Fujifilm Camera Reviews

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Fujifilm has been in the camera and film industry for decades. In recent years, this high-caliber brand has become best-known for crafting innovative mirrorless cameras with iconic designs.

Fujifilm cameras come in three fundamental categories: The largest and most expensive are 3 medium-format GFX cameras. The brand’s best-selling X-Series interchangeable lens mirrorless editions then make up the second and largest category with 25 models available at a wide range of prices. Finally, Fujifilm also produces several low-price point-and-shoot Finepix edition cameras for the general consumer market.

Fujifilm has chosen to ignore full frame in its camera offerings, focusing instead on expanding its range of APS-C sensor mirrorless cameras. The X-T and X-Pro series in particular are hugely popular with both enthusiasts and professional photographers around the world.