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35 Famous Macro Photographers to Follow in 2023

Follow us into the world of renowned macro photographers who capture the intricate details of tiny subjects, bringing them to life in stunning clarity.

Get ready to learn about 35 famous macro photographers, along with a brief overview of their achievements and favorite tiny subjects.

Whether it’s bees in flowers or isolating individual elements like ice crystals, macro photography is one of the best ways to capture the hidden beauty of nature in its most accurate form!

Although macro photography is quite challenging, it’s an excellent technique for those who have a passion for photography.

In today’s guide, I’ll introduce you to 40 of the most influential macro photographers from all over the world, so you can get inspired and enhance your macro shots!

1. Alexey Kljatov

Kicking off the list with one of the most iconic and talented photographers when it comes to showing the amazing beauty of our world.

Alexey Kljatov is a Moscow-based photographer that specializes in capturing the uniqueness and beauty of snowflakes.

The devoted photographer has been working on his craft for over a decade and you can see the massive improvement in his style over time.

Kljatov’s work was published by various magazines and websites over the years, so if you’ve seen a mesmerizing close-up image of a beautiful snowflake, there’s a huge chance it’s his!

2. James Weiss

Next up, we have another exceptional photographer who specializes in a specific type of close-up photography.

Unlike other artists on this list, James Weiss is all about capturing the surreal beauty and diversity of microcreatures like bacteria and protozoa.

His content is both extremely interesting and highly educational, as he often follows up his beautiful photos with some extra information about the fascinating creatures in the image.

3. Ole Bielfeldt

A close up of a bee on a flower.

Source: macrofying

Ole Bielfeldt is a German photographer and the proud owner of the Instagram page “Macrofying”, which is a little under a million followers!

The 22-year-old photographer enjoys macro photography in all its shapes and forms, but he mainly specializes in capturing extreme close-ups of regular objects.

His macro images and short videos include everything from crayons, ball-point pens, flowers, leaves, threads, and much more, giving us a fresh perspective of how things look up close.

4. Adam Gor

A red and black moth sitting on a rock.

Source: goradam

Adam Gor is a world-renowned figure in the world of insect macro photography, especially when it comes to colorful butterflies and moths.

The Hungarian artist started taking photos of insects back when he was six years old and hasn’t stopped ever since.

As he grew up in age, Gor started improving and developing his technique dramatically. Besides photos of insects, Gor also occasionally adds tiny animals and beautiful flowers to his gallery.

5. Christian Brockes

A blue beetle is sitting on a piece of wood.

Source: gomacrode

Christian Brockes, also known as “Wild Macro”, is a macro photographer and wildlife activist. The German photographer specializes in capturing images of insects, especially spiders.

Besides showing the diversity and uniqueness of these insects and their natural habitat, Brockes helps raise awareness about their role in preserving our ecosystem.

Brockes is also about ethical photography and advocates for wildlife habitat loss, in which he always captures the insects without disturbing them while capturing his beautiful images.

6. Jacky Parker

Jacky Parker is one of the most established female photographer names in the macro photography world and has been active for several decades.

The UK-based photographer specializes in capturing macro photos of nature and flowers, with a talent that turns regular garden flowers into award-winning macro shots!

In fact, Parker won multiple awards for her outstanding work over the years, including “2008 RHS Photographer of the Year” and “2020 International Garden Photographer of the Year”.

7. Alan Shapiro

Alan Shapiro is one of the few photographers who can turn an unassuming item like a flower into a unique artwork exploding with vibrant colors.

Combined with his original profession of marketing and advertising, this allowed him to create surreal masterpieces that resemble surreal images in their intriguing nature and quality.

Most of Shapiro’s work revolves around flower macro photography, but it’s not the only genre of photography he dabbles with, as he’s also a specialist in B&W portraits and photos.

8. Javier Rupérez

A green and blue beetle on a blue background.

