25 Best Photography Podcasts in 2023 (Organised by Type)

Discover the most inspirational, educational, and all-round entertaining photography podcasts to listen to on Spotify and iTunes this year.

Here’s a list of the best photography podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, and all the other popular audio platforms.

I’ll share some of my favorite photography podcasts divided by category so you can easily find one that interests you.

As photographers, we need to stay updated about current trends, the latest gear, and all the other photography-related topics.

Listening to photography podcasts is an excellent way to do it, especially if you like multi-tasking like I do!

(If you’re more into video creation, our guide to the best filmmaking podcasts will be more up your alley.)

Let’s take a closer look at the recommendations.

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25 Best Photography Podcasts in 2023 (Organised by Genre)

Whether you’re an enthusiast eager to learn about the life stories of your favorite photographers, or a beginner wanting to go pro, there’s an ideal podcast for you.

You can find anything from a top photographer commenting on their latest fashion shoot to a retired photography professor talking about history and film photography.

At the top, you’ll find the best photography podcasts that talk about photography in general. They’re great for beginner photographers who want to know everything from finding your style to digital photography tutorials.

Then, I dedicated a section to the podcasts about building a business around your photography. You won’t find episodes about gear or technical skills in most of them. Instead, they talk about marketing, dealing with the client, pricing your work, etc.

Finally, I separated the podcasts by type of photography, covering some of the most popular genres. I hope you enjoy them!

What are the Best Photography Podcasts for Beginners?

1. The Beginner Photography Podcast

The Beginner Photography Podcast is a show hosted by Raymond Hatfield. He believes photography should be available to everyone. That’s why he created this free, twice-weekly podcast.

In each episode, he invites a professional photographer to share their knowledge and experience. The podcast is interactive, so you can ask questions or get feedback.

The show is available on all the leading platforms, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts.

2. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography is a podcast hosted by Ted Forbes about all photography-related topics. You can learn everything from techniques, composition, history, digital and film photography.

Three episodes are released every week on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can find The Art of Photography on iTunes or look for the YouTube channel.

Forbes often launches photo challenges in coordination with talented photographers on social media. He then features the best submissions.

3. B&H Photography Podcast

B&H is one of the biggest photo and video retailers in the US. Through their channel eXplora, Allan Weitz hosts one of the best photography podcasts you can find.

This podcast has a very freestyle format. You can find episodes about photography news, gear reviews, practical tips, current exhibitions, and museums, among other things. Professional photographers are often invited to talk about their work or creative process.

4. The Candid Frame

The Candid Frame is a photography podcast hosted by Ibarionex Perello. For over six hundred episodes, he’s invited some of the most successful photographers in the business to discuss everything related to the photography world.

The Candid Frame is free; you can find it on YouTube or Apple Podcasts. However, you can donate via PayPal or support The Candid Frame on Patron.

5. The Great Big Photography World

This isn’t specifically a beginner photography podcast. Instead, it’s for the entire photographic community looking for inspiration regardless of their field.

In the Great Big Photography World, you’ll find interviews with top photographers – sometimes even cinematographers and other artists.

6. Mastering Portrait Photography

This is one of the few portrait photography podcasts out there. However, most episodes can be helpful for all beginners and established photographers.

Here you can find podcasts about dealing with fatigue or how to kick off the year when the media and everything around us look so negative.

Of course, you’ll also get some technical and gear-related episodes, whether they discuss the transition to mirrorless cameras or the best color correction tools.

In the show, you’ll find emerging photographers and established ones. Some are street or wedding photographers, while others deal with fine art photography and discuss participating in and winning contests.

In other words, you don’t need to be a portrait photographer to enjoy and learn from this podcast.

What are the Best Photography Business Podcasts?

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7. Photobiz Xposed

Photobiz Xposed is a great photography podcast for learning how to build a profitable business. The show is hosted by Andrew Hellmich, Australia’s most awarded wedding photographer.

