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16 Fun & Creative Ways to Display Your Photos on Walls

Taking great photos is half the battle - to really appreciate them, you need to display them on your walls. Here are some tips for making it all look great.

Now you’ve got some great photos, it’s time to display them on your walls… but where to start?!

Sure, you could hang them in frames, but surely there’s a more creative way to do it.

I recently helped redecorate my granddaughter’s bedroom, so I had a go at displaying some of her favourite cat photos in unusual ways.

Some of the ideas worked, and others didn’t… but we sure had a lot of fun doing it anyway!

Here are some ideas to display photos on your walls to really get the creative juices flowing.

16 Great Ways to Display Photos on Your Walls

a man and a woman pointing at a wall with pictures on it.

Hanging photos in frames on walls is so last year! There are plenty of fresh and creative new ways to display your cherished photos.

Here are some of my favourite ways to display photos that you might like to try for yourself:

  1. Use a Gallery Wall: This is a popular way to display a collection of photos by arranging them in a grid or salon-style display. A gallery wall is a great way to add visual interest and personality to a room. See our article: How to Make a Perfect Gallery Wall (Ideas, Tips & Inspiration)
  2. Create a Picture Ledge: A picture ledge is a simple way to display photos, allowing you to switch them out as you like easily. It’s also a good option if you don’t want to drill any holes in your walls.
  3. Use a Photo Grid: A photo grid is a modern and minimalistic way to display photos, where the photos are arranged in a grid pattern. This is a great option if you have a large collection of photos you want to display.
    A white wall with a lot of framed pictures on it.

    Credit: Jonny Caspari

  4. Display Your Photos on Shelves: Using shelves to display your photos can create a clean and organized look. It also allows you to switch out the photos whenever you like much more easily.
  5. Create a Wall Mural: A wall mural made up of photos is a bold and unique way to display your memories. This is a great option if you have a large wall space to fill. They’re more commonly used when displaying photos in memory of a loved one, but can of course be used for fun things too.
  6. Use a Photo Garland: A photo garland is a whimsical way to display photos, where the photos are hung on a string or ribbon. It’s a great option for a playful and relaxed vibe.
  7. Make a DIY Photo Clipboard Display: A photo clipboard display is a simple DIY project where photos are clipped onto a clipboard and hung on the wall. It’s a great option if you want a rustic and handmade look.
  8. Use a Photo Mobile: A photo mobile is a creative way to display photos, where the photos are hung from a mobile or other hanging structure. This is a great option if you want to add movement and visual interest to your wall display.
  9. Create a Photo Clothesline: Similar to a photo garland, a photo clothesline is a whimsical way to display photos using a clothesline or other hanging structure.
    A group of photos hanging on a wall.

    Credit: Pew Nguyen

  10. Use a Digital Frame: A digital frame is a modern way to display photos. Some of the best digital frames even let you update the photos digitally from your phone or computer, making them great gifts for relatives.
  11. Create a Photo Wall Clock: A photo wall clock is a creative way to display photos, where the photos are arranged in a circle around the clock face, with each number being a separate photo.
  12. Use a Photo Collage: A photo collage is a versatile way to display a collection of photos. You can create a collage using a variety of techniques, such as a photo grid or a salon-style display.
  13. Create a Photo Wall Banner: A photo wall banner is a fun and festive way to display photos, where the photos are hung on a banner or bunting.
  14. Create a Shadowbox Display: A shadowbox display is a unique way to display 3D objects or a collection of photos. It creates depth and interest on your wall.
  15. Use a Photo Wreath: A photo wreath is a playful way to display photos, where the photos are arranged in a circle around a wreath frame.
  16. Create a Picture Rail: A picture rail is a simple and classic way to display photos, where a rail is mounted to the wall and photos are hung from it using hooks or wire. It’s a great option if you want to easily switch out the photos without putting holes in the wall.

13 Tips for Creating a Photo Wall

a wall with a bunch of framed pictures on it.

I’ve created my fair share of photo walls in my time – most recently in my granddaughter’s bedroom!

Here are some top tips for making sure your next photo wall is a success:

  1. Choose a Focal Point: Start by selecting a focal point for your photo wall, such as a large piece of furniture or a specific section of the wall.
  2. Choose a Color Scheme: Decide on a color scheme for your photo wall that complements the colors in your photos and the room’s decor. Use our guide to complementary colors to help you choose.
  3. Mix and Match: Combine the different photo display ideas from above, such as gallery walls, photo grids, and shadowbox displays, to add visual interest and dimension to your photo wall.
  4. Experiment with Layouts: Play around with different photo arrangements before hanging them on the wall. You can use a paper template to try out different layouts and make sure you’re happy with the arrangement before committing to hanging the photos. Some online printing websites such as Printique have a wall editor where you can experiment before ordering your prints. This way, you know which sizes you need.  A screen shot of Printique Wall Editor
  5. Use Different Photo Sizes: Mix and match photo sizes to add variety and interest to your photo wall. (4×6 is the most common size.)
  6. Use Consistent Frames: For a cohesive look, use the same frames throughout your photo wall. Alternatively, you can use different frames for an eclectic and personalized look.
  7. Hang at Eye Level: When hanging your photos, aim for eye level so that the photos can be easily seen and appreciated. If you’re hanging for a child, this is obviously not as relevant – you should hang the photos at a safe height.
  8. Leave Space: Don’t overcrowd your photo wall – leave some space between the photos to allow each one to stand out and be appreciated on its own.
    A room with a lot of pictures on the wall.

    Credit: Cottonbro Studio

  1. Create Balance: When arranging your photos, create a sense of balance by using symmetry or asymmetry to create visual interest. For example, you could balance a larger photo on one side of the wall with a group of smaller photos on the other side.
  2. Vary Photo Orientation: Mix up the orientation of your photos by using both portrait and landscape orientations. This can add variety to your photo wall and help to balance out the overall look.
  3. Add Personal Touches: Incorporate personal touches, such as mementos, sketches, painting or other artwork into your photo wall to create a unique and personalized display.
  4. Use Lighting: Consider using lighting to highlight your photos and add depth and dimension to your photo wall. For example, you could use a spotlight to highlight a specific photo or a string of fairy lights to add a soft glow to the wall.
    A string of lights with photos hanging on it.

    Credit: Siri

  5. Keep it Simple: Don’t overcomplicate your photo wall – sometimes less is more. Stick to a simple color scheme and avoid cluttering the wall with too many photos or decorations.

Where to Print Photos to Display on Walls

screenshot from Printique website

Printique offers plenty of great options for printing photos online.

Now that you have some ideas about how to display photos let’s talk about online photo printing services that make it even easier to order prints.

Convenient online options like Printique let you print your own photos from their website or photos app.

If you’re looking for high quality prints to decorate your walls, all you need to do is pick your favourite photos and your preferred size/design.

Printique will do the rest, creating wall art, canvas prints, framed prints, and even photo books highlighting precious memories in vibrant colours.

When you order online from a professional printing house like Printique, you can expect the best quality prints ready to display in your home

I find Printique’s online photo print prices to be great value for money thanks to the noticeable quality, premium photo paper finish, and variety of sizes and designs to choose from.

Printique’s new glass photo prints are an added bonus – I love this way to display wall art and my favourite photos, and it’s something I couldn’t do at home with my photo printer.

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