Luminar 4 Discount

luminar 4 update

This Luminar 4 discount is a limited time offer to order the most powerful image editing software of 2022.

As the follow up of the already hugely popular Luminar 3, the fourth version brings with it new technology that is set to supercharge your editing experience.

The newly released Luminar 4.2 features an improved user experience and brand new features designed to help both amateur and professional photographers.

luminar 4 update
Luminar 4 Discount

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Skylum has been investing heavily into the development of Artificial Intelligence, which is where the photography industry is heading.

Being able to make dramatic changes to our images using just one-click will bring the kind of editing skill that requires years of experience to all levels of photographer.

Luminar Promo Code Discounts in 2022

  • Price: $262 – $169 (Max Bundle)
  • Validity period: One-Time Discount
  • Includes: Luminar 4 (2 computer license, works as standalone and plugin) + bonus Looks

Luminar 4 Discount Code

Luminar 4 Discount

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Use coupon code SHOTKIT15 to save $15 at checkout.

With this exclusive Luminar 4 coupon code, you’ll be able to save another $15 on what is already the most competitively priced photo editing software available in 2022.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2

Click one of the green Buy Now buttons

  • Step 3

Click the blue ‘Enter Promotional Code’ text (see above image)

  • Step 4

Enter coupon code SHOTKIT15 and click ‘Apply’ to save $15

  • Step 5

Enter the rest of your details and then proceed with your purchase to claim the discount 😀

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Luminar 4 better than Luminar 3 and Luminar 2018?

Since the release of Luminar 2018 and Luminar 3, many updates and bug fixes have been made. Luminar 4 is superior to both previous versions of the software.

How much does Luminar 4 cost?

You can view the latest pricing here.

Do current users of Luminar 3 need to pay to upgrade to Luminar 4?

Yes. Luminar 4 is a completely new image editor, and more than just an ‘update’ the version 3. As such, current Luminar 3 users will need to purchase Luminar 4, but can still qualify for a discount.

Remember to use the Luminar 4 promotional code above – you won’t be able to find a better discount than this right now.

The price is a one-off purchase (NOT a subscription). This is the biggest advantage of Luminar over photo editing software such as Lightroom – you pay just once, and benefit from free updates right up until the next big version upgrade (i.e. Luminar 5, if there ever is one!)

Whether you need to use AI tools like instant sky replacement, or portrait enhancement, sunrays, etc. etc. professionally in your photography work or just for fun, one thing is for sure – only Luminar 4 offers these features, so grab it today:

luminar 4 update
Luminar 4 Discount

Use coupon code SHOTKIT15 at checkout!

Check Current Price

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Mark Condon

Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer based in Australia and the founder of Shotkit.



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