25 Best Photography Websites of 2023 for Your Inspiration

Looking to create a beautiful photography portfolio website? These 25 examples from various genres will give you a wealth of ideas and inspiration.

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Your photography website showcases your best work, shares details about you, and provides a way for potential clients to get in contact.

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, having your own photography website is great for displaying your latest photos, making it easy to share them with friends and family.

For your inspiration, we’ve selected 25 photography portfolio websites from various popular genres built with popular website builder Pixpa.

Each shows a different style and approach to showcasing photos online.

If you’d like to have a go at building your own photography website, tap here to try Pixpa free for 15 days.

25 Great Examples of Photography Websites

All of these websites were built using Pixpa and its photography website templates. Notice how photographers in different genres have selected templates that highlight their photography style and meet their business goals.

Wedding Photography Websites

The portfolio website of a wedding photographer is their primary sales tool.

Like all portfolios, it needs to showcase your talent. But more importantly, it needs to communicate to potential clients precisely what they’d get if they booked you.

Many wedding photographers like to include a sample gallery that shows a wide range of shots captured during a typical wedding ceremony.

Another handy tool for wedding photographers is Client Galleries by Pixpa. These allow your clients to view and proof their images and order prints or downloads.

Some businesses have a full e-commerce solution that takes bookings and handles payments, while others keep it simple with a photo gallery and basic contact information.

Here are some great examples of wedding photography websites.

William Lambelet

William Labelet

Lambelet is an award-winning photojournalist and wedding photographer from France. He travels worldwide to capture amazing moments at all types of wedding ceremonies.

His website is minimalistic and simple. There are slideshows of his best works, and albums load in the same photo-centric format. This showcases what makes his site one of the best photographer websites. Note that Lambelet keeps a separate site on a different domain for his work as a photojournalist.

Andrew Guy Studio

Andrew Guy Studio portfolio

Guy’s wedding photography portfolio website is eye-catching and effective. Color and black and white photos of different orientations are shown in a collage-style gallery.

Larger photos can be viewed by clicking each image, which opens a slideshow viewer. Guy only includes his best work and doesn’t overcomplicate his portfolio with too many categories or choices. He has a simple FAQ page and a contact form.

Drew Makenzi Photography

Drew Makenzi Photography Portfolio

Makenzi uses a more complex site that feels more e-commerce based than a portfolio. But it’s full of gorgeous images, with a full-screen slideshow taking up the landing page. Below the fold, you’ll see the quick bio of Makenzi and gallery choices for each of her specialties.

Portrait Photography Portfolio Websites

Portrait portfolios are similar to wedding photography websites: you aren’t just showcasing your best work – you’re trying to land new clients.

Since all photographers have a distinctive style and specialize in different types of portraiture, you need to curate your albums to clarify what your clients get from you.

This isn’t to say that you should feel limited. Most portrait photographers have a favorite field, but it might not be their primary money-maker. Include multiple galleries on your site so that the right client connects with the right images to make the sale.

Knolton Photography Co.

Knolton Photography Co.

Knolton’s landing page has a unique twist. Their large banner image features four of their best portraits, framed on the wall above a comfortable bench seat. His photographer website is a great place to find inspiration for your own photography projects.

The result is a little more personal and puts the product into clear perspective. Lower on the page, you’ll find individual galleries for their target markets – weddings, seniors, families, and sports. Lastly, there’s a quick-and-easy contact form.

Olga Miljko

Olga Miljko website

Miljko is a Miami-based fashion and portrait photographer who has done projects for Chanel, Ritique, and Katana swimwear. Her galleries are divided into her focus areas, and project requests link to a calendar for booking or quotes.

The portfolio is collage-style, with large striking images showing her talent and specialties.

Josh Loves Light

Josh Loves Light


Josh is a commercial portrait and brand strategy photographer from California. Since his business is structured a little differently than other photographers, so is his website.

His home page features a scrolling gallery of his best images. In addition, links take you to portraits and individual “Featured Clients” pages. Likewise, a “Projects” page links to photo sets based on specific photo shoots and objectives.

