Best Photo Backdrops & Photography Backgrounds

High-quality photo backdrops and backgrounds are a great way to level up your photography or video work. Learn more about the best types in 2023 in our guide.

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High-quality photo backdrops and backgrounds are a great way to level up your photography or video work.

You can transform any location into a DIY studio or photo booth by hanging up a backdrop or taping it to the wall.

Vflat world
V-Flat World Foldable Photography Backdrops

Lightweight, portable and affordable backdrops with multiple uses for people or product photography.

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The various types of backdrops include seamless paper, printed, painted, collapsible, vinyl, canvas, muslin, and wrinkle-resistant polyester.

(If you’re good with Photoshop, you can even make your own digital backdrops.)

If you’re a videographer, you may need a reflection-free chroma key backdrop for easy background removal.

It would be best to consider whether you need collapsible backgrounds, ones that require a dedicated backdrop stand or can be hung on a curtain rail.

In this guide, you’ll be able to choose the right background to suit your budget, so let’s dive right in.

9 Best Photography Backdrops in 2023

Image Product Features
shk2-table__imageFoldable V-FlatOUR #1 CHOICE
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for Portraits
  • Versatile
  • Portable
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shk2-table__imageGFCC BackdropTOP RATED
  • Widely Used
  • High Quality Material
  • Easy to Use
  • Variety of Colours
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shk2-table__imageLYWYGG 7x5ft Green Leaves BackdropGREAT VALUE
  • Lightweight
  • Range of Sizes
  • Realistic Look
  • Creases can be Ironed
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shk2-table__imageHUAYI 5X7ft Wall With Floor Backdrop
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Storage
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
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shk2-table__imageNeewer 6x9ft Collapsible Backdrop
  • Ideal for Video
  • Great Size
  • Collapsible
  • Durable
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shk2-table__imageSJOLOON 8x8ft Backdrop
  • Easy Handling
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Wall and Floor Featured
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shk2-table__imageNeewer Chromakey Reversible Backdrop
  • Double-sided
  • Easy Setup
  • Carry Bag Included
  • Durable Metal Frame
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shk2-table__imageKateHome Abstract Background
  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Microfiber
  • Stiched Edges
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shk2-table__imageFovitec Collapsible Backdrop
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy Storage
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V-Flat World Foldable V-Flat Photography Backdrops

  • 40 x 80 x 1/2″ – perfect for portraits and products
  • White/black sides for reflecting & subtracting light
  • Portable – can be packed away easily in tote
  • Limited range of colours

If you’re looking for a nice backdrop for pictures that can be used for more than just static background applications, this Foldable V-Flat is our top recommendation.

A v-flat is normally used in portrait photography as a way to control light – you can use the white side to add light to an image by reflecting it back to the subject, while the black side absorbs light, creating more contrast and shadows.

In fact, you can use the Foldable V-Flat as a light modifier or a regular black or white background – the beauty of this product is just how versatile it is.

Weighing in at only 7 lb (3.18kg), it’s heavy enough to stand up without falling but light enough to be carried around and set up on your own.

You can also use it as a chin fill, posing table, flag light and more – check the video below to see 10 uses:


For product photography, having a plain white or black background can help you produce professional-looking images – while paper backdrops can get creased, a foldable V-Flat always remains straight.

GFCC Backdrop / Photography Background (Various Colours)

  • 8 x 10ft – perfect for portraits and family shots
  • It can be washed and ironed
  • Choice of colors
  • Black fabric can attract dust

The GFCC Backdrop Background is a super simple yet highly effective solution for a home or pro studio.

Made from 100% polyester fabrics, it’s lightweight, durable, and washable – use a steam iron to remove creases caused by storage. It’s ideal for full-length portraits of singles or couples, thanks to its 8′ x 10′ dimensions.

With that size, you have ample material to cover the vertical space and some of the floor.

It’s available in seven colors, including green to add virtual backgrounds in video productions.

LYWYGG 7x5ft Green Leaves Microfiber Seamless Backdrop

  • Choice of sizes
  • Unique backdrop
  • Can be ironed
  • Nature theme
  • 7′ x 5′ too short for fashion photography
  • Clamps required

The LYWYGG 7x5ft Green Leaves Microfiber Seamless Backdrop is a perfect choice for setting up a fun nature area for a kids’ party or event.

