how to improve your photography with kelbyone

Improve Your Photography With KelbyOne

Get a discount on pro membership with KelbyOne, which gives you photography courses, photo contests, Lightroom presets, eBooks and much more.

A killer photograph can be achieved whether you’re shooting with a Canon 5D Mark IV or an iPhone 11 Pro.

It all starts with a unique concept, and from there you put in the work to execute your creative vision.

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You don’t want half-baked or lack-lustre shots without intention – that will come across to your final viewer.

The themes relevant to a landscape, portrait, food, and street photography are all wildly different beasts!

In order to master the art of taking incredible photos regardless of your equipment and the genre you’re shooting, you want individualized learning and classes based on exactly where you are in your journey.

That’s where KelbyOne comes in—as the secret weapon in your kit.

KelbyOne members have access to over 700+ Lightroom, Photoshop, and photography courses, 20 digital magazines per year, an interactive community forum, member challenges, photo contests, a toolkit full of Lightroom presets, eBooks, Photoshop brushes, and so much more!

KelbyOne’s Most Popular Courses for Photographers

1. Transform Your Home into a Professional Photography Studio

In this class, Rick Sammon shows you how you can take a room in your home, add some basic accessories, and start taking photos that look like they were taken in a professional studio.

2. Photo Recipes: Dramatic Light

Scott Kelby shows you, step-by-step, how to configure your camera, arrange the lighting, position the subject, and create a very nice yet dramatic lighting look.

3. Beginner Basics: Natural Light Portrait Photography

Matt Kloskowski teaches you what to consider when choosing a camera body and lens for portraits, a formula for dialing in the right camera settings, how to work with bright sun and deep shade, and a ton of other tips and tricks aimed at helping you get killer results every time!

4. Just One Flash

In this course, Scott Kelby starts from scratch and covers everything you need to know to get the kind of images you’ve always dreamed of when using your flash.

5. Creating Breathtaking Floral Images

Melanie Kern Favilla teaches you how to recognize qualities of light, what gear is needed, how to create your own props and light modifiers, and how to choose the right flowers for your subjects.

These classes showcase our best examples of training to improve your photography, and challenge you to try new things with your work.

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