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Hi! I’m Konstantin Eremeev, a wedding photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I love to travel and take photographs all over the world.

Since 2011, I’m loyal to Canon — it works fine for me and I’m just too lazy to try something else.

Light is the key aspect in my photography, I’m always concerned about it. Usually I work with natural light, but sometimes I combine it with a flash.

Besides photography my passion is freeride snowboarding. Right now, I’m packing my stuff for a Bali which will be my first surfing experience. Winter time is the holiday time. Yahoo!

My gear:

Canon 5D Mark IV & Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
My workhorse, the most universal lens. Sometimes the only one that’s enough.
Canon 35mm f/1.4
For more artistic wide scene portraits or low light conditions.
Canon 85mm f/1.4
It’s small and lightweight, quick and sharp, it’s pretty damn good for the money!
Canon 135mm f/2.0
Best lens for full length portraits.

Godox TT685
Flashes with TTL for on-camera use.
Godox TT600
Budget version of older brother. No TTL but otherwise great for using with stands.
Godox TT350
My favourite ones: small, lightweight, perfect for in-hand use and an obvious solution for destination weddings.

Sandisk Extreme cards – Never let me down.

Retlight torch – When I need a constant light.

GoPro stick – Ideal solution to hold the small softbox or/and flash.

Leather strap for my cameras.

Two small stands (bought at Aliexpress) – pretty flimsy, but so compact and high enough (2.2m) to take everywhere. Big ones live in the car trunk.

A few flash mounts and clamps – no name from Aliexpress.

www.konstantineremeev.com | @eremeevphotography

Inside Konstantin’s camera bag:

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