However, the show is not just about these photo genres – it’s about building a commercially successful photography business.

You can hear the personal stories directly from the pros that he interviews. This will help you to learn about proven strategies and start making a living out of your passion for photography.

Listen to the episodes that sound more interesting to you, or take a short quiz and let him suggest you some podcasts to get you started.

To complement this podcast about business, Hellmich also hosts a show about the creative process called the Photo Xperiment Podcast. Here, he interviews other photographers to understand how they do what they do.

8. Six Figure Photography Podcast

As the name indicates, this podcast is about building a successful business where you can make six figures as a commercial photographer.

According to its creator – Ben Hartley, this project is “the podcast I wished I had when I started.” Here you can find episodes that help you overcome the impostor syndrome and others that advise you on dealing with clients.

In other words, the Six Figure Photography Podcasts cover topics that are helpful to all photography businesses regardless of genre or location.

9. The Portrait System 

Nikki Closser hosts the Portrait System Podcast, where she interviews other photographers to learn about their successful portrait photography businesses.

In this weekly photography podcast, you can expect to hear about money, branding, contact with clients, and more.

It’s dedicated to everyone who wants to build a successful portrait photography business. However, most advice can be applied to any photography business today.

10. Focus (ed) Podcast

This isn’t a traditional photography podcast. It’s a podcast dedicated to small creative businesses looking to succeed.

The host is Cinnamon Wolfe, and she has a Bible-centered approach to business coaching. She’s also a photo editor, so the podcast mainly focuses on photography.

11. The Photo Opp Podcast: Finding Opportunity in Photography

This photography podcast hosted by Megan Breukelman is meant to help photographers grow their businesses.

Whether you’re a food photographer or prefer fashion photography, this podcast is for you if you’re making a living out of your images.

The last episode aired in 2021, unfortunately. Some topics are timeless, such as curating a photography portfolio. Others are time sensitive, such as social media channels. However, even for the latter, the show is still current. Her last episodes are about marketing on TikTok.

12. Workflows

a screen shot of a web page for a photographer.

Workflows is a podcast about saving you time and money in your photography business.

It’s produced by Imagen, a company that provides AI post-production to photographers so they can spend more time, talent and energy doing more of what they love.

Each episode of the Workflows podcast dives into workflows and strategies from in-camera to business, editing, and post-session.

13. Careers 2.0 by Sellfy


a man with glasses and a microphone in front of a neon sign.

Although not strictly a photography podcast, Sellfy features successful creators who have together made over $100,000,000 in total revenue… all from selling online.

It teaches you how to better monetize your creative talents directly from pursuing your passion (whether photography or otherwise), to earn a better living through a content-driven business.

Recent guests include popular YouTube photographer Jared Polin from FroKnowsPhoto, sharing some top tips on building a following on the platform.

What are the Best Landscape Photography Podcasts?

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14. The Landscape Photography Podcast

The Landscape Photography Podcast is a show dedicated to landscape and travel photography. It’s hosted by Nick Page, who teaches workshops around the world – especially in the Pacific Northwest.

You can subscribe to this podcast on some of the most popular platforms for all devices. Otherwise, you can follow Nick Page on his YouTube channel.

You’ll find podcast episodes about planning your photo trips, publishing photo books, shooting in bad weather, and other related topics.

15. Light Minded 

Light Minded is a landscape photography podcast hosted by Christian Fletcher and Carwyn. This is one of the top photography podcasts on nature and landscape.

After a quick glance over the episode titles, you’ll surely find something that piques your interest. It has very appealing topics such as ‘Is the rule of thirds actually necessary?’ or ‘why PS is suboptimal in certain areas (it sucks).’

Other episodes are about photography skills, such as improving your drone photography or using your tripod.

This is definitely one of the photography podcasts worth listening to by all aspiring landscape photographers.

16. F-Stop Collaborate & Listen

This is a photography podcast hosted by fine art photographer Matt Payne.

