33 Most Famous Architecture Photographers in 2023

Get inspired by our curated list of the most famous architecture photographers of the year, including our guide to the best websites for photos of buildings.

You’re about to discover 33 of the best architecture photographers in 2023.

I’ll introduce you to the most famous black and white architecture photographers as well as those who shoot in color.

From modern to historical architecture photographers, you’ll find a ton of inspiration for your own architecture photography in this guide.

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Who Are The Most Famous Architecture Photographers in 2023?

Tekla Evelina Severin


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A post shared by Tekla Evelina Severin (@teklan)

As a Swedish photographer and interior architect, Tekla Evelina Severin brings her love of design to life in captivating images.

Her architectural photos have a colorful, playful feel to them, as she uses furniture and art as a creative outlet.

Staircases, windows, and shower tiles all feature in her unique style of architecture photography.

Cristóbal Palma


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A post shared by Estudio Palma (@estudiopalma)

Cristóbal Palma specializes in exterior architecture photography, capturing images of commercial construction and mixed-use buildings.

Palma also showcases apartments and homes in his photos, most of which are taken in South America.

He’s currently based in Santiago, Chile, and has created powerful images of modern buildings featured in international magazines.

Mike Kelley


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A post shared by Mike Kelley (@mpkelley_)

It took a few years after Mike Kelley graduated from college to fully discover his love of architecture photography, but he hasn’t looked back.

Kelley was an aspiring snowboarder recovering from injury when he started taking photographs of homes, opening the door to a new career in the process.

The American photographer lives in Los Angeles, where he has worked with big-name advertising agencies and clients like Tesla and HGTV.

He’s also featured in the Architectural Photography Almanac.

Julius Shulman

While Julius Shulman sadly passed away in 2009, his mainstream modern architecture images continue to impress a new wave of architects and artists.

Shulman is most well-known for “Case Study House #22”, otherwise known as the Stahl House.

If you take a look at his work, you’ll see how it celebrates California’s mid-century modern design and remains relevant to this day.

Sergio Castiglione

Another professional in architectural photography is Sergio Castiglione, an award-winning Argentine architect and artist who finds inspiration in urban life.

His collection Espejos Urbanos (Urban Mirrors) is one of his most famous, combining architectural and landscape photography for a new vision of Buenos Aires.

This work has been displayed in New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Milan and was made into a book, one of several successful book projects for Castiglione.

Karen Vikke


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A post shared by Karen Vikke (@vikkeview)

Karen Vikke stands out from other influential architectural photographers by only using an iPhone to create images.

A proud Danish minimalist, Vikke views urban architecture as an art form and celebrates the contrast between buildings and the sky.

She transforms ordinary streetscapes into playful photo subjects with vibrant colours and interesting details.

Fernando Guerra


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A post shared by Fernando Guerra (@fernandogguerra)

Another one of the great architectural photographers is Fernando Guerra, who hails from Portugal and has made a name for himself with his own photography studio.

He’s well-known throughout the architecture industry and was named the architectural photography Canon Ambassador of Europe in 2012.

One of his most famous images is of EPFL Quartier Nord, showcasing the hustle and bustle of colorful student accommodation in Switzerland.

Chak Kit


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A post shared by Chak Kit (@_chakmkit)

With an obvious passion for professional photography and visual arts, Chak Kit produces colorful architecture images in Hong Kong.

He often captures people in the frame, which are minimalistic compared to the towering buildings behind them.

Color, pattern, and artistic details are his top priorities as he takes on abstract perspectives in crowded cities.

Karina Castro


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A post shared by Karina Castro (@karinacastrostudio)

Karina Castro may be newer on the architectural photography scene, but she’s making waves with her images inspired by social-political issues.

The Portuguese photographer is currently based in Milan, where she collaborates with architects and publishers to showcase bright and bold architecture.

She was awarded the New European Photography prize in 2021 and has been featured by The Royal Geographical Society, too.

José Luis Sáez


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A post shared by José Luis Sáez (@jl_saez)

If you’re intrigued by black-and-white architectural photography, make sure to check out José Luis Sáez.

A self-taught photographer who uses his iPhone to take pics, Sáez strives to capture the light between buildings.

That’s why he prefers black-and-white architectural and landscape photography, as he can minimize background distractions and really focus on the subject.

Varun Thota


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A post shared by Varun Thota (@vnthota)

With an IT background, Varun Thota puts a new spin on architectural photography by using drones to capture a panoramic view.

