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15 Most Famous Dog Photographers in 2023

Get inspired by our curated list of the most famous dog photographers of the year, including some fun facts about the highest paid dog on Instagram!

You’re about to discover 15 of the best dog photographers on Instagram in 2023.

I’ll introduce you to famous male and female dog photographers from around the world that you’ve probably never even heard of!

(Just for fun, I’ll also include some fun facts about famous dog influencers too, including the highest paid dog in Instagram!)

You’ll find a ton of inspiration for your own dog photography in this guide.

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Who Are The Most Famous Dog Photographers in 2023?

#1 Seth Casteel


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A post shared by Underwater Dogs – Seth Casteel (@sethcasteel)

Seth Casteel is a dog photographer specializing in underwater shoots.

He dives in and gets hilarious photos of dogs playing with balls and toys in the water.

Their goofy underwater expressions make for fun, lighthearted images that any dog lover will appreciate.

#2 Kaylee Greer


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A post shared by Kaylee Greer (@dogbreathphotography)

Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography is known internationally for her comedic dog photos.

She prefers vibrant colors and poses that show off canine characters and all their energy and affection.

In 2018, National Geographic Wild featured Greer in a three-part series called Pupparazzi.

#3 Caitlin J. McColl


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A post shared by Caitlin J. McColl | Ragamuffin Pet Photography (@ragamuffinpetphotography)

Caitlin J. McColl is the artist behind Ragamuffin Pet Photography, a studio dedicated to darling dog pictures.

During photo shoots, she invites the owner to get involved so she can document the bond between pets and their people.

Up-close nose shots and action scenes are all part of her impressive pet photographer portfolio.

#4 Anne Geier


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A post shared by Anne (@anne.geier.fotografie)

Anne Geier is known for her Adventuredogs photo series, highlighting all the fun and craziness you can expect when traveling with a pup.

She’s passionate about hiking and being outdoors, which is why most of her dog photos are shot in nature.

The European wilderness offers some amazing scenery for Geier to create inspirational dog portraits.

#5 Elias Weiss Friedman


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A post shared by The Dogist (@thedogist)

Elias Weiss Friedman is a pet photographer and founder of The Dogist, a blog dedicated to the story of dogs.

With almost five million followers on Instagram, Friedman’s dog photos have captivated animal lovers around the globe.

He became a New York Times bestseller with The Dogist & Puppies, a must-have for any dog lover.

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#6 Natalie Grobe


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A post shared by Natalie Große (@purrpaws_fotografie)

Natalie Grobe is the pet photographer behind Purrpaws, a German pet photography business.

She takes gorgeous pictures of dogs, cats, and horses, getting up close and personal with furry friends to capture their facial expressions.

Her dog gallery shows canines exploring nature and making new memories with their human companions.

#7 Elke Vogelsang


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A post shared by Elke Vogelsang (@wieselblitz)

As the owner of three dogs herself, Elke Vogelsang knows how to make dogs feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Huffington Post and Daily Mail have published her pet portraits, and over the years, she’s amassed a collection of over 2,000 stock images.

Vogelsang is passionate about working with dogs who are anxious or have a disability, as she creates the right environment for their personality to shine.

#8 Helen Black


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A post shared by Dog Photography Melbourne (@helenblackphotography)

Helen Black’s dog photography is based in Australia and showcases dachshunds, border collies, poodles, and many other popular breeds.

She likes to shoot pet photographs out in nature, whether it be at the beach or in the woods.

No matter what the background, her light, airy pictures of pets are truly adorable and celebrate the wonderful life of dogs.

#9 Ria Putzker


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A post shared by Ria Putzker (@riaputzker)

Ria Putzker captures natural beauty and pup personalities in amazing shots that her clients can cherish for many years to come.

She’s the owner of two rescue dogs herself, and she’s created an impressive collection of pet photography in Vienna, Austria.

As one of our favorite pet photographers, it’s cool to see her consistent style with soft backgrounds and beautiful colors.

