Best Acrylic & Glass Photo Prints For Your Walls in 2023

Glass photo prints look stunning displayed frameless on your walls - they're a modern touch that's popular in many households. Here's where to order them.

Glass photo prints look stunning displayed frameless on your walls – they’re a modern touch that’s popular in many households.

Glass prints have numerous benefits – they’re more vibrant, easier to clean, more durable (resistant to moisture and protected from UV), and they even prevent colors from fading.

Snapfish Glass Prints

Upload photos from your phone or computer to order great-looking prints with no sharp corners to decorate your walls.

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Overall, glass prints are a stylish take on traditional wall art, canvases and prints. They add a level of contemporary sophistication and sharpness to a room.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the top companies that print photos onto glass and acrylic.

We’ll also discuss the merits of glass over other materials and the safest way to mount and hang a glass print.

What Company Prints Pictures on Glass?


  • No sharp corners
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can upload photos from multiple sources
  • Acrylic stand included
  • Only size available is 8 x 10
  • Limited options can be pricey for some budgets

There are many different types of prints available from Snapfish. Choose your favorite photos to print on glass with the user-friendly editor that makes the process simple.

Snapfish offers great quality prints without sharp corners. Rounded edges complement the high-quality image on the glass, which is as vibrant and crisp as it is detailed.

While the only available size is 8 x 10, Snapfish does offer you the option of uploading photos from different sources. You will also receive an acrylic stand with your purchase.

If you’re looking for bright images printed on quality glass to hang on your walls, give Snapfish a try. These glass photographs can make amazing gifts for friends and family, no matter the occasion.

Snapfish also prints photo tiles and various other products too, so be sure to check them out.


  • Multiple sizing available
  • Fast shipping
  • User-friendly platform
  • Includes solid wood base
  • Edges are not beveled
  • Shipping procedures aren’t the best

Fracture is one of the more popular glass printing services out there. It offers great quality prints with fast shipping, so you don’t have to wait to treasure your memories.

A solid wood base comes with each of the prints you order from Fracture. Plus, they make it easy to order with a simple process that’s user-friendly.

While many common glass sizes are available to choose from, you can also select pro-level glass in large sizes. Fracture even offers Storyboard, a unique way to transform your glass photographs.

With Storyboard, you can easily move your photos around to tell the best tale. Plus, you can choose from different quality woods for your display base to effortlessly blend in with your personal decor.

Some Fracture users have noted that the packaging for their prints wasn’t the best, but much of their glass arrived safely. You should be aware of the sharp edges on these prints as well, which can be dangerous depending on where you place the print.


  • Printed on Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Easy-to-use editor
  • High-quality products
  • Not as many options as other companies
  • Doesn’t come with a frame

Masterpix provides its customers with an easy-to-use editor to create prints you can treasure for years to come. The UV-cured inks used on the Corning Gorilla Glass result in vivid pictures that are easy to clean and don’t need a frame.

You can easily create your print on the Masterpix website. Choose from the many mounting options as well to find the best solution for you.

Glass from Masterpix is durable, lightweight, and scratch-resistant. This company provides fast shipping services so you can easily make memories and then enjoy them shortly after.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Reusable prints
  • Will digitize old photographs for you
  • Wide variety of products available, in addition to glass prints
  • Largest print size is 12 x 12
  • Shipping can be slow

Priced affordably, the glass prints you receive from MyPhoto are actually reusable after they stick to your wall. This makes it easy to share memories without having to worry about keeping them out of reach.

In addition to glass, you can also purchase print products such as AirGlass, Miniblox, glass pads, diamond glass, and more. This wide range of products can help you treasure memories in many different ways.

Unfortunately, MyPhoto doesn’t offer any print sizes larger than 12 x 12. At the same time, this allows you access to a number of smaller print sizes that other companies may not offer.

If you enjoy photos printed on glass, check out MyPhoto. You can even send them your old photographs to digitize and print on glass as well.


  • Unique PVC laminated paper system
  • Can recover resolution from images
  • Fast deliver
  • Polished edges
  • Smaller sizes than 8 X 10 not available
  • Can be more expensive than other glass printing services

For long-lasting glass printed images, ApgGraphics offers a number of options you can choose from. Sizes include 8 X 10 inches, all the way up to 20 X 30 inches for larger prints.

