8 Cute Easter Photography Ideas for an Eggcellent Photoshoot

Capture precious holiday moments with these eggcellent Easter photography ideas! From backdrops to props, they're perfect for the entire family.

Need some ideas for Easter photography you can do with the entire family?

Precious Easter moments deserve to be documented, and this year you can make the most of the season with spring photo opportunities.

As a family photographer, I love the holidays, especially colorful Easter backdrops that make for beautiful photos.

In this guide, I’ll take you through my favorite photography ideas for Easter to ensure an eggcellent photo shoot.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to capture the beauty of this spring holiday and all its fun traditions!

What Are Some Fun Easter Photography Ideas?

Idea 1: Baby Photos With Flowers

Babies with spring flowers

Image credit: Tu Nguyen & Ardalan Hamedani

Easter is the perfect time to snap spring photos with fresh blooming flowers, which make beautiful settings for baby portraits.

Lay the baby down on a comfy blanket or in a cute basket and surround them with colorful blooms of different sizes and textures.

Take extra care if you use real flowers. Alternatively, fake blooms will give you the same lovely color and texture without much mess.

If you’re inside, try taking photos next to a large window with ample natural sunlight. An outdoor photography session on a sunny day works well, too.

Idea 2: Decorated Easter Eggs

Decorated easter eggs

Image credit: Roman Odintsov

Take an Easter photograph with decorative eggs to mark the special occasion.

A pop of color makes Easter eggs stand out, but you can also stick to neutrals with white eggs and messages written in black marker.

Maybe you want to write your family’s names on the eggs and make this an annual photo.

Otherwise, I’ve seen some awesome Easter egg life announcements.

Moving, engagements, babies… all of these big moments may be shared during Easter photos if you embrace your inner creativity.

Idea 3: Bunny Ears

Kids with bunny ears

Image credit: RODNAE Productions & cottonbro studio

It’s not Easter without bunny ears!

Grab this great photo prop and put the headband on your little one or a furry family member such as a dog or cat.

Bunny hats, bows, and tutus are other fun options to inspire your photography session.

Just remember to focus on the subject and other facial expressions, whether it be a child smiling or a pet making a funny face.

This will give you the advantage of real-life reactions and Easter excitement.

Idea 4: Chocolate Bunnies

Girl with chocolate bunny

Image credit: ivabalk

You may not want to share your Easter chocolate, but at the very least you can add these yummy treats to still-life shots or family pics.

A chocolate bunny in a basket with confetti and carrots is the perfect accessory for baby or toddler pictures.

Try to get an action shot of young kids indulging in their Easter chocolate, too.

What Are Some Easter Family Photoshoot Ideas?

Idea 1: Furry Friends

Children with chic and bunny

Image credit: Anastasia Shuraeva & Anastasiya Gepp

Bunnies or baby chicks are a popular choice for family photography during the spring season.

Ask a professional photographer for their suggestions or head to a local farm to see which little animals you can find.

Lambs and ducklings are other options that make for sweet and precious Easter photos.

While cuddling with these little creatures, remember to be gentle and adjust the camera settings to capture both family portraits and candid shots.

Idea 2: Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt

Image Credit: Eren Li

For many families, Easter means an egg hunt.

An outdoor egg hunt offers ample opportunities for fun family shots, as little ones run around the backyard with cute Easter outfits and baskets.

These pictures can be light and airy, capturing all the fun of this season with a few proper portraits mixed in.

I’ve seen families wear matching clothes and pose with their final egg collection after the hunt, which are awesome memories to have in a family photo album.

Idea 3: Garden Portraits

A garden full of blooming flowers is the perfect place to take Easter pictures with the family.

Look for bright pops of color to bring into the frame, with green grass and pretty blooms.

Make sure to get a mix of pictures with parents and kids smiling directly at the camera, and others where they share a tender moment smelling the flowers.

Add a few shots running through the fields and laughing together, too.

Idea 4: Easter Bunny

Easter bunny costume

Image credit: Camryn Peterson

This list of eggcellent photo ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a trip to the Easter bunny.

Check with your local mall for Easter bunny sessions and get your camera ready to record the look on little ones’ faces.

Some kids love seeing the Easter bunny and others aren’t so thrilled.

Either way, it makes for awesome images, given their facial expressions and varied enthusiasm.

Otherwise, consider getting an Easter bunny costume to wear and use at home for more casual family pictures.

What are some examples of Easter photography backdrops?

Details are important when planning a photography shoot during the busy Easter season.

Colorful Easter egg decorations make wonderful Easter backdrops on white walls or wooden doors/fences.

Perhaps you want to head outside and grab some spring photos in the grass or under blooming trees.

Don’t forget pastel colors are always in at Easter time. A light pink, blue, purple, or green backdrop will create the ideal setting for spring pictures.

Whichever one of these photography backdrops you go with, you should get some great Easter pictures that capture precious memories with children, family and friends.

Final Thoughts

Family photographers have a lot to work with during the fun Easter season.

Whether you schedule a spring photography session in the studio or prefer a DIY shoot with a camera phone, you can make the most of colorful eggs and pastel backdrops.

Remember, big facial expressions and fun Easter props will help children feel at ease in front of the camera.

I hope you can keep these Easter picture options in mind as you enjoy the holiday celebration with family and friends.

Can you think of any other ideas for Easter photos? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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