Living in Hong Kong, he has substantial cityscapes to work with as he partners with brands like UBS, Uber, and DFS Macau.

Mr Porter is one of his unique architectural photography collections, highlighting his favorite high-rise spots overlooking the city.

Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Purnesh Dev Nikhanj’s main interest lies in psychology and how ideas are represented in space through documentary photography.

When you look at his architectural images, you’ll notice his love of abstract illusions and patterns.

With extensive experience in renowned international design practices, the architecture photographer has earned the Trends Excellence Award twice. He also earned a silver spot at Prix de la Photographie, Paris.

Jeanette Hägglund


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A post shared by Jeanette Hägglund (@etna_11)

Minimalism and architecture are the name of the game for Jeanette Hägglund, a Swedish artist who embraces new angles in her work with leading advertising agencies.

Hägglund prefers colorful, high-contrast images that evoke emotion. She’s up for the technical challenge and has scored campaigns with Apple and Telia Company.

Her work is well-known in Scandinavia but has also been displayed in the U.K., Spain, and Canada.

Pascal Krumm


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A post shared by Pascal Krumm (@pascalkrumm)

Pascal Krumm celebrates color in his successful career as an art director and architecture photographer.

He likes to put models in front of brightly colored buildings to bring new light and life to a built environment.

A seasoned photographer and creative director, he’s passionate about video making, too.

Andrew Prokos


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A post shared by Andrew Prokos (@andrewprokos)

Andrew Prokos’ celebrated career as a New York photographer features compelling architectural and fine art images.

His high-resolution cityscapes of the Big Apple have been used in many large prints and well-known publications.

Prokos is passionate about connecting urban views and architectural elements in seamless skyline shots, earning him awards from the American Institute of Architects and Prix De La Photographie Paris.

Clemente Vergara


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A post shared by Clemente Vergara (@clementevb)

Inspired by famous architectural photographers who came before him, Clemente Vergara is all about beautiful buildings and art in Barcelona.

He’s learned much about perspective since picking up his first camera and now experiments with patterns and shapes for captivating images that make viewers think twice.

Leading lines and dynamic compositions are all part of his analogue photography portfolio.

Kyle Jeffers

Kyle Jeffers is an American architectural photographer based in San Francisco.

While he’s skilled in portraits and still life, Jeffers’ architecture work stands out for bright, beautiful simplicity.

He creates contrast with the distinct line between buildings and sky and also enjoys taking photos of man-made sculptures and World War planes.

João Morgado


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A post shared by João Morgado (@joaodmorgado)

João Morgado is an award-winning architectural photographer from Portugal.

As a master’s graduate in the architecture industry seeking experience, he went to work with legendary architect Wiel Arets in 2008.

He soon discovered his photography passion and opened his own company within a few years. In 2015, he was considered one of the world’s top ten best architecture photographers by Top Teny, a New York magazine.

Inge Schuster


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A post shared by @inge.schuster

Urban minimalism and architecture are on full display on Inge Schuster’s Instagram.

As a famous architectural photographer, Schuster experiments with both color and black-and-white images, often with people as silhouettes.

If you look at her architectural compositions, you’ll see how she plays with building heights and skylines to make dramatic and dynamic photographs.

Sebastian Weiss


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A post shared by Sebastian Weiss (@le_blanc)

Sebastian Weiss is one of Germany’s most well-known architectural photographers.

He likes to capture a building’s reflection and shape through his photography, which has been picked up in numerous magazines and museum collections.

He was honored with the 2016 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award and has been recognized for his work with BMW, Cartier, and Hugo Boss.

Kan Kankavee


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A post shared by Kan Kankavee (@kankankavee)

Kan Kankavee is known for his birds-eye view scenes of city life, with many of his images inspired by culture and travel.

His architectural images offer a fresh perspective and typically feature people in the frames.

This Thai artist is renowned for long-exposure photography and leading lines, too.

Carol McKinney Highsmith

As one of the leading American architectural photographers, Carol McKinney Highsmith has taken photos in all 50 U.S. States, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Highsmith uses architecture and landscape photography to record the early 21st century.

Her passion project captured the attention of the Library of Congress, which acquired 1,000 digital images in 2009 to create one of its largest collections.

Benny Chan


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A post shared by Benny Chan (@benny_chan_photographer)

Benny Chan’s beloved Los Angeles serves as inspiration for much of his architectural photography work.

