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33 Best Filmmaking Podcasts in 2023 (Organised by Type)

Delve into the world of cinema and movie making with the best filmmaking podcasts, offering insights, techniques, and conversations with industry experts.

Are you a film enthusiast, a beginner taking your baby steps in the industry, or an experienced filmmaker looking for inspiration?

Check out this ultimate list of filmmaking podcasts to listen to in 2023!

These podcasts cover various aspects of the filmmaking process and will give you valuable insights into the latest filmmaking trends.

Apart from staying up to date with trends, you’ll also learn the ingredients for success from top film producers and industry experts.

Plus, some of these will take you behind the scenes of well-known big-screen titles or provide insights on upgrading your filmmaking skills in aspects of screenwriting and cinematography.

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How We Picked The Filmmaking Podcasts

A man sitting at a desk with a microphone and a laptop.

Our curated selection of the best filmmaking podcasts in 2023 covers a wide range of interesting topics and genres in the film industry.

From tackling filmmaking basics to in-depth discussions with film experts, film reviews, and success stories, there’s something for every film guru in this compilation.

To come up with the list, we conducted extensive research and evaluation until we narrowed our options to the 33 best candidates.

We also considered the following factors:

  • Podcast popularity
  • The host’s expertise
  • Listener reviews
  • Production quality
  • Fresh, innovative, and unique perspectives
  • High-quality, engaging, and informative topic or content
  • Featuring renowned names in the industry

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Top Filmmaking Podcasts in 2023 (By Category)

To bring you a more refined selection, we sorted our top 33 filmmaking podcast picks into eight categories.

Each category focuses on a particular filmmaking element or topic, allowing you to navigate content that aligns with your interests and goals easily.

Some of the podcasts are audio-only, while others are video podcasts.

Best Filmmaking Podcasts Featuring Directors, Producers, Experienced Filmmakers, and Actors

This podcast selection dives into the lives and experiences of renowned directors and producers. They also talk about the making of their most popular films.

Prominent names from the film industry share their success stories, advice, and top industry secrets essential to navigating the ever-evolving filmmaking field.

1. The Director’s Cut

Number of Episodes: 400+

Listen From: Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud

In this weekly podcast series, the Director’s Guild of America brings meaningful conversations between top directors and filmmakers and their most sought-after films.

Award-winning directors like Greta Gerwig, Taylor Hackford, and Avatar mastermind James Cameron take you to the creative side and behind the scenes of their best films.

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2. The Directors Series with Cameron Beyl: A Film History Podcast

Number of Episodes: 10+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

This podcast series tells the life, career, and works of legendary directors like Christopher Nolan from the perspective of award-winning director Cameron Beyl.

With each episode spanning 15 to 20 minutes, Beyl also breaks down the processes behind the most celebrated films in history.

The host highlights significant elements that aspiring and expert filmmakers can draw inspiration from.

3. The Film Riot Podcast

Number of Episodes: 50+

Listen From: Apple PodcastsSoundCloud, and Deezer

Filmmaker Ryan Connolly sheds light on the art and process of filmmaking—from screenwriting, special effects, and stunts to cinematography and post-production process.

Featuring directors, actors, visual artists, and stunt coordinators, Film Riot is a must-hear, especially for aspiring filmmakers.

4. The Business

Number of Episodes: 500+

Listen From: Deezer and Apple Podcasts

Hosted by journalist Kim Masters, The Business podcast delves into the secrets and magic of filmmaking through the eyes of directors, actors, writers, and producers.

The lively and humorous podcast has featured big names like Matt Damon and American actor and producer Norman Lear.

Further, the podcast tackles current issues and news in the industry, with its most recent episodes discussing the drastic effect of the Hollywood strike.

5. IndieWire’s Filmmaker Toolkit

Number of Episodes: 200+

Listen From: SoundCloudSpotify, and Apple Podcasts

Explore the different techniques in mastering the elements of cinema.

From cinematography and screenwriting to composing musical scores and editing, the Filmmaker Toolkit podcast discusses vital cinematic elements with the industry’s leading creatives, directors, and producers.

One of their significant features is The Last of Us director, Peter Hoar. He shares his storytelling techniques and uses various lighting sources to capture the essence of every scenario.

6. The A24 Podcast

Number of Episodes: 30+

Listen From: Apple Podcasts

Enjoy ad-free (and host-free!) listening to this podcast that features actors like Michelle Yeoh, Alexa Demie, and Stranger Things stars Sadie Sink and Finn Wolfhard.

