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Wedding | Last Updated: March 26, 2021

Hi, I’m James, a documentary wedding photographer from the south coast UK, shooting amazing weddings anywhere in the UK and sometimes overseas!

I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, following in my father’s footsteps from a young age. Then, a few weeks into a round-the-world trip about ten years ago, I realised that I absolutely loved taking photos.

I started off with a Fujifilm A203. As soon as I got back, I got in touch with a family friend who helped me massively in understanding the exposure triangle (guide) and got me playing around with his DSLRs.

I soon started second shooting and then found my own way.

As I was taught on a Canon camera I decided to go the Canon route and my first DSLR was the Canon 400D. Soon after that, I switched to the Canon 40D, Canon 7D and then finally settled on two Canon 5D MK IIIs.

Shooting on these pro bodies felt so natural, they fitted perfectly into my hands. The full-frame sensor was a big jump for me and I soon paired it with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4.

I’m now a Sony mirrorless user which I love but it’s still far from being the perfect camera. The main downsides for me are the ergonomics and form factor.

My favorite lens is the Sony 35mm f/1.4. I could easily shoot a whole wedding with that lens. It’s a great allrounder – wide enough for venue shots and also great for couple/documentary photos.

On my second camera, I use the Sony 85mm f/1.8, which gives you great reach for those subjects that are further away.

The main reason I opted for the A9’s was for the silent shooting. Being a documentary photographer, being able to be right beside someone without interrupting things with a loud DSLR was a game-changer.

The flip screen has also let me capture photos that I just could never get on my Canons.

Up until recently I was using my Canon 5D MK IV for flash work, but that’s now kept as a third camera back up and I’m using a Godox flash setup which works nicely with the A9s.

I try to keep my kit to a minimum. A lot of it is mainly for backup purposes.

All of my post-production work is carried out by myself. I use Lightroom and very occasionally I use Photoshop.

I’ve tried various presets in the past but always ended up creating my own. I like images to pop with colour and I prefer them to be as true to life as possible. I’m hoping that in doing so my images will date well and still look just as good in 10-20 years time.

Camera Bag Contents

Sony A9 bodies (x2)
Sony 35mm f/1.4
Sony 85mm f/1.8
Sigma 20mm f/1.4 (Canon fit)
Godox V860II (x2)
Godox V350
Godox X-Pro trigger
MC-11 Canon to Sony lens adaptor
X4 Sony NP-FZ100 Z-series batteries
X2 J.B. Camera Designs Sony A9 Grip

Rocket blower
Light stands (x2)
MadMod Maggrips, Maggrids, Maggels, Magsphere and Magsnoot
Anker power bank

Canon 5D MK IV
Canon 35mm f/1.4
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Canon LP-E6N Batteries (x3)
Canon 600EX-RT
Yongnuo YN600EX-RT (x2)
Yongnuo YN-3N-RT trigger

Holdfast MoneyMaker
Think Tank Streetwalker (not in shot)
Think Tank SD Pixel Pocket Rocket
Microfiber cloths

A few bits of advice from me would be:

  • Over-shoot (you never know when that peak of the moment will occur – get the safe shot then use that to build on to try and improve it further).
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – some might have been shooting for 10-20 years and perfected their craft.
  • Build a network of photographers you look up to, and
  • Learn your camera inside out!
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