Best Photo Tiles in 2023 for Your Wall Gallery

Create your own personalized gallery of custom wall art with re-stickable photo tiles. Make your first gallery wall with your pictures using these tips.

Photo tiles are such a great way to decorate your walls and complement your home styling in 2023.

If you’ve ever struggled with choosing photo frame sizes or arranging pictures on a wall, photo tiles are the perfect solution.

Snapfish Photo Tiles

Fully customizable photo tiles with multiple fun printing options and frame designs at a great price.

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You can create your own personalized gallery of custom wall art in minutes with their unique re-stickable design.

We’ve hand-picked 5 great websites you can order photo tiles to start making your first gallery wall.

You’ll also find some handy tips on selecting the right sizes, materials, colors and more.

What are the Best Photo Tiles in 2023?

Image Product Features
shk2-table__imageSnapfishOUR #1 CHOICE
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Modern Web Interface
  • Velcro Dots Included
  • Lightweight
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  • Magic Peel-&-stick Backings
  • Simple & Hassle-Free
  • High Quality Prints
  • Multiple Border Options
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  • Lightweight
  • Easy Upload
  • ChromaLuxe® Aluminum (Recycled)
  • Excellent Image Quality
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  • Stylish & Versatile
  • Easy To Use
  • Fancy Patterns
  • Magnetized
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  • Easy to Stick
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Excellent Quality
  • Easy Upload
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shk2-table__imageBay Photo Lab
  • Mulitple Sizes
  • Great Quality
  • Durable
  • Different Backing Options
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  • Easy, peel-and-stick application
  • Customize with matte or metallic finish
  • Script overlays add special detail
  • Option for framing or frameless
  • Not built for course or textured walls
  • Tiles may be blurry depending on photo size

Bring beauty and personality to your space with Snapfish Photo Tiles.

Built from durable materials and available in a matte or metallic finish, you can cherish these beautiful picture tiles for years to come.

A variety of layout and size options let you showcase as many photos or occasions as you want, while options with script overlays allow you to add even more special details, including your family name, anniversary, location and more.

When you find a design that catches your eye, simply click through the different sizes, framing options and finishes for an instant preview.

And because you can choose between a black frame that adds depth or going frameless for a cohesive look, you can rest assured your picture tiles will help you achieve the artsy, septimal vibe you’re going for.

Putting your favorite memories and images on display is a breeze with Snapfish Photo Tiles.


  • Sticky adhesive pads for ease
  • Can be moved without worry
  • Wide range of sizes available 
  • Multiple border and framing options
  • Some users noticed a chemical odor
  • Potential damage from shipping

Transform your favorite photos in the home décor you’ve always dreamed of with Mixtiles Photo Tiles.

Its hassle-free adhesive design allows you to simply hold each tile in the desired place and press it firmly against the wall for superior adhesion that lasts without the need for tools.

And don’t fret if you change your mind and decide to relocate the tiles — you can move them several times without worrying about losing stick or wall damage.

Available in sizes that range from 4×4 inches to 20×27 inches, you can make all your wall art visions a reality in the size that works best for your area. And you can customize your photos even more with black or white framing or with a border.

Whether you want to print photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your desktop, Mixtiles Photo Tiles will make the whole process a breeze. And if your photo tile is at risk of being printed in poor quality, Mixtiles will alert you right away to prevent you from receiving a subpar product.


  • Effortless peel-and-stick application
  • High-quality aluminum is durable
  • Canvas, metal, and framed options
  • Extensive design options
  • Frame thickness may distract from photo
  • Some users reported low-contrast results

Showcase your best moments with Shutterfly Photo Tiles. Available in sizes that range from as 5-inches x 7 inches to 16-inches x 16-inches, you can easily draw attention to a single photo or a layout with multiple images.

The double-sided sticky design is effortless, letting you create an instant photo gallery as soon as you start unpackaging.

And because the tiles are crafted for high-quality, recycled aluminum, you can depend on them to last.

