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A Comprehensive Overview of Depositphotos

Depositphotos is much more than just a stock photo library. In this article we take a look at all its various features that can help you this year.

Depositphotos offers a comprehensive library of royalty-free content covering a wide range of formats, from affordable stock photos and vector images to 4K video clips, music, and sound effects.

Established in 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev, the company boasts over 200 million files available to creative professionals and is one of the fastest-growing photobanks in the world.

Currently owned by the parent company Vistaprint, it reaches a global user base and services a range of subsidiaries, including Bird in Flight, Crello, and Focused Collection.

Let’s break down the resources and assets delivered by Depositphotos in more detail, covering the main features you can expect, the pricing options, and the many benefits of setting up a subscription.

Features of Depositphotos

DepositPhotos main features

There are a number of excellent features you can access through a Depositphotos membership that can help you to create fresh and innovative visual imagery for a wide range of media projects.

The service includes over 250 million files, including royalty-free images, vectors, illustrations, music, and videos, all handily categorized into thematic collections to make them easier to find.

It’s a fully searchable platform, offering advanced search tools to help narrow down the presented results, as well as a reverse image search tool to bring up visually similar images based on any photograph.

Let’s break down the key features of Depositphotos in more detail.

Royalty-free stock photos

DepositPhotos stock photo categories

Bloggers, freelancers, and business owners who need to access an extensive selection of royalty-free stock photos will find everything they need in the Depositphotos archives.

In addition to the intuitive search feature, the service breaks down its library into several categories, including Abstract & Backgrounds, Holidays, Landscape & Nature, and Business & City.

These carefully curated themes and topics enhance the functionality of the site by allowing creatives to jump straight to the content that matches their needs and browse millions of images.

DepositPhotos stock photo search tools

Vector art and graphics

DepositPhotos vector art categories

Depositphotos has complemented its vast library of stock photos with a rich collection of professionally produced vector art and graphics, which are all available for commercial use.

Clip art and illustrations are also available in high-quality files and can be used to take your online and offline projects to the next level with exciting and original visuals.

Royalty-free stock footage in high definition

DepositPhotos stock footage categories

Video content creators can take advantage of the large library of royalty-free video files on offer through the Depositphotos service, which is available in both HD and 4K formats.

The team at Depositphotos has organized these video clips into easy-to-navigate categories such as News & TV, Nature, Science & Medicine, and Abstract, making it much easier to browse relevant content.

Music and SFX

DepositPhotos music and SFX

Whether you’re a videographer looking for music and sound effects to complement the free video files available from Depositphotos or a vlogger who needs background music, the platform has everything you need.

Royalty-free background music, punchy and impactful sound effects and other audio files are all available for download to be used in commercial projects at an affordable price.

All of this content can be easily previewed within the website, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting before committing to hitting the download button.

The complete selection of music can be easily searched or browsed by genre, with options ranging from Alternative & Punk and Ambient to Religious and Corporate.

Creative Tools

Depositphotos isn’t just a fantastic resource for millions of royalty-free images, videos, and audio files; it also offers members a great selection of tools to help them with their creative process.

These tools include an intuitive VistaCreate Editor complete with thousands of free templates, as well as a new logo maker that allows users to build a customized logo in minutes.

Additional tools that professional content creators can use to improve their workflow include a free background remover for images and videos and a free image upscaler to increase photo sizes without compromising quality.

Depositphotos pricing

Depositphotos offers its customers a selection of pricing options to suit their professional requirements. These include:

Monthly subscription plans

There are several options available for monthly subscription plans that include a set amount of images per month, depending on the plan.

For example:

  • 30 images per month at £19
  • 75 images per month at £49
  • 150 images per month at £79
  • 750 images per month at £159

Each monthly gives users life-long rights to use the images they download for print or digital use, while unused downloads are transferred to the following month

On-demand purchases

For users who don’t anticipate the need for a recurring subscription, Depositphotos allows for on-demand downloads at a range of prices.

These include:

  • 10 images for £39
  • 25 images for £79
  • 50 images for £139
  • 100 images for £239

Benefits of using Depositphotos

Dep;ositPhotos vector art search tools

Freelance designers, web developers, and any other media professional who needs instant access to an easily-searchable archive of images and video content will find plenty to love about Depositphotos.

One of the most respectable stock photo and vector image services available, it boasts one of the largest collections of resources covering a broad span of topics and themes.

It’s also incredibly easy to use, delivering rapid search results and allowing users to fine-tune their search via a comprehensive selection of filters and tools.

Depositphotos is also one of the most competitively-priced royalty-free stock photo services available, with a selection of affordable subscription prices as well as the option to buy resources without a long-term commitment.

An overview of the advantages of using Depositphotos over other stock photo and vector image services, such as its large collection, ease of use, and affordable prices.

User experience

DepositPhotos stock photo options

The fast loading speeds, user-friendly and intuitive interface and handy theme categories combine to make the user experience for Depositphotos a real pleasure.

It’s one of the many reasons why their service has enjoyed such enthusiastic support from its subscribers and users, with a high rating of “Excellent” on Trust Pilot, praising its unbeatable prices and resources.

Depositphotos has an exemplary track record in terms of customer support, too, with their dedicated team commended for their prompt responses to customer queries and swift resolution of issues raised.


Depositphotos is fast becoming one of the highest-rated and widely-used online resources for an excellent selection of royalty-free stock photos and vectors, as well as other media files for video and audio.

Its intuitive design allows professional freelance and graphic designers to quickly find and download everything they need, with highly competitive pricing making it excellent value for money.

Whether you’re a web developer, blogger, or business owner who needs excellent quality assets for your latest projects, Depositphotos has everything you’ll need and comes with the highest recommendation.

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