and masterclasses listed on their website. One of them which seems quite intriguing is Peter Eastway’s Landscape Master Class – if you’re into this type of photography it’s something to check out.

5. Amateur Photographer Magazine

Best photography magazines: Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photography is a British magazine which is one of the few which gets published once every week.

It’s a bit hard to believe that this magazine is more than 130 years old! One of the founders was Alfred Stieglitz who was one of the most renowned photographers of his time.

Its name suggests that it’s orientated towards amateur photographers, but in reality, more advanced learners can also benefit from its content significantly.

Some of the magazine’s regular features are quite interesting to read – like the Reader Spotlight, where readers can submit up to 10 images (they could be on film or digital). A selection of the best ones is made by the editors and published each week which is great exposure for the authors. Also, the “Editor’s choice” gets paid £50.

Amateur Photography offers annual subscriptions to their print issues, or you can opt for a digital option. Prices differ depending on where you are in the world, so check out their website for all the details.

6. Exit Magazine

Best magazines for art photography: EXIT magazine.

Exit is a magazine that was founded twenty years ago by the art director Mark Jubber and the editor/photographer Stephen Toner. Its main objectives are photography, fashion and art.

Exit is a bi-annual magazine that’s highly inspirational and uniquely positioned. By following it you can get yourself familiar with the world’s most talented photographers, and you’ll surely be able to find names you haven’t heard of before but which are worth paying attention to.

From creative photomontages to stunning documentary portraits, you can see different photography genres between the print and digital pages.

Each physical issue has a hardback cover and a collection value – the new one can be purchased now at a discount, for £20.

7. Black+White Photography Magazine

Best photography magazines: Black&White

If you’re drawn to the monochrome aesthetics and you love black & white photography, then you may find this magazine to be the perfect match for you. It covers a wide range of genres including still life, portraiture, documentary, street and landscape.

B+W also contains featured interviews with influential figures in the world of contemporary photography. In this section, you can find both leading names and emerging artists.

The magazine was launched in 2001 to be a constant source of inspiration for photographers who value creativity and it’s still following its objectives almost 20 years later.

It’s also known for having developed strong communities on Instagram and Twitter, so you can also have a look at those platforms if you’d like to follow Black+White.

Purchasing an issue costs £26.95 for a hard copy and you can also take advantage of ordering a digital version via Pocketmags (which can be read on any digital device).

8. Aperture Magazine

Apterture Magazine has articles and shoots for inspiring your print or digital photography skills

This one is a true legend among photography magazines around the world. The first issue was published back in 1952 and some of the names involved were the famous Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange.

Aperture is now published four times a year and it features images by well-established artists and by emerging photographers.

Like most of the photography magazines nowadays this one also offers an option for a digital copy – it’s basically included in all the subscription models they offer.

The first option that you have is Print + Archive + Digital Edition (plus unlimited access to Aperture’s online archive) for US$110 per year. The second one is Print + Digital Edition for US$75 per year and the third is Archive + Digital Edition for US$59.95 per year (the last option is also available monthly for US$9.99).

9. Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo Magazine is a great magazine for photographers to subscribe to

This magazine is one of the best ones out there aimed at newbies and amateur photographers. It has a full arsenal of articles that focus on tutorials, gear reviews, and “how-to” guides.

Digital Photo Magazine is owned and run by the same people who are behind the publishing of Outdoor Photographer (which we mentioned above).

If you check their official website you’ll see a section called “Contests” – in this one you can find information about a few different photography competitions to enter if you’d like to try!

If you want to subscribe to Digital Photo, you’ll also be getting the Outdoor Photographer magazine. They offer yearly subscription models which start at around US$15 per year.

10. Shutter Magazine

best photography magazines for fashion

Shutter is a photography magazine created in 2011 which is mainly focused on providing photography education.

They’re aimed at wedding and portrait photographers in general,  so if you’re one of them, you might find it a very interesting read.

Shutter is made by photographers for photographers and among its collection of articles you’ll be able to find gems such as “bringing client concepts to life” or “getting started in destination photography”.

It’s really more orientated towards professionals than towards amateur photography so keep this in mind when assessing if it’s suitable for you.

