Carlos Santanatalia

Wedding | Last Updated: February 25, 2022

I have been in this incredible profession for six years and I hope to have many more years if am physically able.

I started in this amazing world after my sister’s wedding. I could see that the photographers had a great time – they felt very happy working! A few months later I began to learn to take photos and get to know the world of wedding photography.


– 2 x Nikon D750 – I previously had Canon cameras but my bad experiences with Canon 5D Mark II models were not solved despite buying the Canon 5D Mark III model, which in my opinion is a great camera but it was not enough. So I decided to buy Nikon for its ergonomics and for its RAW files.

I use two cameras because I like to work with two focal lengths so as not to waste time changing lenses.


I use these two lenses for their good value for money.

– Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G ED – The 35mm has good focusing speed and high image quality.

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4– I love the 85mm model for a large part of the day because it has a beautiful blur. The color of the latter is really beautiful. Good coworkers ;)


– Nikon SB-910 and MagMod starter flash kit- In my opinion, this is a very heavy flash and very expensive. My coworker works with a YN 560 IV. I have tried it and I have not found any difference. Next season I will work with this YN.

– YN 622N TX – This transmitter is very easy to use and works perfectly, but I am thinking of changing my flash to a model with the receiver in the flash, which should work just as well.

HDV-Z96 – I would recommend a different led panel. This one in particular I bought it because I had to record a party in a bar with black walls and there was very little light. I went to a store in the city center and bought the first one I saw.


– Lowepro Hatchback 22L AW blue – Good bag, very strong and large, with a pocket on the back side to protect the cameras. It also has a rain cover (see guide). I’ve always been in love with bags with a mountain look.


– Zeadio Mini trípode de Metal – I do not use it often, but in some moments it is very good to work lying on the ground. I used it more when working on videos for companies.

Hardware & Software

– I edit all my photos with Lightroom, and the best ones I also work in Photoshop. All the photos I deliver are edited. I do not understand this work without editing – the photo is shot with a feeling that the camera does not understand. Editing brings out that feeling.


My only energy on the wedding day: Sleep well the day before and drink several Cokes at the wedding.

I want to thank the Shotkit team for contacting me for this. I also want to encourage all people who like wedding photography to get to know this incredible world!

And to those who already work in the world of weddings, I would say them to continue working hard so that our profession grows.

I promise you that our work is really incredible. At the wedding this Saturday we had an accident with the bride’s car, there was a tattoo artist putting tattoos on the guests, and two girls were asked for marriage at the party. What more could you want? | @csantanatalia

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