Source: quenoteam

Javier Rupérez is a Spanish photographer who specializes in capturing macro photographs, but unlike other photographers on the list, his photos zoom in even further!

His unique photography technique is known as “extreme macro”. As the name suggests, it’s like taking a macro shot of an already macro image!

One of the main perks of following Rupérez is that he also publishes the specs of his photography gear, which is ideal for those who are serious about leveling up their macro game!

9. Nathan Renfro

If you’re into geology and capturing photos of gemstones and crystals, this photographer should definitely be on your to-follow list!

Nathan Renfro combines his passion for macro photography with his original profession as a geologist and gems specialist.

Renfro uses his Zeiss microscope and advanced photography technologies to get some close-up shots that look straight out of an abstract art museum!

10. Levon Biss

A close up of a bee on a black background.

Source: levonbiss

Levon Biss is a world-renowned photographer who specializes in both macro and micro photography.

The British photographer mainly captures images of insects to display their alien-like features with his iconic black background.

Biss also is known for his remarkable interest in natural history, and he has a collection of macro photos of extinct fossilized species that date back millions of years.

11. Diego Mendez

A fly with a drop of water on its head.

Source: shanghai46

Diego Mendez is an Argentine macro photographer who captures the beauty of the field insect world in stunning detail.

He is also a dedicated conservationist and cruelty-free advocate. He uses his work to help raise awareness of the importance of these tiny creatures and their impact on the environment.

12. Tim Boomer

A close up of a brown fungus on top of a leaf.

Source: wildmacro

Timothy Boomer is a natural history photographer with a massive interest in macro photography, especially photos of unique fungi, slime molds, and galls.

Boomer has a characteristically clean style that highlights the object in the frame and makes it stand out perfectly. In fact, his photos.

Besides mushrooms, his portfolio also includes a variety of flowers, insects, small animals, and even scenic landscapes.

13. Thomas Shahan

Thomas Shahan is a renowned macro photographer who made a name for himself by capturing the tiniest details of the natural world.

The Oklahoma-born photographer has always had a unique fascination with spiders and their bizarre and intricate details that our naked eyes often miss out on.

Sahan is a highly rated photographer with plenty of his work getting published in exhibitions and magazines from all over the world!

14. Jamie Price

Not to be confused with the renowned motorsport photographer “Jamey Price”, Jamie Price is a highly talented photographer who specializes in various photography genres, including macro!

Jamie Price has an impressive collection of macro photographs. Besides insects and tiny pets, he also specializes in commercial photography.

Price’s interest in capturing random everyday items makes his page worth following, as you never know what his next project is going to be!

15. Shikhei Goh

A spider is sitting on top of a fly.

Source: shikheigoh

Shikhei Goh is a photographer from Indonesia who has been shooting with his DSLR camera for over 15 years.

The photographer specializes in capturing macro shots of various species native to his region.

Goh mainly takes close-up photos of spiders, but he occasionally takes photos of unique species, such as bees, ants, snails, snakes, and much more!

16. Linden Gledhill

Linden Gledhill is a British scientist with an artistic eye who sees the world differently. He uses his scientific background to explore and reveal the hidden beauty of our world.

Gledhill’s portfolio is full of amazing examples of macro photography excellence, including astonishing snowflakes, delicate leaf veins, and intricate patterns of butterfly wings.

17. Kristine (Macro Viewpoint)

Macro Viewpoint is an up-and-rising Instagram account owned by Kristine, a 30-year-old Latvian photographer and macro photography enthusiast.

Kristine has been taking photos since 2012 and is currently one of the best photographers of garden flowers.

She also likes to sort her photographs by color, so you can quickly notice the artistic patterns in her collective work.

Besides sharing her shots, Kristine also offers various edit tutorials and helpful tips on her page and blog, which makes her a perfect pick for beginners!

18. Carlo Galliani

Carlo Galliani is an Italian photographer who is known for his macro wildlife photography, especially photos of insects like bees, wasps, dragonflies, and butterflies.

