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Fashion, Portrait | Last Updated: July 14, 2021

I’m Italian, I love good food, I love art, I like playing video-games, I’m a party guy and most of all I’m a dreamer. My first approach to photography was at the age of thirteen. My grandpa gave me his old Olympus OM10. It was a great camera at that time, with which I could start understanding how cameras work. I was super happy.

Then I grew up and I’ve put aside my artistic attitude in order to become a college student…the worst kind ever: a student of Law. Not that artistic, is it?… Well, not at all. After few years I gave up, feeling oppressed and sad about that choice. I didn’t feel happy and I wanted to make a change.

So I decided to start my professional photographic career. I’ve graduated from Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in Milan, I’ve been assisting several commercial and fashion photographers and then…here I am. Making my own business as freelance.

I love Japanese culture and I love the punk style. I’d like to give my photos a strong look, an aggressive touch. Light is everything and I use it to express my feelings in my creations.

I guess I’ve said pretty everything about me…Ah! Yes, I’m also a Polaroider and arachnophobic. And I’m just behind you now!

Canon 5d Mark III
This camera is simply amazing! A low light beast! You can use it in several situations and it always does a great job. I’m mainly shooting Fashion and its 22mpx are enough for magazine prints.

Canon EOS 650
I love shooting film photography with my Canon EOS 650. It has good control and balance. You can still use autofocus system with it.

Yashica MF-2 super
It’s fun to shoot with it. Light, reliable and vintage!

Cine Still film 400 Asa
There are many good films to use on a camera…but this one guys is awesome! It gives a cinema touch and it’s great on low light condition.

Canon 50mm f/1.4
It’s the basic of the basic that every photographer should have. It is still a great lens. It helps when you don’t have much light.

Canon 24-105mm f/4
It’s a good lens. Honestly I have this lens because I’ve bought the camera+lens kit. If I could I’d replace it with a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II…

Canon 100mm  f/2.8 Macro
Simply FANTASTIC! A must have lens!I love its sharpness and I use every time I can. It really makes the photo looks better.

Canon OC-E3 Off-Camera Shoe Cord
This one connected to the Canon 600 EX-RT Speed-light and to C-Bracket CB Mini-RC allows you to use the speed light just next to your camera and not “on” your camera. Like Terry Richardson :)

Color Checker Passport
A must have tool for professional photographers.

Canon Remote Control RC1
A good wireless tool for shooting with a remote. (you need to be in front of the infra-red spot to trigger)

Pelican CF (x6) Hard Case
Cheap and reliable hard case for my CF card (x6 slots)

Polaroid ONE
One of the last models made by Polaroid. Well, it’s not the best but still does it’s job. It mounts 600 film type.

Polaroid SPECTRA
A great Polaroid! You have many functions on this camera, like exposure control or double exposure (tutorial). It has a better lens then the Polaroid One. It mounts larger sized film type.

Casio watch
You may wanna check the time sometime…

PS4 Controller
I’m a hard PS4 gamer!

Japanese Kunai
Simply “Why Not?”

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