Studio J Photo Group

Studio J Photo Group

Studio J focuses on headshots and event photos in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Their website makes an impression with their best work, which is a powerful marketing tool since this is exactly the impression you want to make if you’re in the market for a good headshot. Headshots have a horizontal-scrolling gallery bar with a highlight focus effect.

Abstractt Studios

Abstractt Studios

Nitin Patel of Abstractt Studios is a portrait, film, fashion, and theater photographer from India. His site is striking in that it is mostly black and white images and mostly presented in symmetrical squares.

The tidiness and order compliment the complex and deep portrait style. Color images are used but are carefully grouped in the layout to not ruin the balance of the website as a whole.

Family Photography Websites

Many wedding and portrait photographers also shoot families, but these are different sorts of shoots. If family pictures are part of your business, dedicate an album to showing them. A family photography album includes big families and lots of kid shots.

There are often lifestyle shots as well, something that highlights the group’s common interests.

Even family photography can be segmented, of course. Maternity, newborn, newlywed, and kid photos are all unique subsets.

Consider dividing your portfolio to include lots of variety so that clients can imagine what their final images would look like.

Organic Aperture Photography

Organic Aperture Photography website

Organic Aperture Photography of Lubbock, Texas, specializes in portraits. Their galleries highlight their primary markets – seniors, families, pets, couples, and weddings.

The website is e-commerce centric, with purchase options for one, two, or three-hour sessions and prints right on the website. The portfolio section is a gallery view of color images. The website also links to client galleries, each locked for client privacy.

RedC Photography

RedC Photography

RedC is the brainchild of Maurice Redrick of San Antonio, Texas. His tagline is fun, natural, and understated – all qualities that shine through on his professional photography website.

His work includes portraits, sports, headshots, and newborn photography. His galleries are divided into his target groups and curated with his best images.

Rose Boutique Photography

Rose Boutique Photography portfolio

Rose Boutique is a full-service photography studio located in Chicago. Their site is divided into business branding, family photography, and milestones. Their story-driven style is evident in every step of their website. Photos are grouped into sets for the impact of the story.

Lifestyle Photos – Best Photography Websites

Lifestyle photography is a blend of portraiture and commercial photography. It can also be an editorial, like a magazine or photojournalistic endeavor.

Every lifestyle photographer has a little bit of a different take on what they’re after, so each one has unique needs from their portfolio.

Many times photographers will want to combine lifestyle photography with other genres. It’s important to keep in mind how your customers will be searching to find you – will they be looking for a lifestyle photographer, or are they more likely to be looking for portraits or weddings?

Don’t overlook the most common names for what you do, and then get descriptive from there.

Christopher D. Bates

Christopher D Bates

Bates toes the line between commercial brand-building photography and lifestyle shoots.

He not only includes galleries of spectacular images on his page but also has pages dedicated to the services he offers and who would be interested.

His galleries are equally divided between lifestyle and editorial shoots, but the quality of his storytelling is apparent in both.

Miranda Mazza

Miranda Mazza

Mazza is based in Texas and specializes in lifestyle portraiture. Her galleries feature fewer images that are presented bigger than most.

Her outdoor settings compliment the organic nature of her photography, as does the scrolling gallery style of the website.

Monica Christensen Photography

Monica Christensen Photography

Christensen is a lifestyle photographer from Michigan. Her site has personal touches you don’t see in many photo portfolios. For example, a large part of the home page is dedicated to a personal welcome message.

Below the fold are links to booking a session, features work, and more about her. Of course, there’s also a quick contact form. Her portfolio consists of open galleries from her best shoots.

This technique works well to show what a family lifestyle shoot looks like – a collection of pictures that work together as a set.

Fine Art Inspirational Photography Websites

Fine art portfolios are much less commercial than other types of photo websites. These images are likely divided into projects or sets, where the photos’ purpose is to tell a complete story.

Another thing to keep in mind with fine art websites is the look and feel of the website. The backgrounds should complement the photography. A plain black or white background is usually best, especially if you’re using black and white photography.