Unlike many photographers on the list, Galliani’s photography style doesn’t get super up close with the photo subject, but it still captures a clean photo that showcases its unique features.

Additionally, what really makes Galliani’s portfolio stand out is the remarkable variety of species that he displays on his page.

19. Phaethon Pictures

Phaethon Pictures is a macro photography expert based in Coburg, Germany. He amassed a remarkable following, thanks to his mysterious, dramatic style with dark backgrounds.

Although Phaethon Pictures works with a wide range of topics, he maintains consistency in style, which you can clearly notice by scrolling through his artworks.

This style is ideal if you’re looking for inspiration for a new collection of photos highlighting a certain subject. The photos are also fairly edited, which adds a bit of allure to the final product.

20. Marta Albareda

Marta Albareda is a Spanish macro photographer with a gift for capturing various types of insects, and her photographs often evoke a sense of awe and wonder among her followers.

She often combines her extreme close-ups with contrasting backgrounds to make them even more intriguing, which can be an amazing source of inspiration if that’s what you’re looking for.

Albareda’s photographs are more than just documentation of insects’ features. They are works of art that celebrate the beauty and wonder of these creatures.

21. Karla Thompson

Karla Thompson is a talented nature photographer who loves to share her passion for insects and their intricate features through macro photography.

Thompson enjoys capturing photos of a huge variety of insects, but she always ensures ethical practices while taking the photos.

As a result, all her photos are taken in the insect’s natural habitat, so the photos often include elements of plants and other flora.

Even better, she doesn’t make any edits or adjustments to her photos using photo ops, which adds to the overall value of her work!

22. Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram

Karthikeyan is a highly underrated young photographer from India with an exceptional collection of unedited macro photos.

He is mainly affiliated with wildlife photography, with insects and spiders making up the vast majority of the photos he takes.

However, he also photographs various small animals, such as lizards, snails, hummingbirds, and other creatures that would add to his incredible portfolio.

Besides macro photos, Karthikeyan also shares some landscape photos every now and then, which are characterized by their surreal vibes.

23. Andrei Savin

Besides being a certified diver, Andrei Savin has a remarkable talent when it comes to macro photography.

Savin managed to combine his two passions to become one of the most influential underwater macro photographers out there!

He enjoys taking pictures of unique marine animals and life forms.

This doesn’t only include invertebrates and crustaceans, but also marine plants, reefs, and other creatures you may haven’t seen before!

Savin’s photos are characterized by their variety of vibrant colors and artistic style, which he achieves through various photography techniques

24. Chris Ruijter

A close up of a fungus on a piece of wood.

Source: chrisruijter

Chris Ruijter is a Dutch macro photographer based in Arnhem. He mainly takes photos of natural subjects, focusing on their sharp and unique features.

Like many macro photographers out there, Ruijter has a deep interest in insect and arachnid photography.

However, Chris has a keen eye for unique detail and is always looking around for new and interesting subjects to photograph, including both flora and fauna.

According to his Instagram page, he’s also an ambassador of the photography giant Ricoh-Pentax, which grants him access to high-end tools to test the limits of macro photography.

25. Amthel Al-Dayni

Amthel Al-Dayni is a US-based photographer who is a true example of what dedication and hard work can take you if you’re consistent and hard-working enough!

When he discovered his passion for photography he was only using his phone camera to take pictures.

His unique talent allowed him to jump directly to DSLR cameras, and now, he uses his Nikon D750 to generate some remarkable photos, including tons of macro ones.

He enjoys capturing a wide range of subjects including tiny animals, plants, and even everyday objects. He also likes to add a unique effect to his photos using lighting and reflections.

26. Oscar Rojas

Many macro photographers out there only capture creatures in their natural habitat. However, this is enough for Oscar Rojas.