It features a photo-realistic picture of a leafy hedge wall that’s bright, vibrant, and looks fantastic. Made from thin and lightweight fabrics, you don’t need a stand to support it.

With clamps, clips, or even non-destructive tape, you can mount it on walls, windows, doorframes, or tall furniture. If the 5′ x 7′ size is not big enough for your event or portrait shoot, there’s a range of other sizes up to 10′ x 8′.

To remove creases, lightly iron the back and use a damp cloth for cleaning.

HUAYI 5 x 7ft White Brick Wall With Grey Wooden Floor Vinyl Backdrop

  • Wall and floor featured
  • Can be steam ironed
  • Lifelike detail
  • Can’t be washed

If you’re working in a small home-studio space or only intend to shoot small subjects, the HUAYI 5X7ft White Brick Wall With Grey Wooden Floor Vinyl Backdrop is a great choice.

The 3′ x 5′ size is ideal for pet photographers as it complements the outdoor lifestyle of dogs especially. Or, if you’re creating product shots, it’s a great size and design for a rustic look.

The HUAYI is also available in various sizes up to 8′ x 8′ – a larger size would suit weddings and engagements.

Made from lightweight fabrics, set it up indoors or outdoors on-site with clamps or tape. To keep it wrinkle-free, use a light iron on the back.

The best bit about these backgrounds is that they’re inexpensive and mimic wood flooring – a stylish choice.

Neewer 6x9ft Photo Studio Green Screen Polyester Collapsible Backdrop

  • Ideal for video
  • Great size
  • Can be washed and ironed
  • Rod pocket
  • Not ideal for photographers

The best application for the Neewer 6x9ft Photo Studio Green Screen Polyester Collapsible Backdrop is video.

These backgrounds are the preferred choice of videographers, YouTube influencers, and gaming live-streamers.

You set up the background and record your video content with a presenter or subject in the foreground. In post-processing, the editing software replaces the green with your choice of image or video content.

The Neewer features durable polyester material that can be washed and lightly ironed. It’s machine stitched on all edges and includes a rod pocket on the top edge to thread it on a stand.

It’s a perfect size for full-height standing presentations, and if you flip it horizontally, you have a wide space for seated presentations.

SJOLOON 8x8ft Rustic Wood Vinyl Backdrop

  • Can be steam ironed
  • Lifelike detail
  • Various sizes available
  • Wall and floor featured
  • Can’t be washed or ironed

The SJOLOON 8x8ft Rustic Wood Vinyl Backdrop features a realistic printed picture, including the shadow space where the wall meets the floor.

The 8′ x 8′ size and rustic appeal are perfect for weddings, engagement parties, or themed events. This pull down photo backdrop is also available in an extra wide 10′ x 15′ size that can be set up behind the head table at a wedding to hide an unappealing area. With it, every shot of the wedding party will have rustic themes.

It’s a lightweight material that can be hung from a stand or fixed to any flat surface in a studio or event space.

Neewer Chromakey Double-Sided Green Screen & Blue Screen 2-in-1 Collapsible & Reversible Backdrop

  • Double-sided
  • Collapsible
  • Portable
  • Ideal for video
  • Less ideal for still images

The Neewer Chromakey Double-Sided Green Screen & Blue Screen 2-in-1 Collapsible & Reversible Backdrop is ideal for photographers on the move.

One side features chromakey green and the other blue – it’s ideal for videography and vlogging. The benefit of this product is that it’s collapsible for easy transport.

This chromakey backdrop for filming videos is lightweight and features loops to mount vertically or horizontally from a stand, hooks, or fix it to furniture with clamps. At 5′ × 6.6′, it’s ideal for standing video presentations outdoors or hang it horizontally behind a desk for indoor presentations.

While it’s intended for video production, it works with still images to virtually replace the backgrounds with a different visual.

The blue side is to provide an alternative if your subjects are wearing green. Remember you can always change the background color in Photoshop after the shoot too.

