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How to Find a Lost GoPro (6 Smart Ways)

Learn strategies to recover a lost GoPro with app features, Bluetooth scanning, online tools, community advice, and essential preemptive measures

Misplacing a GoPro after an adventurous day outside is frustrating and depressing – I know from experience!

Don’t worry, though – help is at hand.

In this article, I’ll cover several ways to find a lost GoPro.

We’ll also discuss preventative measures to minimise the chances of losing your GoPro in the first place.

Then you’ll be more confident to keep vlogging or taking photos with your GoPro, without being too scared of losing track of it!

Let’s get started.

6 Ways to Find a Lost GoPro

Losing a valuable, treasured item like a GoPro can be stressful, but thankfully, there are multiple methods you can use to find a lost GoPro.

Let’s dive into specific ways to track a lost GoPro.

1. Use Locate Camera in Your GoPro App

If you lost your GoPro at your current location, you’re in luck because the GoPro App is designed with this concern in mind.

Thanks to the Locate Camera feature, you can easily find your GoPro if you’re within the wireless range.

Simply open GoPro Quik, then navigate to Settings.

Next, scroll down to Camera Info and slide the toggle switch to the right to activate the Locate Camera feature.

By turning on this feature, the camera starts beeping, and you can start searching for your camera!

What’s Needed:

Please be aware that a lot of the methods included in this guide rely on wireless connections and access to the app, but let’s cover specifics:

  1. GoPro app: This whole system relies on the GoPro app, so you need to have it downloaded for this to work!
  2. Connection: You need to have your phone and your GoPro paired ahead of time so that it’s within range of both Wi-Fi and capable of a Bluetooth smart connection. This means you need to be within 100-150 feet or 30-50 meters.
  3. Battery life: The Go Pro battery must still be working for this method to be successful, so make sure your phone and GoPro are fully charged before use.
  4. Timeframe: The Locate Camera method only works if you lose your GoPro within the last 8 hours.
  5. Proximity: You must be within GoPro’s Quik Range, which is approximately 35-50 feet, or 10-15 meters, and will vary according to building structure and terrain.

2. Use the Blue “Connected” Icon

If you’re having trouble establishing a connection out in the wild, you’ll want to work backward, retracing your steps.

When you start, you may not see your connected signal icon lit up, but it should illuminate as you get closer.

At this point, even if you can’t connect your device to Wi-Fi, you’ll know you’re on the right path toward finding misplaced or stolen cameras.

Once you’re finally within the appropriate range, you’ll be able to press your camera icon and connect to Wi-Fi, which will then allow you to use the Locate Camera steps above that initiate the beeping.

What’s Needed:

The same things are needed here since you essentially do the same thing; you’re just starting without the blue signal icon being lit up.

However, because you’re not starting the hunt until you have signal strength that allows for a connection, the list order would look more like this:

  1. App: You can’t do any of the following steps without first having GoPro Quik.
  2. Battery life: The Go Pro battery must still be working for this method to work, so make sure your phone and GoPro are fully charged.
  3. Connection: In order for the blue icon signal to light up, you’ll need to be within 100-150 feet of Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth smart connection.
  4. Proximity: You’ll also need to be within GoPro’s Quik Range, which is approximately 35-50 feet and may vary by structure or terrain.
  5. Timeframe: Again, the Locate Camera method only works within 8 hours of losing the camera.

3. Use a Third-Party App to Scan for Bluetooth Devices

There are so many factors to consider when you’ve lost your GoPro.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t pair your app and phone or you don’t already have the GoPro app downloaded, you’ll need to leverage a third-party app like the ones below to find a lost GoPro:

  • Find My Lost Bluetooth Device: This program can detect devices using Bluetooth radar, which means it helps not only find your lost GoPro cameras but also AirPods, Fitbits, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Lightblue app: The lightblue app makes it easy to scan for all connected BLE devices nearby. You can also register for notifications.
  • Bluetooth Device Find & Locate: Another mobile application that’s ideal for Android users.

Bonus: You Can Do This As a Sweep

If you’re with a group of people, find missing GoPro cameras quicker by having everyone download the app to help and look together.

