How Many Pictures Can 128GB Hold? (Camera, Phone, GoPro etc)

Calculating how many pictures 128GB can hold depends on several factors. First, let's look at examples of 128GB memory card usage.

Calculating how many pictures 128GB can hold depends on several factors, which we’ll explain in this guide.

128GB memory cards are a sweet spot for photographers who need a large capacity for holding lots of RAW or JPEG photos, while still remaining relatively affordable.

First, let’s look at some specific examples of 128GB memory card usage.

(If you own other capacity memory cards, you can see how many pictures these hold by following these links: 8GB16GB | 32GB256GB)

How Many Pictures Can a 128GB Memory Card Hold?

128GB Card in a Camera (DSLR, Mirrorless etc.)

Let’s take the Nikon Z7 as an example. The images it takes range in file size from 17 to 31MB. This would mean that using a 128GB memory card- you could hold something between 7529 and 4129 photos depending on the subject and its amount of detail and data.

For your camera, this can change according to its resolution and file format.

128GB Card in a Mobile Phone

Using the iPhone 13 as an example, its ProRAW photos deliver files that average 35MB. If you use a 128MB card with these settings, you would be able to hold more or less 3657 images.

128GB Card in a GoPro

If your GoPro camera creates files that are about 10MB in size, that means that using a 128GB camera, you can hold up to 12800 photos.

This depends on the model of GoPro.

How to Calculate How Many Pictures 128GB Can Hold

To calculate how many pictures a 128GB memory card can hold, you need to know the file size of the photos you make.

If your camera produces pictures that are 25MB, then you’ll be able to hold 5120 photos.

However, if your camera takes pictures with a file size of 15MB, then the same card would be able to hold 8533 photos.

See, all you have to do is divide the storage space by the file size of a photo. That’s why 25000MB divided by 25MB is 5120, and 25000MB by 15MB is 8533.

How to Check How Many Photos 128GB Can Hold on a Camera

If you don’t know the photo’s file size, don’t worry – you can still find out how many images you can store in a 128GB card.

You simply need to insert the empty SD or Compact Flash memory card into your camera. Now look on the display for how many pictures are remaining – if it’s not immediately visible, you should be able to find it in the menu. Now you know how many photos you can hold on a 128GB memory card.

If you’ve already taken some, add the number of photos you’ve taken to the number of photos remaining. That’s how many images a 128Gb can hold.

How to calculate memory card usage with a computer

Another way to check how many photos you can save on a 128GB card is to use your computer.

All you need to do is connect the card to the computer and open the information or browser window. Then check the file size of the card. You need to check this because the formatting always takes up some space, so a 128GB has less than 128GB free to use.

Now, take some photos and see the file size that they have. Notice that they are never the same size – this changes according to how much information each of them has. For example, a subject with lots of details has a bigger file size than a solid color subject. You can simply make an average from all the photos.

Now, divide the free space available on the card by the average file size of the photos produced by your camera. This is the number of images you can hold on your 128GB memory card.

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