Ryo Yanagi

Ryo Yanagi

Yanagi is a Japanese fine art photographer based in Tokyo. Her work is black and white and spans from “Sha-Bokusho,” the three-dimensional expression in ink, to nudes and still lifes.

For a photography website, the portfolio is simple – four galleries accessed from the home page. Each gallery is dedicated to a particular photo project or set.

Tyler Grace

Tyler Grace

Grace is a conceptual artist from Australia. His work is described as cinematic, dark, and thought-provoking. His website is too, with dark background colors that add to the tone of the imagery.

The home gallery features a set of his best and most memorable works, while individual project galleries add an artist’s brief.

Grace keeps a separate web portfolio site for his fashion portrait and commercial photography business since these have different audiences.

If you like to be inspired by eye-catching and unique photos, this is one of the best photographer websites to keep an eye out for.

Commercial Photography Portfolio Websites

Commercial photographers are usually booked for a project, so this is a good way to organize your portfolio. By showing the variety of images you can create on one topic, you give your potential clients an idea of the package you could create for them.

All clients like some choice, so you want to prove you aren’t a one-shot wonder.

Some photographers create a main gallery with a mix of their best photos. This catches the eye and gets customers to investigate deeper.

Then, there are separate galleries dedicated to each project, so they can get an in-depth look at the detail and organization you could bring to their job.

André Ormset

André Ormset

Ormset is a photographer and digital artist from Norway.

His composite photographs are unique and catching. From “Houses in Strange Places” to “Children’s Fantasy,” each gallery on his site highlights one of his favorite projects.

In addition, he has added an “Other Projects” gallery to capture an assortment of great stand-alone images.

Ormset has created the perfect portfolio – somehow, he has perfectly showcased a commercial photographer’s career but maintained the feel of an artist’s portfolio.

Duncan Fenn Photography

Duncan Fenn Photography

If the afterburners of the F-18 fighter jet on the homepage don’t give it away, Fenn is an aircraft photographer. His images are mostly captured at airshows around Australia.

Galleries are divided by airshow and by aircraft type. The site relies on a handful of striking images that fill your screen, while the galleries require scrolling down.

The site is busy overall, but the layout works well and is eye-catching given the subject matter.

Landscape Photography

Landscapes are all about big pictures of big places. A popular technique for organizing a landscape photography portfolio website is to use a large home page image or slideshow to draw a viewer’s attention.

If you’re shooting landscapes, your clients are more likely to be professional photo buyers than consumers. In this case, you can spend less time on the “about me” and more time displaying your best work.

Leroy Souhuwat

Leroy Souhuwat

Iceland-based Souhuwat’s nature photography is presented in a minimalistic and impactful photography website.

Symmetrical galleries with dark backgrounds highlight his striking compositions.

Beyond one gallery, the website is pretty sparse. There’s an Instagram gallery stripe on the bottom of the homepage, but Souhuwat skips the standard contact form and About Me section.

Travis G. Decker

Travis G. Decker

Decker is a landscape and travel photographer from New Mexico with collections of classic lens photos, landscapes, and specific destinations. His photography website is simple.

The home page features a large, high-resolution version of four of his favorite images in a small slideshow that serves as his introduction. More galleries are found below the fold of the site.

Travel Photography

Travel photography websites share much in common with landscape sites. Many times, travel will be integrated into a gallery with one or more elements, like landscapes or portraits.

Travel photography is a broad category and could include anything from scenic shots to food or even lifestyle.

Marcel Steinegger Photography

Marcel Steinegger Photography

Steinegger’s portfolio immediately catches your eye with a full-page slideshow of his best images. A selection highlights each gallery of the site – stars, clouds, beings, black and white, drama, and views.

Clicking each takes you to an individual slideshow. The site avoids the gallery layout, which can feel crowded on a webpage like this. Instead, each image is displayed individually on a black background.

The only other content is a short about me page and a contact form. It’s simple, but it’s still captivating.