The main focus of the show is nature and landscape photography. He hosts photographers, artists, and industry insiders weekly to discuss it.

You can learn all about project inspiration, workflow, marketing, and other aspects of landscape photography. Whether you’re a professional photographer trying to run a business or a passionate enthusiast taking the first steps, this photography podcast can be very helpful.

What are the Best Street Photography Podcasts?

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17. This Week in Photo – Street Photography episodes


This Week in Photo is one of the best general photography podcasts. However, if you’re into street photography, you’ll find some amazing episodes here.

In each episode, Frederick van Johnson interviews photographers on a specific topic. Regarding street photography, there are a lot of choices.

You can find episodes regarding photography advice, such as Panoramic Street Photography with Walter Rothwell. However, you can also find others where several guests discuss topics such as ethics in street photography.

18. Street Photography Magazine Podcast

Street Photography Magazine is a digital publication dedicated to street and documentary photography. It also has a monthly newsletter and a podcast. The episodes are released twice a month.

Each episode features interviews with talented street photographers sharing photography tips. You can buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

(See more of the best photography magazines.)

What are the Best Wildlife Photography Podcasts?

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19. Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer. So, even if the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast talks about the photography industry in general, you’ll find it particularly interesting if you’re into wildlife photography yourself.

This weekly podcast is one of the longest-running photography shows, as it’s been available since 2005. Each episode is released as a blog post on his website. However, if you listen to it on iTunes, you can see the images he references displayed on your iOS device.

Android users can find MP3 files with Chapter information since episode 590. So, you can see the images displayed on most audio players.

20. Nature Photography Secrets Podcast

This was one of the best photography podcasts on nature and wildlife photography. Unfortunately, they recently aired the final episode.

Nonetheless, you can listen to the episodes and learn very valuable photography tips from professional photographers.

The topics range from technical skills like Understanding Sensor Data & ISO Invariance Using DXO Mark to soft skills like Award-Winning Photographer Chase Dekker Shares How to Create Variety in Your Images.

What are the Best Sports Photography Podcasts?

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21. Your Photography Podcast

This is one of the best photography podcasts for sports photography enthusiasts. While there are a few episodes about wedding or portrait photography, the host – Adam Phillips, is an adventure sports photographer.

From Phillips and his guests, you can learn about working with clients and brands as well as photographing athletes and their families.

In other words, this photography podcast will give you tips on running a photography business focusing on the sports world.

22. We Shoot Sports

This podcast is all about the sports photography world and is hosted by Jenna Miller. Unfortunately, the last episode was broadcasted at the end of 2020.

It’s still worth listening to the episodes to learn from the pros featured in the show.

What are the Best Wedding Photography Podcasts?

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23. Wedding Photo Hangover

This is a useful and fun photography podcast for professional wedding photographers.

The last episode was released a little over a year ago. However, anyone shooting weddings can benefit from listening to any of the episodes.

If you’re looking to hear photography tutorials, this isn’t going to be very helpful. Instead, it covers real-life situations you can face when running a wedding photography business. You’ll find an episode about being a wedding photographer while pregnant and another about being stalked by the bridesmaid.

Each topic is discussed by professional wedding photographers with a lot of humor – definitely worth listening to.

24. This is Reportage

This is Reportage is a wedding photography podcast where pro photographers share tips and experiences in a laid-back manner.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s also about family photography. So, it might interest portrait photographers as well.

In its weekly format, they alternate the guests – one week is a family portrait photographer, and the next is a wedding photographer.

Generally speaking, they share their backstories, editing tips, and even their Netflix binges.

25. Wedding Photography Podcast

Aida Glowick hosts this photography podcast. She’s a wedding photographer based in the small German city of Constance and specializes in intimate weddings and elopements.

The idea behind the show is to help overwhelmed photographers cope with everything this career path entails. Her philosophy is that gaining clarity, simplifying, and implementing an action plan is the key to a thriving business.

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