dsptch braided camera strap review

DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap Review

Is this really the perfect camera strap?!... from a company that isn't even synonymous for photography goods! Check out the DSPTCH Braided review.

Finding the perfect camera strap has been something of an endless quest for me. Perhaps you’re the same?

With each new camera purchase, I’ll always try and pair a new strap as the first accessory.

Following my recent splurge on a Fujifilm X100V, I discovered the Braided Camera Strap from a San Francisco brand named DSPTCH… and it’s now become my all time favourite way to carry a camera.

dsptch braided camera strap review
DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap

Functional, strong, good-looking and efficient in use. Includes 2 sets of clips for 'Double' utility.

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In their own words, DSPTCH produces goods with a large focus on functionality and durability, and nowhere is this more true than with this particular product.

Writing an entire review about something whose purpose is so simple is quite a challenge, but I believe this camera strap warrants a closer look.

What is it that makes this particular strap stand out above the 10 others I own?!

DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap | Specs

dsptch strap unravelled

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  • Super-strong but still cushioned
  • Great minimal looks
  • Reflective stitching is functional and looks amazing
  • Quick-release clips work well
  • 2 sets of clips double strap’s usage
  • Feels great to hold and to shoulder
  • Long enough for cross-body-carry
  • Braided appearance won’t be to everyone’s taste
  • Quick release clips could be a fraction shorter
  • 37″ (fixed length)
  • Comes with both Round and Flat Cord Connectors for universal mounting
  • Handmade in USA
  • Made from over 50 ft. of 550 Type III paracord
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Available in red or black
  • 3M Reflective interior stitching (black only)

Build & Appearance

built to last

Handmade from over 50 ft. of 550 Type III paracord, this is one strong-ass camera strap.

‘550 Type III paracord’ is a lightweight nylon ‘kernmantle’ rope originally used in suspension lines of parachutes, meaning the DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap can hold far more than just a camera!

‘Kernmantle rope’ is is constructed with its interior core protected by a woven sheath designed to optimize strength, durability and flexibility.

The ‘550’ refers to a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds (249 kgs)… so let’s just say it does an adequate job of holding your heaviest camera + lens set up ;-)

Despite being its incredible strength, the beauty of paracord is just how soft and comfortable it is when used as a carrying accessory.

If you’ve never used a paracord camera strap, I highly recommend giving this one a go.

children pulling strap

The ultimate strength test – the home-schooling tug-o-war!

As with most camera accessories you fall in love with, the Braided Camera Strap begs to be picked up and fondled!

The interwoven strands of paracord provide a ‘knitted’ texture which expands slightly when stretched, resting perfectly over the contours of your shoulder.

A strap of this width with no additional padding is usually designed for lightweight cameras, but this one can be used with a heavier DSLR + zoom lens set up, with no consequence.

As for its appearance, in keeping with the military paracord spec, it’s minimal and unassuming.

At first glance, it looks much like something your nan has knitted for you… albeit your bad-ass ex-military war-vet nan.

Upon closer inspection, you realise the care that’s gone into designing the Braided Camera Strap.

paracord closeup

The absence of quick-release clips are one of my deal-breaking features when choosing a camera strap – fortunately, the ones implemented on this particular strap are among the best I’ve seen.

You get a round and a flat cord version of the connector to suit any style of camera strap eyelet, and you’ll probably find that you can use either one on your camera.

The beauty of having two included sets of clips, is that you can use them on two camera bodies (simultaneously), allowing you a quick and easy option to switch the same strap between them.

(I’m actually considering buying the red DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap too, for use on my other cameras!)

The connectors attach to the camera via a hand-stitched leather tab, which doesn’t interfere with the camera body while the strap is attached nor unattached.

quick release camera strap clips

Finally, there’s 3M reflective stitching interwoven through the black cords, providing some dazzle when hit by a beam of light.

This is such a nice touch, both stylistically and functionally – having something that alerts drivers of your presence as a photographer in the dark is an underrated but potentially life-saving feature.

Oh, and it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee, if, you know, your camera weighs more than 550 lbs…

Ease of Use

quick release camera strap clips

It’s a camera strap. You attach it to your camera and hang it from your shoulder. End of story, right?