He offers a top-down perspective of the city, with different views of infrastructure and landmarks.

Chan is dedicated to telling stories through the city’s transportation systems, utility buildings, and skyscrapers.

Simone Bossi


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A post shared by s (@simonebossiphotographer)

When looking at architectural photographers to follow, Simone Bossi is definitely worth checking out.

The Italian photographer studied architecture and worked in the field for several years before picking up a camera and changing career paths.

As a self-taught photographer, Bossi strives to evoke emotion in a built environment. He’s been featured in international museums, including a 20202 solo exhibition at the London Science Museum.

Andria Darius Pancrazi


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A post shared by andria darius pancrazi. (@pancrazi)

Another architectural photographer to follow is Andria Darius Pancrazi, a famous French photographer now based in Oxford and inspired by his Mediterranean upbringing.

His architecture images are minimalist and dreamy, with a signature pink tone that feels warm and welcoming.

Pancrazi is known for playing with shadows and facades as well.

Kerstin Arnemann


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A post shared by Kerstin Arnemann (@kerstinarnemann)

Kerstin Arnemann is an award-winning architectural photographer known for black-and-white fine art images.

A German photographer living in Malta, Arnemann does long-exposure photography and uses monochrome images to showcase light and form.

She’s received high distinctions in international competitions such as the IPA, PX3, and Monochrome Awards.

Wayne Thom

Another great photographer known for his architecture work is Wayne Thom, who has completed nearly 3,000 projects in a career spanning five decades.

Born in Shanghai, China in 1933, Thom moved to Canada and then California, where he studied at the Art Center College of Design and Brooks Institute.

He certainly made a name for himself in the Los Angeles architecture scene, capturing the work of mid-century and contemporary architects.

Hélène Binet


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A post shared by Helene Binet (@binet.helene)

Hélène Binet has been featured in numerous international exhibitions, as she enjoys documenting contemporary architecture from construction to completion.

The Swiss-French photographer has worked with present and past architects, capturing the vision of Geoffrey Bawa, Sverre Fehn, and Sigurd Lewerentz, just to name a few.

Binet is passionate about film and analogue photography and has work featured in the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh) and the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

David Cardelús


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A post shared by David Cardelús (@davidcardelus)

David Cardelús specializes in contemporary interior architecture photography with a focus on fine art.

The Barcelona native has spent the past two decades teaching interior design students about architectural photography.

He’s an award-winning artist, with his Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners ‘Las Arenas’ project featuring in the 2012 Civic Trust Awards.

Mike Hollman


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A post shared by Mike Hollman (@mike_hollman_)

Mike Hollman leads the way with architecture-based imagery in New Zealand. As a Nikon Ambassador, he captures a wide range of architectural, travel, and landscape photography.

One of his biggest accomplishments is making the cover of National Geographic with a shot of Harajuku, Japan.

Hollman was named the 2014 New Zealand Commercial Photographer of the Year and also represented his country at the World Photographic Cup.

Julia Anna Gospodarou

An internationally acclaimed photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou is recognized for her fine art photography.

She loves black and white photographs and emphasizes abstract details while still showcasing a building’s grand scale and form.

Gospodarou is based in Athens but frequently travels, speaking and teaching around the world to encourage others studying studio art and photography.

Duccio Malagamba


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A post shared by Duccio Malagamba (@duccio.malagamba)

Duccio Malagamba has over 25 years of architectural photography under his belt, and he continues to impress with his images of European buildings.

After finishing formal training, the Italian-born photographer moved to Barcelona and began a successful career as an architect.

However, his true passion lay behind the camera, and after receiving a scholarship, he decided to focus entirely on architectural photography in 1991.

The decision paid off as Malagamba has received numerous awards, including Lux National Photography honors and 2013 runner-up Architectural Photographer of the Year at the World Architecture Forum in Singapore.

Iwan Baan


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A post shared by Iwan Baan (@iwanbaan)

As one of the most iconic architectural photographers of his generation, Iwan Baan definitely deserves his spot on this list.

The Dutch photographer attended the Royal Academy of Art in The Netherlands and has gone on to photograph many of the most celebrated modern buildings by renowned architects.

Baan’s architectural photography often includes people to provide greater insight into how a space is used and what it means to society.

He was awarded the first-ever Julius Shulman Photography Award in 2010 and two years later gained international recognition for his photo of Manhattan in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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