The highly talented photographer and nature lover enjoys capturing macro shots of living creatures while they’re going about their daily routines.

Rojas also provided a lot of background information about his shots, including the cameras/lens he used, and whether he applied any special modifications to the photo during post-op.

This makes it his page both a source of inspiration and a valuable technical reference for beginner photographers

27. Monika Blucha

Monika Blucha has a unique approach when it comes to insect macro photography.

While she captures her photos in the subject’s natural habitat, she uses vibrant backgrounds to give a unique and uplifting quality to all her photos.

This makes it a great choice for those who get spooked by alien-like details of insects but still want to enjoy their features.

Bulcha also likes sharing various details about her images, which makes it a valuable resource for those interested in learning macro photography.

28. Ken R Myers

Ken Myers is a Panama-based photographer who loves to share the beauty of his homeland’s wildlife with the world through a macro lens.

His page has over one thousand different images, covering tons of unique species, especially colorful butterflies and caterpillars.

Besides promoting his country, Myers also hopes to spread awareness about the importance of protecting those species by displaying their beauty on his page.

29. Marit Hovden

If you’re looking for a macro photographer with a unique photography style, you shouldn’t miss out on Marit Hovden.

The special aspect of Hovden’s photography is that she mainly shoots droplets of water, but that’s not just it!

Those beads of water will often capture their background perfectly, creating a one of a kind effect that stands out perfectly.

In other words, Hovden’s photos aren’t simply shots of water drops, as she also introduces an element of art when it comes to the arrangements of the water beads.

30. Wiktor Borozdin

While many photographers out there focus on capturing the tiny details of insects, not many photographers are giving flowers and plant matter enough spotlight.

That’s where Wiktor Borozdin chimes in with his incredible collection of artistic shots, capturing the beauty and vibrancy of various plant and flower species.

Borozdin also likes to keep his photos consistent, which gives his macro shots a unique character and makes them instantly recognizable.

31. Alperen Yayla

Whether you enjoy learning about butterflies or you’re interested in capturing their beauty yourself, Alperen Yayla is definitely the photographer to follow!

Yayla is a macro photographer from Turkey who specializes in photographing butterflies and moths.

He is a passionate naturalist and his work is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of these colorful insects.

Since he’s also a real-life lepidopterist (butterfly expert), he often shares a lot of valuable information about the species he photographs.

32. Alison Pollack

If you want to dive deep into the fascinating world of fungi, the American photographer Alison Pollack’s page “marin mushrooms” should be right up your alley!

It’s quite rare to find a photographer who specializes in slime mold and tinier species of fungi rather than wild mushrooms.

This unexplored world of organisms offers an incredible level of variety and diversity of colors, shapes, sizes, habitats, and much more.

33. Michela Campanaro

Michela Campanaro is an avid member of various macro photography communities. The Italian artist has a unique style when it comes to capturing her subjects.

Campanaro doesn’t have a specific preference when it comes to subjects and is willing to try out new topics and themes regularly.

However, she already has a remarkable collection of thematic macro shots of flowers and butterflies that you can check out on her page.

34. Cynthia Bandurek

While the reptile and amphibian world has a lot of unique features and characteristics worthy of a macro lens’ shot, finding a good macro photographer can be a bit tricky.

This is because there isn’t a lot of diversity when it comes to species distribution in many locations around the world.

Luckily, however, we have Cynthia Bandurek, who dedicated her life to capturing some of the most intriguing and special wildlife photos out there.

The ecologist/photographer has a massive portfolio that includes photos of a wide range of species, including frogs, snakes, iguanas, and much more!

35. Darren Gentle

Darren Gentle is a macro photographer with an exceptional talent when it comes to flower photography.

From dew-kissed petals to iridescent leaves, Darren’s lens highlights some of the amazing details that would’ve otherwise been ignored.

While he doesn’t always do it, the Australian photographer also shares some details and information that can help describe some of his surreal photos.

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