Well actually, no.

The intricacies of even the simplest camera strap are significant, as anyone who’s ever got frustrated with the nasty nylon number that comes with your expensive DSLR will attest.

Leather camera straps look great, but are usually slippery on the shoulder.

Padded camera straps are comfortable, but usually slow you down due to their ‘one-sided’ nature.

Grippy camera straps obviously solve the “where’d my camera go?!” shoulder woes, but they’re also  one-sided and quickly become annoying to use in a hurry.

The DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap manages to gracefully side-step all regular camera strap issues with a good-looking design that both grips your shoulder and feels comfortable, regardless of its orientation.

You can just grab it and throw it over your shoulder, with zero adjustments necessary.

It’s also a fixed length (37″), which further reduces the need to faff around.

(There’s a 44″ model, but I don’t recommend it – I’m 6ft 4″ (194 cm), and the 37″ version is long enough for me to shoulder, or even use cross-body.)

As for the quick-release connectors, once you have them attached to your camera body, it’s a simple but reassuring squeeze… click to free your camera from its tail.

I now have one set of the connectors on my X100V, and the other on my Sony a7III – it’s like having two straps for the price of one!

camera on paper

The beauty of a quick-release camera strap is that you can remove it easily when not in use, or for when having something dangling from your camera can be a nuisance, e.g. when shooting the camera in portrait orientation.

When using my cameras at home (ahh the joys of COVID lock-down!), I hate having a strap dangling all over the place, so leave the Braided Camera Strap permanently off.

Then when it’s time for that all-important daily jaunt, two clicks later and I’m ready to roll!

One tiny niggle is that the length of the cord that attaches the clips to the camera could be a smidgen shorter in my opinion.

I guess DSPTCH have chosen this length so the clips can be used effectively on bigger flagship DSLR bodies, but on a smaller camera like the one above, they’re still left somewhat ‘dangly’.

Value for Money

hanging from neck

I’ve owned expensive camera straps and cheap camera straps and they’ve all ‘worked’, to some extent.

Let’s face it – designing something that hangs your camera from your shoulder ain’t rocket science.

However, as this review has hopefully illustrated, there are various factors that elevate the humble camera strap to something you look forward to using.

That’s right – the DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap brings me joy every time I pick it up! Sounds pretty corny, I know, but it’s true.

I’d go as far as to say that this camera strap the perfect accessory to something as aesthetically beautiful and delightfully tactile as the Fujifilm X100V.

Married to any camera body in fact, this is a near-perfect camera strap.

Sure, its looks are highly subjective and won’t be to every hipster’s taste, but for most photographers who want something more practical than your average vintage strap, it’s ideal.

with sony a7iii

Being able to attach the clips on two camera bodies makes the strap even better value for money.

For something so well designed and so sturdily built, all backed by a lifetime guarantee, we’re entering JUST TAKE MY MONEY!! territory, but here’s more good news – it’s also reasonably priced at around 70 bucks.

You can pick one up from a few places, but I recommend you purchase from an online store called ‘Moment’ – which is where I’m getting a lot of new gear recently.

Moment offers free (international) shipping and free 30-day returns, as well as access to their knowledgeable ‘Gear Guides’ team of support staff.

It has to be said, though – if you need to talk to support regarding how to attach a camera strap, you’re probably reading the wrong website :-)

DSPTCH Camera Strap Review | Conclusion

fuji x100 strap

Wow, I made it! Over a thousand words about a camera strap! This one warranted every word, though…

Accessorizing a new camera is one of every photographer’s little guilty pleasures, and bringing newfound ‘fun’ to an existing camera can be the catalyst to picking it up again.

With their Braided Camera Strap, DSPTCH has created something wonderful for photographers of every level.

Sure, its ‘looks’ won’t be for everyone, with leather straps still having that retro vibe that so many photographers cling on to, but for everyone else, this strap is simply the one.

Perfectly straddling the line between uber-cool and highly-functional, I recommend it to anyone who wants to hold a camera from their shoulder!

dsptch braided camera strap review
Highly Recommended

Functional, strong, good-looking and efficient in use. Includes 2 sets of clips for 'Double' utility.

Check Current Price
Build Quality10

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