Their online version is free of charge – a great source of knowledge for many photographers. The paper version can be purchased as an annual subscription for US$49.

11. Practical Photography Magazine

Practical Photography magazine features articles and shoots to inspire the digital photographer

Practical Photography is a good option if you feel like you fit more within the beginner group of photographers.

Here you can find lots of gear review to help you determine which is the best piece of equipment you need.

As the name of the magazine itself suggests, it concentrates on the practical aspect of photography which is closely related to gear – camera bodies, lenses, computing and accessories are just a few of the categories available for you to check out.

Practical Photography offers print and digital copies. The print version costs £55.20 for an annual subscription, with a new issue published every month.

If you’d like to purchase the digital copy, the price is £27.80 per year. You also happen to have a third option which combines the previous two – for print and digital together you’ll need to pay £65.20 every year.

12. Professional Photographer Magazine

Magazines best for professional photographers: Professional Photographer Magazine.

Professional Photographer is an American photography magazine which focuses its creative energy towards reaching an audience who are not complete beginners. It’s been around for quite a long time and it’s definitely a source of useful information when it comes to the business side of things.

At the moment they have quite a few interesting articles following the current situation and offering ideas to those of us who are restricted and have to spend the majority of their time at home.

As well as business tips and tricks you’ll be able to find great images for inspiration in the “Galleries” section. There’s no limit to the photography genres – you can find everything from teen portraits to wildlife photography to wedding photo shoots.

Professional Photographer has both digital and paper editions and they offer subscription models for US, Canada and the rest of the world.

The prices start from US$19.95 for 12 issues (either print or digital). For people who don’t live in US or Canada, they only offer a digital version of the magazine for the same price.

13. The Exposed Magazine

the exposed art photography magazine

This magazine is created in Copenhagen and it’s a real gem for people who perceive photography more as an art form than anything else.

The Exposed goes beyond the printed page, as the founders claim. It only exists in a print version, but it also has extra multimedia content associated with it.

How can you find this extra content? There’s an app that you can download which unlocks this additional experience for you.

It’s definitely a contemporary approach and it captures the reader’s attention right away. The app has exactly the same name as the photography magazine itself so it’s really easy to find it, download it and give it a try.

This is an interesting project which is yet to unfold itself fully. If you’re also a supporter of the unconventional ways media can develop these days, this magazine might be the perfect match for you!

14. Pylot Magazine

Best photography magazines: Pylot

This is one of the magazines for photographers who have a rebellious spark and like to question norms and established standards.

It was founded in London and it revolves around the genre of fashion photography.

The founders of Pylot Magazine are firmly against beauty retouching when it comes to fashion photography. They prefer the more natural approach which excludes post-editing when done as sugarcoating.

In this art photography orientated magazine you’ll find images that are all-analogue.

As the founder Max Barnett states in one of his interviews, Pylot was created to influence and leave a mark; it was never meant to please all the readers out there.

Pylot magazine has both a printed edition and a website with a lovely minimalistic design. It’s great for people who want to take a break from digital photography and see something different.

15. Rotor Drone Pro Magazine

Best photography magazines: Rotor Drone Pro

Drones are becoming more and more popular these days and the demand for aerial images is growing constantly. If you’re into this photography genre, then you should definitely check out Rotor Drone Pro Magazine.

This is the first magazine of its kind and it focuses on a wide range of topics: from gear reviews to inspiring interviews with people who are aircraft masters.

It’s also suitable for beginners as it offers useful information on getting started. Budget-friendly machines that you can use to learn the basics and tips on battery life, for example, are topics you’ll find covered.

Rotor Drone Pro has both digital and print versions to choose from. You can also opt for having them both – a printed copy for your collection and a digital copy for convenience of use.

There are 3 main subscription models: 1 year print and digital for US$34.95 (you save 27%), 1 year digital subscription for exactly the same price and 2 years print and digital for US$59.95 (you save 37%).

Final words

While there’s a wealth of information and inspiration for photographers floating around on the web, it can be overwhelming.

Photography magazines are a great option because they bring you a carefully curated selection of content that you know will fit your specific style or niche. Or to put it another way – sometimes less is more!

Hopefully you’ve found something on this list that appeals to you. If you have any other favorite photography magazines to add, please share them in the comments below!

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