Brought to you by the people behind award-winning films like Everything Everywhere All at Once and Midsommar, this fun-filled podcast explores big screen and real-life complexities.

Special guests grace every episode by discussing various topics and experiences, from sharing their lockdown taping blues and movie behind-the-scenes to discussing the struggles actors experience due to age gaps and pressure.

7. The Empire Film Podcast

Number of Episodes: 500+

Listen From: Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

Produced by one of the world’s most prominent movie magazines, The Empire Film Podcast features actors, writers, producers, and directors to talk about their respective films, as well as the current threats that loom in the filmmaking industry.

One episode features actress Gal Gadot together with Heart of Stone co-star Alia Bhatt, where they talk about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Hosts Chris Hewitt, Helen O’Hara, and James Dyer also recall masterpieces from late directors and some of history’s best films.

8. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Number of Episodes: 1,000+

Listen From: Apple Podcasts

A purely entertaining and comical podcast featuring American comedian, writer, and actor Marc Maron as host, the WTF podcast delivers a unique blend of humor and thought-provoking conversations.

Featuring comedians, actors, directors, musicians, and more, you’ll get a clearer picture not just of the movies these guests starred in but their personal lives and deepest secrets as well. One notable guest is the Oppenheimer and Peaky Blinders lead star, Cillian Murphy.

Best Podcasts for Indie Filmmakers

Heads up, independent filmmakers! This selection of best Indie podcasts will give you valuable insights into financing, distribution, and marketing, featuring successful directors and producers.

9. Indie Film Hustle- A Filmmaking Podcast

Number of Episodes: 400+

Listen From: SoundCloudApple PodcastsDeezer, and Spotify

Hosted by author, CEO, and director Alex Ferrari, Indie Film Hustle is an inspiring and informational podcast series that beginner independent filmmakers will find most helpful.

The podcast series has also featured prominent names in the industry, like the Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone.

In this series, Alex highlights cinematography and post-production processes while maximizing available resources.

He also talks about the struggles and challenges in filmmaking for independent talents and creatives.

10. Indie Film Academy: A Filmmaking and Screenwriting Podcast

Number of Episodes: 40+

Listen From: SpotifyApple PodcastsDeezer

The podcast focuses on every aspect of the filmmaking process. From screenwriting tips to directing high-end movie projects, the podcast takes us to the making of popular films like Mad Max Fury.

The host also talks about the monetary aspect of filmmaking, such as pitching, attracting investors, and distribution strategies, to guide filmmakers in making informed decisions regarding project funding.

It also has an episode covering the common mistakes independent filmmakers make that result in losses.

11. No-Budget Filmmaking

Number of Episodes: 60+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Hosts Alex Darke and Trevor Nelson take you to the latest trends and technologies in filmmaking and how these resources help create budget-friendly masterpieces.

The podcast talks about building an audience and how not to produce a cheap-looking movie project.

It also features episodes that specifically cater to indie filmmakers, from the drawbacks of posting videos on YouTube to the future of independent filmmaking.

12. IndieWire: Screen Talk

Number of Episodes: 500+

Listen From: SoundCloudSpotifyApple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts

In this weekly podcast, Screen Talk hosts Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson share insightful commentary on the latest films, award predictions, film festivals, and issues surrounding the filmmaking world (like the recent WGA/SAG Strike.)

Featuring producers and big-time motion picture company CEOs, you’ll learn about the state of the industry as well as some tips for success, which are most helpful for indie filmmakers.

13. The No Film School Podcast

Number of Episodes: 600+

Listen From: SoundCloudDeezerSpotify, and Apple Podcasts

Here’s another filmmaking podcast from which both aspiring and indie filmmakers will gain a wealth of knowledge. If you’re building a filmmaking career from scratch, I highly recommend listening to this beginner-friendly series.

The No Film School podcast doesn’t only talk about the do’s and don’ts in starting a filmmaking career. It also delves into various opportunities and options for anyone in the industry.

Hosted by Director Charles Haine, the podcast series shares insights on the latest trends, innovations, and technology in filmmaking as well. From cinematography, production, and directing, you’ll gain crucial information from big shots in the industry in every episode.

14. The Filmmakers Podcast

Number of Episodes: 300+

Listen From: DeezerSoundCloudSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts

In this series, indie and Hollywood filmmakers share conversations about making movies, short films, and television shows.

Taking listeners to exclusive behind-the-scenes and how to deal with production challenges, screenwriters, directors, and actors share remarkable experiences about life on set. You’ll also learn from the experts through directing masterclasses.

