Fujifilm Lens Reviews

Shopping for new Fujifilm lenses? These reviews are here to help. Each review focuses on a different Fujinon lens and breaks down everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision.

Fuji lenses are known for their high quality of engineering and design, but, like all camera brands, not all of their lenses are created equal.

Which ones you choose will depend on factors like which camera you’re using, what type of photography you prefer, and, of course, your budget.

That’s where these reviews can help. Each one is based on tests with the lens in real-world conditions by professional photographers. They’re honest, impartial, and cover everything you need to know, from the physical build of the lens to its performance and price tag.

As with all of Shotkit’s lens reviews, we will tell you the pros and the cons. If there’s something we don’t like about a lens, we’ll mention it!

Don’t have time to read everything? Jump to the numerical ratings at the end of each review to get a rundown at a glance.