You can also rearrange the tiles several times without them losing their stick for an ever-evolving gallery at home.

Canvas, metal, and frame options allow you to customize your chosen photos, while extensive design options showcasing wildlife, architecture, travel and more make it easy to add eye-catching stills to your photo wall.

Highlighting your most special moments and memories is easier than ever with Shutterfly Photo Tiles.


  • Magnetic, nail-free installation
  • Lightweight foam design for easy moving
  • One size ensures a cohesive look
  • Refunds available if dissatisfied
  • Potential issue getting tiles to stick
  • Some users reported getting the wrong order

Elevate the look of any room with MixPix Photo Tiles.

Its magnetic strip design lets you easily add tiles anywhere without the need for nails or tools, while its foam construction is lightweight for easy relocating — stick them, move them, and stick them again several times without worry.   

Because the MixPix Photo Tiles are only available in a single 8-inch x 8-inch size, you’ll receive the highest quality images while creating a clean, cohesive look.

And if, for whatever reason your photo tiles don’t live up to your expectation, you’ll receive a full refund without a hassle.

Whether you’re gifting a special photo to a loved one or adding some life to your own walls, you can depend on MixPix Photo Tiles will have your interior dressed to impress.


  • Three steps: upload, unpackage, and start sticking
  • Four sticky pads ensure maximum adhesion
  • Single 8×8 size ensures perfect quality
  • Moveable design for flexible placement
  • Clarity issues if recommended pixels aren’t used
  • Issues with customer service response

Enjoy instant beautification with Wallpics Photo Tiles.

You simply upload your photos via the app or through Wallpic’s website, unpackage them once they’re delivered, and start sticking for a quick, gorgeous photo wall in three easy steps.

Four sticky pads allow you to easily remove the protective layer and then place them on any wall for maximum adhesion without wall damage.

 And because they’re designed to be fluid wall décor, you can move them from room to room without worry. Like MixPix, they’re available in a size 8×8 size to ensure perfect quality and a clean look on any wall.

Achieving a museum-quality, moveable at-home gallery is easy with Wallpics Photo Tiles.

Bay Photo Lab

  • Ceramic design ensures durability
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant for extended life
  • Extensive sizing options
  • Go beyond wall décor with printed coasters and magnets
  • Some users reported packaging issues
  • Customer service can be unresponsive

Set your sights as high as you want with Bay Photo Lab Ceramic Picture Tiles.

These gorgeous ceramic tiles not only work perfectly as striking wall art but they can also be fashioned into coasters, trivets, magnets and mortar and grout mosaics — giving you the freedom to show off your photos across a variety of uses.

Designed to easily install on walls, you can set your customized tiles as high or as low as you want in a style that matches the vision in your head. Whether you want them all lined up, staggered or broken up into multiple rooms, you can quickly spruce any space up.

A white ceramic base ensures durability for lasting use and damage protection, and you can pick between a range of sizes that start at 2×2 and goes all the way to 12×12 to clearly capture and showcase your best moments and memories.

The top-performing ceramic is also heat resistant and waterproof to protect against spills and other kinds of damage.

Whether you showcase sophisticated or playful photos, you can count on Bay Photo Picture Tiles to elevate the look of your home.

Pricing Options: How Much Do Photo Tiles Cost?

  • Mixtiles offers 3 tiles for under $50 with each additional tile being an extra $9. The smallest size is a 4×4 and the largest is 20×27 inches.
  • Snapfish also provides a variety of size options, starting with an 8×8 for under $40 and ending with the 24×36 for just under $160.
  • Shutterfly offers sizes from 5×7, which are currently on sale for $13, to 16×16, also currently on sale for $35.99.
  • MixPix offers several options for some free tiles: you get your first one free then if you get 6 tiles you pay for 4 at a total of $32, if you get 12 you pay for 7 at $56, and if you get 25 you only pay for 15 at just $120. The first two options have shipping costs, while the last two ship for free.
  • Wallpics offers one of the least complicated options, bundling a set of three 8×8 picture tiles for $94.
  • Bay Photo offers a wide range of affordable sizing that give you more bang for your buck, starting with a 2×2 tile for $9.15 all the way to a 12×12 for $40.20, with multiple sizes in between.