Real-life stories from indie filmmakers who made it to the big screen will inspire indie filmmakers.

This podcast highlights making films despite financial constraints as well.

Best Filmmaking Podcasts Exploring Production Behind the Scenes

These incredible podcast picks take us to the directors’ and actors’ perspectives, including the motivations and inspirations that brought the film to the big screen.

15. Off Camera with Sam Jones

Number of Episodes: 200+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

This podcast takes us to the movies and real life behind the scenes from the eyes of famous directors, filmmakers, and celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, and Jessica Chastain.

The guests also share the inspiration that fueled the making of their respective films and some struggles that they encountered in the making of the film.

16. Catch a Break

Number of Episodes: 400+

Listen From: Apple Podcasts

Get up close and personal with film directors, casts, and crew as they walk you through the making of their big-screen hits.

Another reason why this podcast made the list is because it reveals the processes of costume designs, musical arrangements, and how creatives work together.

It also goes through the financial aspect of filmmaking, as well as the challenges with film production during the height of the pandemic.

17. You Must Remember This

Number of Episodes: 200+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts 

You must remember this.

Source: Spotify

Hosted by former film critic Karina Longworth, You Must Remember This tells the secrets and stories of early Hollywood films.

From histories and behind-the-scenes to scandals and issues, Karina shines a light on Hollywood’s most talked about and controversial films with her research-backed evidence.

Best Filmmaking Podcasts on Cinematography and Shooting Techniques

From camera angles to lighting setups, this selection of best cinematography podcasts takes us deeper into the art of storytelling through visuals.

Featuring the best cinematographers and creatives in the industry, these podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge on the fascinating art of motion pictures.

These top-rated podcasts also discuss techniques for creating mood and framing shots, with snippets about the latest camera technology and equipment.

18. Team Deakins

Number of Episodes: 200+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Cinematographer Roger Deakins and his wife, James Ellis Deakins, feature different cinematographers, visual artists, and production designers in this weekly podcast.

Some of their guests include John Sayles, Greig Fraser, and Paul Mescal.

In this series, the couple discusses modern filmmaking, highlighting the necessary skills every cinematographer needs to adapt to the ever-changing industry.

One of the remarkable episodes in the series is the couple’s interview with Russell Carpenter, the cinematographer behind the blockbusters Titanic and Avatar: The Way of Water.

19. The Wandering DP Podcast

Number of Episodes: 400+

Listen From: Deezer and Apple Podcasts

This long-running podcast is an excellent source of cinematography knowledge, including the latest software trends and innovations for DPs, cinematographers, and filmmakers of all levels.

Every hour-long episode explores different elements of cinematography, from exposure to lighting setup and camera movement techniques.

You’ll also learn the latest news on the film industry and draw inspiration from renowned cinematographers’ life stories.

20. The Cinematography Podcast

Number of Episodes: 200+

Listen From: Deezer and Apple Podcasts

Hosts Ben Rock and Illya Friedman take you to the hidden wonders of cinematography, bringing various cinematographers and indie filmmakers to talk about their craft.

Explore the secrets of using color grading to create the right atmosphere for theme enhancement and other technical aspects of visual storytelling.

One notable podcast guest is Anastas Michos, ASC, GSC, the cinematographer behind Cabinet of Curiosities.

In this episode, the cinematographer discusses blending musical and camera elements to create a unique and immersive visual experience.

21. Go Creative Show

Number of Episodes: 300+

Listen From: Deezer and Apple Podcasts 

Director Ben Consoli shares conversations with A-list directors and cinematographers, exploring various visual approaches in the making of highly-anticipated and most recent films.

Discover the cinematographic techniques that brought promising films like Elvis, Wakanda Forever, and Jurassic World Dominion to life.

The guests also break down innovative camera techniques and post-processing methods that capture the essence of these blockbuster crafts.

Best Podcasts on Film Reviews, Analysis, and Recommendations

Go beyond the technical aspects of movies and learn what experts say about storytelling techniques and cinematic elements that make a memorable film.

These top podcast picks on film reviews, analysis, and recommendations dive into the artistry of celebrated classics, blockbusters, and latest releases.

22. The Filmcast

Number of Episodes: 700+

Listen From: Apple Podcasts and Deezer

Hosts David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Jeff Cannata review various films, television series, and documentaries—from the best of the 90s to recent movies and series like Barbie and One Piece live-action.

The hosts dissect movie plot structures, symbolism, and hidden meanings with their guests.