KateHome PHOTOSTUDIOS Abstract Photo Background

  • Too short for full-length portraits

One of the best solutions for portraits is the KateHome PHOTOSTUDIOS Abstract Photo Background.

It’s a professional-quality product which provides a simple yet appealing look for portrait or newborn and baby shots. The 5′ x 7′ size is ideal for home studio applications where your subject is standing or seated on a stool.

The edges of this cute backdrop for pictures are machine stitched, and the top end features a rod pocket to thread it into a stand or existing curtain rod in your studio. It features reflection-free cotton microfiber that endures washing and ironing.

The old school, or maybe even “back to school,” photo backdrop from KateHome has a classic feeling which is perfect for portraits. The graphic is a muted and mottled texture that looks amazing and doesn’t distract from the subjects.

Fovitec Collapsible Backdrop

  • Double-sided
  • Collapsible backdrops
  • High quality pop up backdrop display
  • Ideal for video
  • Green is preferred

Another versatile option for video and live streaming is the Fovitec Collapsible Backdrop with chromakey blue and grey.

The double-sided collapsible backgrounds fit into a small carry bag for easy transport – it’s ideal for photographers on the go needing collapsible backdrops.

While there are no mounting loops, it attaches to a single stand, frame, or flat surface with clamps or tape.

For videos, vlogging from a studio, or gaming at your desk, it’s a great way to create exciting backgrounds.

These collapsible backgrounds are also available in other color pairs if you prefer.

How Can you Make a Cheap Photo Backdrop?

Creating your own DIY photography backdrop is a good option if you don’t have the budget to buy one of the recommended products.

Despite plenty of affordable options, you may want to create your own for a project or because you only need to use it once.

You’ve probably seen Youtubers use a white bedsheet as a backdrop, but here are some other ideas:

  • Use your existing drapes or roll-down blinds. Clamp or tape the drapes flat to remove crinkles or folds.
  • Purchase a 5′ x 8′ length of non-reflective fabric and hang it.
  • Buy a large roll of non-reflective craft paper – tape it to the wall.
  • Paint a surface a flat color or with a texture or pattern for portrait or product photography.
  • Fluffy blankets can be hung from curtain rails or clamped to the top of a doorframe.
  • For smaller product shots, buy large sheets of craft card in plain colors.
  • Purchase ready-made timber benchtops for headshots and product shots.
  • Buy large-sized tiles with various finishes and textures for product shots.
  • Create a feature with plastic plants threaded onto a lattice frame.
  • Use existing concrete walls as a minimalistic option for a 3D backdrop for photography.
  • Make a living plant feature with potted house plants for a leaf backdrop for party pictures.
  • Grab some backdrop boards for party pictures in your photo studio.
  • Create inexpensive stands from PVC pipe to support your backgrounds.
  • Don’t forget to consider props and accessories to fill a scene.

FAQs about Photography Backdrops

  • How much do photography backdrops cost?

Stores that sell backdrops have options that range in price and quality with styles from $10 to $60.

If you’re an amateur or enthusiast photographer, choose one priced between $10 and $25. For professional photographers looking for larger backdrops, $50 to $60 options are ideal.

You also need to factor in the cost of a stand or frame. You can choose different sizes with larger backdrops usually costing more.

Like the ones listed above, Green and Blue Chromakey backdrops are ideal for videographers and live streamers. These cost between $20 for a standard cloth material and $60 for a collapsible one.

  • What is the best background for portrait photography?

Portraits require backgrounds that won’t take attention away from the model. We don’t recommend styles with busy patterns and colors.

The best option for portrait photography is white, grey, or black. White backdrops create a bright and airy mood in headshots – be mindful when lighting the model that shadows are not cast on the white backdrop.

Black backdrops are great for portrait photography if you want to create a dark, moody look with lots of contrast. They’re also ideal for black and white headshots where the contrast between the black background and the brighter facial features pops.

If you’re feeling creative, you can use a green chromakey material for headshots to later add in the picture of your choice in editing software.

  • What is the best white background for photography?

While white backgrounds are a popular choice for backdrops, it can be tricky to get the lighting right – especially with white fabric.