#10 Alicja Zmyslowska


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A post shared by Alicja Zmysłowska Photography (@alicjazmyslowska)

Winter snow offers a stunning backdrop for Alicja Zmyslowska’s pet photography.

She’s photographed dogs since 2007, and her amazing work behind the camera has earned her international recognition and awards.

Her pictures of dogs and puppies are truly special, showing adorable canines in their element, enjoying all the sights, scents, and sounds of the great outdoors.

#11 Shaina Fishman


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A post shared by Shaina Fishman (@shainafishman)

Shaina Fishman specializes in studio pet photographs and is very talented at capturing dog personalities.

Fun animal photos are her favorite images to create, as she uses cute props to tell a story with a monochromatic background.

Her new style of studio photography is adored by pet lovers in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond.

#12 Charlotte Reeves


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A post shared by Charlotte Reeves Photography (@charlottereevesphotography)

No list of the best pet photographers would be complete without Charlotte Reeves.

The professional pet photographer hails from Australia and has been taking pictures of dogs for over 15 years.

She won silver at the 2019 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards and publishes her images in a special coffee table book benefitting local pet rescue organizations.

#13 Anna Averianova


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A post shared by Anna Averianova Petphotographer (@annaaverianova)

Anna Averianova brings amazing landscapes to life with beautiful pet photography.

Her dog photography uses sandy beaches, snowy mountains, and lush forests as stunning backdrops, made even better with four-legged friends in the frame.

From St-Petersburg to Montenegro, her focus remains on dog-friendly adventures, showing how pets truly become part of the family.

#14 Carli Davidson


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A post shared by Carli Davidson (@carli_davidson)

Dogs are a prime example of how animals all have unique personalities, and Carli Davidson certainly sets out to capture that in her expressive dog portraits.

She’s a passionate photographer, animal trainer, and carer who isn’t afraid to get down on the ground for adorable dog photos.

Davidson uses her extensive experience with animals to encourage dogs of all shapes and sizes to open up in front of the camera and perfectly capture who they are.

Her great photos have been published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Huffington Post.

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#15 Claudio Piccoli


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A post shared by Claudio Piccoli (@claudiopiccoliphotographer)

As one of the very best dog photographers in the game, Claudio Piccoli is worth checking out.

The Italian photographer is all about action shots, often capturing four-legged friends flying through the air in pursuit of a frisbee or tennis ball.

A border collie lover with three dogs of his own, Piccoli loves snapping pics of dogs jumping, running, and playing, and he travels the world for photography workshops.

His photos have been recognized in international photography contests, including SIPA and Oasis, and he is currently a Nikon School Master and Ambassador for Italy.

FAQs about dog photos

What is the most photographed dog?

Lucky Diamond holds the Guinness World Record for the most photographed dog with public figures. The female Maltese sadly passed away in 2012 but still holds the record, having been photographed with over 360 celebrities.

Hugh Grant, Kim Kardashian, Betty White, and Barbara Walters are just a few of the celebs who posed with Lucky.

Who is the most famous dog photographer?

Elliott Erwitt is one of the most famous pet photographers who has spent 70 years photographing dogs.

The award-winning French photographer made a career out of black-and-white photos of canine companions, all because he likes dogs and they are easy to photograph.

Who is the most famous dog influencer?

Jiff is the most famous dog influencer, with 9.5 million Instagram followers and an average price of $35,000 per sponsored post.

As the highest-paid furry friend on social media, Jiff is a prime example of how animal photography can open up new doors for dog lovers.

Who is the most famous dog ever?

A Cairn Terrier named Toto is one of the most famous dogs in history, having starred in The Wizard of Oz alongside Judy Garland.

Toto was adopted by Carl Spitz, a famous dog trainer in Hollywood who helped this precious pet shine on the silver screen. She featured in 17 films and lived until 11.

Who is the most decorated dog in the world?

Sergeant Stubby is known as the most decorated dog in the world, as he served in World War I and was promoted to sergeant during combat.

He received the Humane Education Society Gold Medal and became an American celebrity once he returned from service. The New York Times ran his obituary after he passed in 1926.

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