How long do photo tiles last?

Most photo tiles are constructed of high-performing aluminum for durability. This promotes long-lasting use wherever you decide to hang them.

Peel-and-stick photo tiles can be moved several times without losing their adhesive quality.

 Obviously, this doesn’t allow for infinite re-sticking, but you can definitely move them around depending on your mood or if you decide the initial placement isn’t ideal or want to change things up from season to season or after a room revamp.

How can I get free photo tiles?

There are multiple ways to get free photo tiles via apps and websites.

Most brands offer some kind of incentive with purchasing, whether they give you your first tile for free or give you a couple of free ones with a larger purchase.

Other brands, such as FreePrints, offer a free 8×8-inch photo tile monthly that allows you to only pay the small shipping price without the hassle of signing up for a subscription.

Material Selection: What are Photo Tiles Made out of?

Aluminum tiles prolong the life of your photo tiles with long-term durability and top-notch photo clarity.

Ceramic tiles also ensure your photo tiles last but tend to have heat and water resistance built in, which is great at avoiding damage from spills or moves.

The peel-and-stick design of most options lets you simply remove the top protective layer before just pressing them against the desired wall and moving them as you see fit.

The magnetic design of other picture tiles is great because you won’t worry about your tiles losing their stick, which many manufacturers report can happen after roughly 36 moves.

Most of the photo tiles we covered in this article also have a high-gloss or matte finish to stay looking new while showing as much or as little sheen as you want.

High-gloss tiles may have a glare, while matte choices won’t have the shine of gloss options or the glare.

Mounting Options: How Do you Put Photo Tiles on the Wall?

The main benefit of photo tiles is their nearly effortless adhesive or magnetic style of installation.

You simply gently unpack your photo tiles once they arrive at your door to begin and remove the protective layer from the magnet or sticky pad.

 Then you can start unwrapping and removing the protective top layer before just placing your tiles onto the desired wall and firmly pressing them into place.

And don’t panic if it doesn’t match your vision! Photo tiles can be easily moved several times.

Though manufacturers state stickiness may start to fade after about three dozen moves, so if you get restless or seek inspiration from rearranging your picture tiles, magnetic options are better.

Decorating Advice: How to Choose What Photos to Use in your Gallery Wall

Decorating is one of the easiest ways to showcase your personality and that of your home. Whether you have a minimalist home and want your photo gallery to be the focal point or want your gallery wall to blend in with the rest of your maximalist home, there’s no shortage of fun decorating ideas.

You may want to divide your gallery up by the different chapters in your life: relationships, marriage, honeymoon, and more. And then move to a different space to display your children or parents.

Others like to pick the top handful of photos from all chapters of their life and combine them.

This allows you to have your favorite childhood photos and memories mixed in with your more modern events and memories.

Another decorating method is to utilize complementary colors. For example, bold color lovers who adorn orange or red could also include photos of their loved ones in colors that complement the bold, such as soothing blues or greens.

Custom Wall Art & Photo Tile Galleries: Final Words

With almost any brand of photo tiles, you’ll get the image clarity you want and the easy installation you need to bring life, warmth, and personality to your walls.

Constructed from durable ceramic and aluminum materials, your photo tiles will stand the test of time while maintaining a fresh look. And if you get bored with one wall, you can easily move them to a different space with a different layout.

Because most photo tiles offer an abundance of sizing and material options, you can quickly create the captivating look you want while enjoying flexibility in design. And for the photo tile brand that only offer a single size, take comfort in knowing they’re high quality and built to deliver consistency from tile to tile.

Whether you choose a bunch of single-image tiles or create a collage, you can achieve a creative look worthy of Andy Warhol’s approval.

Snapfish Photo Tiles

Fully customizable photo tiles with multiple fun printing options and frame designs at a great price.

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