This Pergear Action Camera Offers 5K Video and Costs only $80


It may not have all the bells whistles and brand power of the GoPro Hero 12, but the Pergear Wide Angle Action Camera is one hell of a deal.

This newly introduced 50-megapixel action camera from the discount photography brand Pergear also offers 5K video and wide-angle shooting inside a waterproof case.

It even features what Pergear calls “advanced” video stabilization thanks to its EIS electronic anti-shake system and the above-mentioned waterproofing is good down to 30 meters, or 99 feet with the included protective case in place.

Overall, the Wide Angle Action Camera is one impressive deal when you keep in mind that Pergear is selling it for just $80.


Other surprisingly robust features of the camera are its numerous shooting modes. These include the usual such as time-lapse video, slow motion and a selfie mode.

The camera can shoot its 5K footage at only 30fps, but this is still pretty reasonable at the price you’ll pay for this device.

Other resolutions include 4K and 2.7K at 60fps and 1080p video at 120fps. It can shoot 720p at up to 240p. It can also shoot video across a FOV of up to 170 degrees, which is why it’s called the Wide Angle Action Camera.

To control and calibrate the Wide Angle Action Camera’s different features, you can use two screens instead of just one. Across its front, the Wide Angle Action Camera has a 1.3-inch secondary screen and along its back, it comes with a 2-inch main display with touch control.

So far, we don’t know too much else about the Wide Angle Action Camera that’s being released by Pergear and the company’s website is pretty scarce on detailed specs.


However, we do know that Pergear will be releasing the camera along with a dedicated smartphone app for easier remote control and video/photo transfer and that the Wide Angle Action Camera can be controlled over 2.4GHz through an included remote control.

Regardless of how the camera turns out in terms of raw physical and video quality if it even lives up to its listed specs to just a decent degree of fidelity, it should still be a good deal for a quick, cheap action camera.

With a price tag of just $80, this particular action cam is incredibly cheap compared to most similar products.

I mean, 5K and 50MP still photos along with all the usual shooting modes and 30-meter waterproofing for less than the cost of a night out of drinks and dinner? That’s not bad.


Obviously, photo and video resolution aren’t the only factors in action camera quality, and Pergear hasn’t said anything about the size or type of sensor that will be packed into the Wide Angle Action Camera.

However, I’d expect it to at least be useful for shooting in the field. Pergear will be releasing the Wide Angle Action Camera with multiple accessories too.

These include two batteries, a charger, a USB-C cable, 2.4GHz remote control, its waterproof shell clip and a 64GB microSD card to sweeten this already low-cost deal even further.

We don’t yet know when the camera is hitting the market, but we’ll be sure to notify you when it becomes available.

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