By far, the best choice for white backgrounds is a seamless white paper available in large rolls with varying widths. When selecting white paper, make sure to get the purest white possible. It will make the lighting process far more straightforward and prevent your white material from taking a warm or grey tone.

The other benefit of using inexpensive paper is that it doesn’t need ironing – you roll out what you need and either tear it off or roll it back up when finished.

  • Why does my white backdrop look GREY?

If capturing images with a white background, you may find that it appears grey in the final shots.

Correct the grey tone with additional speedlights shot through a softbox.

If shooting with an LED that has variable color temperatures, dial it back for a cool and pure white instead of warm light.

  • What is the best size for a photography backdrop?

The best size of photography backdrop depends on the style of images you intend to shoot and the amount of available room.

If shooting small products or you have little room, a 3′ x 5′ size will be suitable – if photographing more significant products, you’re best starting with a larger one.

For portrait photography with a single model, a 5′ x 7′ size is ideal as you can use it with the model standing and sitting. Howver if your model is tall, there may not be enough material to cover their full height.

As a result, we recommend going for a bigger size than what you think you need.

Choose a wider size such ha 8′ x 12′ if you’re shooting family or group portraits and an 8′ x 8′ for standing portraits and fashion photography with tall models.

  • What is the best color for a photo booth backdrop?

The most common photo booth backdrops are white, black, light grey, and charcoal grey.

Photo booth backdrops are usually smaller, and as a result, you can buy or make your creative backdrops at home – consider printed features.

You can opt for a warmer “love” color such as bright red or soft pink for a wedding. If you’re setting up a booth for a birthday party, consider a bright primary or secondary color such as yellow, royal blue, or purple.

  • How do you hang a backdrop without a stand?

If you want to mount one without a stand, you’ll need a couple of additional items. Grip clamps and clips are the best choices as they’re sturdy and fast to use.

Clamps come in various sizes, meaning you can buy the best clamp to match the item you’re fixing it to. Consider clamping backdrops to existing curtain rails – or use the rod pocket to thread the curtain rail.

You can clamp, pin, or tape backdrops to walls, tall furniture such as bookshelves, and even door frames.

  • How do you light a photography backdrop?

For the best-looking shots, you need to use modified lights for both the backdrop and the subject. Natural light works in some instances too.

To light a photography backdrop, you’ll need a couple of speed lights mounted to stands. Each speed light sits inside a softbox that diffuses the flash.

Place the stands to the sides and face them at a 45-degree angle – this way, the flash won’t bounce back into the camera and impact the overall exposure.

The next step is to use a separate speedlight and stand to brighten your subject. Ensure that the backdrop lighting is softer than the subject lighting – otherwise, it will dominate the image.

  • How do you use backdrop clips?

Backdrop clips are small alligator-style clips that securely attach to the edges of your backdrop. They feature an adjustable elastic strap that attaches to the stand.

Attach the material to the top of the stand with clamps and clip each side of the backdrop to remove creases in the material.

  • Where is the best place to buy photography backdrops?

There are so many online retailers of photographic backdrops here in 2023 that it can be a little overwhelming.

If you’re after some affordable backdrops, Amazon is unbeatable.

For high-quality custom printed backdrops, Savage Universal and Kate Backdrop are two popular options.

If you’re a professional photographer and require the best custom-painted background for portraiture, look at Gravity Backdrops.

Money no object? Oliphant Studio allows you to buy or rent backgrounds used by famous photographers for magazine covers.

Final Words

Photo backgrounds vary in shape, size, materials, and colors, including collapsible backgrounds and fabric ones that attach to a stand.

Some are available in custom sizes and printed with unique images and patterns. The point is, there are suitable and affordable options for every genre – for photos and video.

You can also make your own to get started before upgrading to one of those featured above. The best background for your next photoshoot is the one that gets you motivated to pick up the camera!

What experience have you had with photography backgrounds? Do you have a preferred style, or have you made DIY backgrounds for creative projects?

Share your experiences here, and feel free to ask questions and join the conversation.

Vflat world
V-Flat World Foldable Photography Backdrops

Lightweight, portable and affordable backdrops with multiple uses for people or product photography.

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