Gilbert Majekodunmi

Hi, I’m Gilbert Majekodunmi, a London based street photographer who shoots with both analogue and digital cameras.

My photography style is symbolised by how I show the true emotion and feel of the scenes in my photographs without taking away from the story behind every image I create.

Seven years ago I picked up my first DSLR camera with a 50mm f/1.8 lens kit. What was then a hobby to while away time, as I awaited my university final exam results, paved away into what is becoming a lifelong journey driven by the undying desire to capture magical moments and leave behind a legacy.

Ever since I picked up my first Sony camera, the Sony a7, I have never looked beyond this system within the digital camera world.

I currently use a combination of both the Sony a7R III and the Sony a7c. The a7R III, with its high resolution and cropping ability, is my work and print-worthy photo camera. The a7c, although also very very capable is the daily camera I almost never leave home without.

Recently my curiosity in film photography caused me to embark on a new path. After much researching, I was able to get my hands on a vintage 1951 Rolleiflex 35f vintage camera for a bargain!

This took me back to camera school as I had to practice using my exposure triangles and see light differently. Being a fully mechanical system slowed me down and made me think a lot more about my photographs. Initially, I found the twelve shots per film roll on medium format very odd, but now I can certainly say it has changed my photography outlook for the better.

After a number of weeks I was so impressed by the results from the developed film negatives I decided to invest in my first rangefinder camera, a Leica M6 TTL. I’m not quite sure where to start with this camera but goodness it is one mean solid masterpiece of engineering.

It’s more like a craftsman tool designed for pure artistry and creative expressions. It’s still early days but I’m very excited about what I’m going to be sharing with everyone on my social media and offerings in print.


Sony a7R III – Super high resolution, solid build quality and dual SD card slots make this my go-to work camera.

Sony a7C – Simplistic, classic, yet subdued power in a small footprint has seen this backup camera become my daily driver.

Rolleiflex 35f – Pure nostalgia and a slice of time in my hands. Doesn’t get more vintage than this!

Leica M6 TTL – Engineering art at its peak. This amazing camera has changed my photography style forever in a positive way.



Sony 135mm f/1.8 GM – This is by far the sharpest and most magical lens in my kit. It has knocked my previous favourite the 70 – 200mm GM out of my kitbag.  The 135mm GM has a permanent residency on my a7 RIII body.

Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM – Currently the widest lens I own, and also my first ever G Master lens. This lens has created some of the best photo’s I’ve taken to date. It is arguably my favourite lens of all time.

Sony 40mm f/2.5 G – Just like its big brother the 135mm GM, this lens lives on my Sony a7c 99% of the time. Its small, light and the iris control dial is a joy to work with.

Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG DN Art – Fast, bright, distortion-free, I absolutely love this lens.

Sigma 90mm f/2.8 DG DN c – The smallest autofocus weather-sealed short telephoto lens over 85mm on the e-mount platform, what’s not to like. Being able to shoot discretely at 90mm in a situation like a packed London bus or the underground is a must-have in any street photographer’s kit.

Manual film

Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 ZM C –  Crisp and sharp, this small lens is a top performer. I am really looking forward to sharing more images as I use this lens.

7Artisans 28mm f/1.4 – While some purists might frown against the idea of pairing this lens with such an iconic camera body like the Leica M6, I dare say that based on my experience and results, I would strongly recommend this lens. It’s amazingly sharp and solidly built.


Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L – The ease of use and adjustability of this strap is a winner for me, sage green as well.

Peak design cuff wrist strap – Some days I just want to pop out with my camera and be ready for the shot. Having this wrist strap makes for a tangle-free fast shooting experience, grey for me.

Film stock

120 film
Kodak Portra 160
Ilford hp5

35mm film
Fujifilm PRO 400H
Ilford XP2 Super 400
Cinestill 800T

Hardware & Software

For my editing, I strictly use Adobe Lightroom in both the classic and iPad versions. I prefer to keep my photos true to how I captured them so my editing process is based solely on fine-tuning aspects such as symmetry and shadow detail.

My main workstation is a 27 inch iMac that is manually configured to handle all the processing horsepower I require and when I’m on the go I use the 2020 iPad Pro. The iPad is handy for days when I’m at a cafe or just casually editing while spending time with the family in the evening.

Zeiss Lens wipes
Microfibre cleaning cloth
Extra memory cards
Extra film roll
Rocket blower
AirPods Pro
A packet of sugar-free chewing gum

Final Words

Photography in its simplest explanation according to the great Fan Ho, is simply the artistry of light. The interpretation of light, shadows and everything that exists between and within them is what the foundation of my art is built upon. | @gilbertmajek

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