MODzent has many galleries, so they’ve cleverly divided their galleries page into subsections based on keywords. The effect is neat for anyone with an extensive photo collection they want to share online.

In travel photography, it would work very well with different destinations. MODzent uses their photography blog with great effect, with a separate blog post highlighting each photo expedition.

Black and White Photography Sites

Artists who work in black and white will undoubtedly understand the importance of elegant and understated web design. The point is to let the work speak for itself without any interference or distraction.

Lola Wajskop

Lola Wajskop

Wajskop is a film photographer with a striking web portfolio. S

he understands the impact of black and white photography, so she has two galleries on her site – one for black and whites and one for color images. Each collection is a simple gallery.

Thomas Striegl

Thomas Striegl portfolio

Striegl is an artist through and through, challenging not only your visual senses but also your notions about the terms we use to describe our photography.

He has a home page with a traditional-looking left menu bar. To the right, a large slideshow presentation shows each gallery.

Van Andre Rensburg

Van Andre Rensburg

Rensburg captures black and white portraits with a fine art aesthetic. There are only two collections: photo and video. The collections are scroll-through galleries of the artist’s best works.

The effect is fluid and works very well – Rensburg obviously spent plenty of time curating the images for the site.

Should Photographers Have a Website?

There are plenty of ways that photographers can share their photos online. While many love sharing them on social services like Instagram, Flickr, or 500px, having your own portfolio site gives you authenticity.

Social sites are marketing opportunities for professionals to help them create a following. But if you’re selling your work, there is an expectation that you’ll have a website.

So does every photographer need a portfolio site? Probably not. Casual weekend hobbyists might be happier to keep it simple and stick to social media or photo-sharing sites.

On the other hand, if you’d like to offer your services or sell your work, having a portfolio is the first step toward making money from your photography.

Best Photography Websites FAQs

How many photos should I put on my photography website?

A photo portfolio should be a collection of your absolute best work. In nearly every instance, your motto should be “less is more.” Every single image should be unique and impactful. Ideally, you only want one picture of each shoot – avoid having multiple images that feature the same scene or model.

There are exceptions, however. For example, a wedding or event photographer might want photo galleries that show what complete sets of photos look like. Likewise, a commercial photographer might want a photo gallery highlighting the final set of iamges they delivered to a client. These would be in addition to the photographer’s primary portfolio gallery.

What should a photography website include?

If you’ve ever wondered what you should put on your photography website, here are the main things.

  • Branding – your name, logo, and company colors to make the website your own
  • Primary photography portfolio – collection of your absolute best work
  • Artist info – a little about yourself and how to get in touch or book a session
  • Call To Action (CTA) – contact form or links to your social media

How much does it cost to build a photography website?

The overall cost of a photography website varies depending on how you want to build it and what you want it to be able to do. There are free options, but most of these will be too limited for businesses and photographers with growing portfolios. You’ll find that free options may force you to have ads on the site or limit your SEO options. Many free options are also limited to single-page business listings.

With a hosting provider and a WordPress site, you can get a portfolio setup for very little money – usually less than $10 per month. However, working in WordPress requires a lot of practice, numerous third-party plugins, and a ton of patience to learn how to make it all work.

Website builders like Pixpa can save you a lot of time and aggravation. Pixpa’s pricing plans range from $5 to $25 per month, depending on your required feature set. And building a site on Pixpa, with a range of professionally-designed templates, is easy as pie.

You can also check this list of other great website builders from our friends at Dorik.

How do I create a free photography website?

The exact process you use to make a free photography site will depend on the hosting provider you choose. They all work a little differently, but many have setup videos and training to get you started quickly. Remember that most free sites limit the number of pages you can create or limit your use of features like custom domains and SEO support.


Photographers who are selling their work need the best photography websites they can make. Portfolio sites are simple to make and easy to maintain, but you do have to have your eye on exactly what you want the site to do for you.

From sharing with family and friends to marketing a busy photography business, your photography portfolio can rock on Pixpa. You can try out Pixpa for free and start building your portfolio website right away – tap here to get started today >>

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