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Still Life & Macro | Last Updated: February 15, 2021

During the last few years of my career, I have participated in numerous Festivals of photography, in Spain and abroad:

Photo Week D.C. in Washington (2015), Photo Romania Festival (2015), Photometria Festival in Greece (2016), Festival of the light in Argentina (2016), Bucharest Foto Week (2016), Addis Foto Fest in Ethiopia (2016), Uppsala Foto Festival in Sweden (2017), Yangon Photo Festival in Myanmar (2018), Xposure International Photography Festival (2018) and Belgrade Photo Month (2019).

In 2018 I presented my exhibition “Diálo2” in the Barjola´s Museum in Spain together with one the most important visual poets of the 20th century in Spain, Joan Brossa.

In 2019 my new exhibition “The Unfished Word” is displayed at Cervantes Institute in Belgrade.

I use a Nikon D800. This camera allows me to work with large prints and retain great detail in the objects photographed. I do not need a fast camera because I only take photos in the studio with still elements.

I use a Nikon 50mm f/1.8. I normally use this lens because the perspective is very similar to how the human eye sees. Sometimes I use a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 or Tamron 90mm f/2.8 when the objects are very small (see macro lens guide here).

I do not use lighting equipment. Natural light gives me the kind of light with soft shadows that I need for my photographs. I live on the north coast of Spain, where the weather is normally cloudy, that’s why I get that kind of light.

I also choose to shoot in the early hours of the day. My studio has a large, south-facing window. Sometimes I have to wait to get the light I want, and if one day I cannot photograph, I prepare other objects for another day.

For backdrops, I use basic materials. I have a surface where I stick white, black, or grey backgrounds, which I change when they break. I use the minimum number of elements in my photographs as well as to take them.

On occasion I use a backlight. But that only happens when the characteristics of the object absolutely need it and I want to highlight them. | @garciademarina

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