Glass prints from this company are not available in custom sizes, but they do include an all-around beveled edge. The HD resolution provides a high-quality finish that is both vibrant and durable.

ApgGraphics uses an innovative PVC laminated paper system to transfer images to create a crystal-clear glass print. You can even recover the resolution of older images that may not be as sharp.

Collages are available as well, with up to nine images per glass print available. ApgGraphics offers fast delivery and reasonable pricing, though you may find more affordable options at other retailers.

ApgGraphics also polishes the edges of their prints, so you don’t have to worry about sharp corners when hanging them. You can even create a glass print directly from your phone if you’d like.

White Wall

  • Wide variety of printed products
  • Many sizes to choose from
  • CNC-routed edge finish
  • Sample set available
  • One of the more expensive services on our list
  • Made abroad, so shipping may take longer

White Wall produces quality prints in Germany for a number of clients, including those in the USA. You can choose from a variety of products from this photo printing service.

 There are many print sizes to choose from, whether you choose glass prints or another method of printing. Each of them features CNC-routed edges that improve the quality of these glass prints tenfold.

If you’re not sure about White Wall, you can request a sample set of prints. These are indicative of what the company is capable of, from quality and value to how the glass print looks when completed.

In fact, you can choose from glossy and matte for your glass photo. White Wall does charge flat rate shipping, so you won’t have to worry about overpaying for larger pieces.

Choosing the Best Material for a Glass Photo Print

Which is Better: Acrylic or Glass Prints?

There’s no denying the fact that acrylic prints provide a superior image overall. They are more vibrant and present a better image quality in most cases than glass prints.

You are limited to certain colors and consistencies with glass prints, yet they are more cost-effective in the short term. That being said, acrylic prints do cost more.

Many people find acrylic prints to be lighter-weight than glass prints, which do contain size limits. It’s not easy to print directly on glass that is very large, as it is prone to easily breaking.

Even as glass prints are susceptible to shattering, they do provide a bit more durability than acrylic prints. The latter can scratch easily, which tends to distort the images.

Which is Better: Glass or Metal Prints?

Metal, on the other hand, is one of the most durable surfaces to print on. You can even choose from custom sizes for metal, such as aluminum, which is both lightweight and flexible at the same time.

Images printed directly on metal can achieve more of a 3-D look, giving depth to what you see printed there. There are also many finish options you can choose from, such as matte or glossy.

Metal prints are not as susceptible to damage as acrylic and glass. They are also scratch- and water-resistant.

You can print a larger image on a piece of metal than is possible with either acrylic or glass, and the end result can oftentimes be lighter as well. Metal prints are also more sustainable and don’t require a frame either.

Glass Print FAQs

Are acrylic glass prints heavy?

Acrylic glass prints, depending on their size, can weigh quite a bit. This is especially true for photo prints that are hung on the wall, such as art prints.

Do glass prints fade?

Glass prints are not prone to fading like acrylic prints are. The biggest issue with glass prints is shattering and smudges.

Is there a printer that prints on glass?

The two methods used to print on glass are UV-curable digital glass printing and digital ceramic glass printing. Neither of these processes includes a printer in the traditional sense.

However, you can print on glass by laser etching it as well. Though this is not technically a printing process, it does achieve similar results.

How do you hang glass prints?

The method you use to hang glass prints will depend on what built-in hardware the print includes. For example, some glass prints include a keyhole cutout that allows you to hang the glass print on a screw.

You can also use 3M Command strips to hang your glass print. Alternatively, you can also frame your glass print to place it on a desk, table, or cabinet as well.

Glass Photo Prints | Final Words

We hope you’ve found this article useful in choosing between some of the best glass photo prints. There are many methods for printing photos, from acrylic to metal and glass.

Now that you know a bit more about printing on glass, how will you use it? What photos will you memorialize on this dynamic and modern surface? Let us know in the comments.

Snapfish Glass Prints

Upload photos from your phone or computer to order great-looking prints with no sharp corners to decorate your walls.

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