4. Use Stolen Camera Finder

Tracking your GoPro’s serial number via services like Stolen Camera Finder is another effective way to track down GoPro cameras.

By uploading a photo taken with the missing GoPro to their website, the camera’s serial number is extracted.

If a match happens between the serial number in your photo’s EXIF data and their database, you will be notified of the possible location of your device.

What’s Needed:

  • To get started, you’ll need a photo that was taken with your missing GoPro.
  • Your GoPro’s serial number — this is typically located on the bottom of the camera.

5. Check With People Nearby

If you come in contact with fellow hikers or a nearby mountain biking group on your trail, ask them if they’ve seen your missing or stolen GoPro camera.

Give details specific to size and any unique markings, such as personalized stickers that help it stand out.

If the trail has a welcome centre, find out if there’s a person within the lost and found department you can contact for support.

Tell them what you were using your GoPro for and the location where you last had it, and hopefully, they can help you track it down.

6. Check Photography Forums

Web forums for photographers are another great place to start when trying to find a stolen or lost GoPro.

Forums also allow you to easily upload pictures or videos that can be helpful in locating your device.

Here are a few helpful forums to get you started:

  • GoPro: GoPro’s forum is great because it’s full of knowledgeable people well-versed in everything related to GoPro devices, including users who have also misplaced theirs and can give tips.
  • Reddit: Reddit also has a dedicated page to missing GoPros, which is full of useful pointers, such as making sure to install GoPros Lab Firmware, which will embed owner info onto every photo and video.
  • Local: I recommend also checking local search forums that let you filter down to zip code and allow you to find any reports of missing items.

What to Do BEFORE You Lose Your GoPro

A green gopro camera is laying on top of a toy box.

Whether you lost your last GoPro or want to avoid ever losing one, to begin with, there are preventative measures you can take:

  • Add contact info to your SD card: Insert your SD card into your smartphone or computer and open a text editor such as TextEdit or Notepad, then create a text file with your name and phone number or email address.
  • Install GoPro Labs Firmware: I cannot underestimate the benefit of this firmware! Upon installation, it will embed your contact info on every video and photo.
  • Label your battery and case: The quickest way to label your GoPro is by sticking a label on the GoPro itself.
  • Register with Lens Tag: This company is designed to help photographers protect their gear. You can easily register your device and report it if it’s taken.
  • Insure your camera: Insuring your camera is always a smart move to protect against theft or damage. I suggested investing in electronics insurance.
  • Use a tether: You can conveniently tether your GoPro to your body or a GoPro mount as a surefire way to keep your GoPro within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Familiarize yourself with its serial number: It may not be as important as your social security number, but this serial number will be important when reporting wandering GoPros.

How to Find the Serial Number On Your GoPro

As mentioned earlier, most GoPros have their serial number directly on the body, so check there first.

For more details, check outthis page from GoPro.

What to Do Immediately After You Lose Your GoPro

A desk with a laptop, cell phone, and other items in it.

If you’ve misplaced your GoPro while vlogging, here are some steps to take to ensure swift recovery:

  • Open a case with GoPro support: If your camera is protected by a warranty, GoPro may end up sending you a replacement or offering a discount.
  • If stolen, file a police report: This will ensure you have a paper trail of the theft.

FAQs to Find Lost GoPro Cameras

Can You Track a Lost GoPro?

Yes, you can absolutely track a lost GoPro!

Naturally, at some point, you’ll be retracing your steps, but you can also track a GoPro wirelessly.

Can you use the GoPro GPS to track lost cameras?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to actively track your GoPro camera as it has a GPS data receiver designed to embed location data into your videos, not a transmitter that would send its location to a tracking device or service.

What should I do if I lose my GoPro?

If you only travelled a short distance between having it and losing it, retracing your steps first is essential. If you’re connected, use the mobile application to find it quickly!

Will GoPro replace a lost camera?

Possibly, if it’s still covered under a warranty.

Do services like stolencamerafinder.com work?

Yes, but these services depend on user contributions.

How do I insure my GoPro?

GoPro offers insurance throughout Protect Your Gadget.

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