23. Filmspotting- Movie Reviews

Number of Episodes: 600+

Listen From: SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Deezer

From analyzing classics and popular films to exploring hidden gems that deserve just as much hype, hosts Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen take us to the depths of storylines and plot twists.

This podcast series is fun, educational, and entertaining in the most profound way, making its way to the New York Times’ podcast selection for movie buffs.

24. The Movies That Made Me

Number of Episodes: 200+

Listen From: SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Deezer

In this podcast series, actors, creatives, and celebrated directors like Guillermo del Toro discuss the films that inspired them most, with Oscar-nominee host Josh Olson and director Joe Dante.

Aside from film discussions, the podcast also looks back to the lives of history’s renowned filmmakers and entertainers.

25. Unspooled

Number of Episodes: 400+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

This informative and fun podcast by hosts Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson takes the listeners on a journey with the American Film Institute’s Top 100 films.

The film critic and actor-comedian team share their knowledge-filled insights and humorous take on every movie from the selection.

The hosts also watch and review films from diverse genres (e.g., horror and romance), as listeners recommend.

26. Black on Black Cinema- Black Film Reviews

Number of Episodes: 500+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Black on black cinema - black reviews.

Source: Spotify

Hosts Jay, Micah, Terrence, and T’arah discuss black films in this informative but humor-filled podcast series.

The hosts talk about films that feature or are produced by a black person, covering topics and issues surrounding the black community.

This bi-weekly podcast isn’t only relevant for those belonging to the community but a must-listen for film connoisseurs and aspiring filmmakers, too.

27. Blank Check with Griffin and David

Number of Episodes: 400+

Listen From: SoundCloudDeezer, and Apple Podcasts

Learn what hosts Griffin Newman and David Sims have to say about ‘blank check’ films alongside special guests for every episode.

Never missing any filmography detail, the hosts review critically acclaimed, big-budget spectacles and controversial films. From high-grossing Asian films to Hollywood blockbusters, Griffin and David take us on a cinematic journey through lively and enlightening conversations.

28. How Did This Get Made?

Number of Episodes: 80+

Listen From: DeezerSpotify, and Apple Podcasts

Trio Paul, June, and Jason sit with guests to react to history’s biggest flops and poorly rated films. If you’re looking for a comedic podcast that’ll make you gag with laughter, look no further.

The hosts also explore satirical films and parodies, dissecting elements that made these pieces insanely hilarious while providing insightful commentary along the way.

29. The Big Picture

Number of Episodes: 600+

Listen From: Apple Podcasts

Hosts Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins review and rank the best films for every genre alongside film critics, writers, directors, and special weekly guests.

They also explore the most talked about films from the 90s, as well as 2023’s most anticipated films. So, if you’re looking for film recommendations, you shouldn’t sleep on this series.

Apart from movie reviews, the podcast also invites filmmakers to share knowledge on movie directing.

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30. The Rewatchables

Number of Episodes: 300+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Bill Simmons and Juliet Litman talk about 150 (and counting) movies they can’t seem to stop watching over and over. But what makes these movies unique, and why are they too irresistible? Tune in as the power duo dissects plots and storylines with their guests.

Best Filmmaking Podcasts on Screenwriting

No good movie is complete without a well-written and solid adapted screenplay—and these podcasts are all about it.

This selection of best screenwriting podcasts features big names in the industry, sharing noteworthy tips to spare on crafting compelling dialogues, plots, and scene transitions.

31. Scriptnotes Podcast

Number of Episodes: 600+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Hosts John August and Craig Mazin dissect the significant drivers of writing an excellent script.

From fitting the correct characters to the plot, action sequences, and the different writing techniques to apply in every movie genre, every episode highlights crucial information you shouldn’t miss.

The screenwriter duo also share insights on the business side of screenwriting through engaging conversations with special guests.

One of their remarkable guests is Moana’s screenwriter, Pamela Ribon.

Plus, the hosts discuss different methods to sharpen your writing skills and revisit some scripts to compare writing style varieties and their impact.

32. The Writers Panel

Number of Episodes: 500+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Featuring writers, creators, and producers behind all-time favorite shows like Breaking Bad, X-Men, and Gilmore Girls in every episode, host Ben Blacker dives into conversations about screenwriting elements.

The podcast also discusses how screenwriting has changed through the years, highlighting trends and techniques behind the scenes of a screenwriter’s work.

33. The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

Number of Episodes: 100+

Listen From: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Jeff Goldsmith sits with screenwriters and directors for in-depth conversations about crafting the script for some of their notable films. Jeff also interviews Oscar-nominated writers and talks about the process and challenges of bringing screenplays to the big screen.

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